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Pirates; meet Ruthless Taiyoukai by Walter205

Argh Matey, Swab my back

The sleek two hundred fifty foot yacht plowed through the greenish waters of the Gulf of Aden on this sunny afternoon. The heat was present and boy was it hot, but Kagome paid it no attention as she lazed away on the foredeck, her bikini top undone as she tanned her back.

The captain of the Inuyoukai, as the vessel was called, looked down upon his girlfriend from the controls of the vessel towards the rear of the ship. Sesshomaru Taisho had first met Kagome when she had worked as a secreaty for his oil trading company, and the two had developed a relationship over time that was beginning to blossom into something more. Although she was twenty five and he thirty five, he took no notice of the age difference as he was very healthy for a man of his age.

The pinging of the radar screen distracted him for a moment. He glanced down to see three or four small craft approaching his ship at high speed from different directions. He let a sigh escape his lips at the thought of a good moment ruined by unwanted guests. He picked up the mic control for the ship's intercom.

"Inuyasha, to the bridge," spoke Sesshomaru gruffily, before reducing the yacht's speed to idle.

A few moments passed before the first mate of the vessel arrived at the bridge. He immediatly took note of the radar image, and as he looked around, could now see the four speed boats approaching, all packed with men armed with assault rifles and RPGs.

"This is your area of speciality," Sesshomaru said simply, before climbing down onto the deck and heading to where Kagome was lounging at. He picked up a bottle of suntan oil and dribbled some of her back. She gave a little start, before seeing his reflection on the deck.

"Oh, Sesshomaru, you startled me," mumbled Kagome, her eyes fluttering open and closed from her nap.

"Ssssh, close your eyes and enjoy," replied Sesshomaru, cracking his knuckles and fisting his hands.

He began to massage her back, beginning just below her collarbone and working his way down, alternating between kneading her skin with his knuckles, and rubbing the lotion in with the open palm of his hands. Kagome moaned beneath him as he worked her back, automatically drawing a purring noise from his own throat.

"Mmmm, that feels *BOOM*...what was that?" asked Kagome as she was interrupted by something that sounded like thunder.

"Nothing to be concerned about, my dear," said Sesshomaru, continuing the massage as another booming sound echoed across the water.

"I guess you would tell me if it was something important," replied Kagome, letting him continue his minstrations without opening her eyes.

Two more booming sounds came a few minutes later, then all was quiet. Sesshomaru continued his massage for a few minutes longer, until the suntan oil had been fully absorbed into her skin, before he stopped and turned her over. Leaning down, he took her lips into his own mouth, his tongue darting out and tasting her soft skin.

Before she could open her mouth to allow him access, he had moved down to her neck, trailing little licks down to her breasts. Kagome kept her mouth open as she began to moan again, Sesshomaru taking one nipple into mouth while gently playing with the other nip with his hands.

He stopped there, standing up and smiling. Kagome opened her eyes and glared up at him, folding her arms across her breasts.

"Now now, time to get back to your tanning. But don't worry, we'll have an encore tonight," he said with a predatory gleam in his eyes. Huffing to herself, Kagome rolled back onto her belly.

Sesshomaru reached the bridge again, where Inuyasha was discarding the last of the used Javelin anti-tank missile launchers over the side of the boat. Sesshomaru took note of the four burning oil slicks on the gulf far behind them.

The voice of Kagome wafted up to him from the foredeck below.

"It's funny how we're never attacked by pirates. I would almost crave the adventure as much as I crave you darling," came the singsong voice of Kagome. Sesshomaru let a smile slide across his face.

'If only she knew...'

The End


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