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Little Black Bag by Miss Kagura


Sesshoumaru surveyed his sleeping lover to ensure she was still unconscious, and then reached for the little black bag. There were rules, and one of the big ones was that he wasn't supposed to pry in her bag without her permission. Kagome loved to be in control when it came to introducing her secret lover to the sexual marvels of her world. He pulled the zipper tab and watched as it slowly came open.

The taiyoukai pulled the bag into his lap, and peered inside, contemplating the wonders contained inside.

A package of 'batteries' drew his attention first.

A drawer on the tansu beside the bed was quietly opened and Sesshoumaru pulled out the slick, metal object that brought more pleasure than he thought a sex appliance could. He twisted the end, allowing the dead batteries to fall on the bed to make way for the fresh ones. After Sesshoumaru screwed the cap shut, he twisted the middle section and to his delight, it started to vibrate between his fingers.

Another drawer opened and Sesshoumaru retrieved rope. Kagome always preferred furry, comfortable restraint, but there was something kinky about sending her back to Inuyasha with rope burns on her wrists and ankles. Sesshoumaru could practically hear her making up a story about how she was kidnapped and tied up again, and got away. Then, Sesshoumaru knew Inuyasha would have a fit and spend days scouring the countryside in search of Kagome's assailant. Of course, in a couple of weeks, the cycle would repeat. For a silent, unknown spectator, it was quite funny.

First, he tied each of the segments of rope to one of the legs of his platform bed. Then, he carefully, threaded the rope around her right hand, knotted it, repeated the process with the left, and then moved on to her feet. When he was done, he shredded her clothes, and slid the bag under the bed after extracting a box of Pocky.

A few minutes later, a deafening shriek rang through the house. "That doesn't go in there!" Kagome screeched.

Sesshoumaru arched his brows. "Why not?"

"Do not put Pocky in my vagina. Is it really necessary for me to say that?" Kagome hissed as a deep blush crawled over her face.

"It's the same principle. Dipped cookie. You dip yours in that 'ice cream' you brought last time," he argued.

Kagome sighed in frustration. The evening would end with rope burns, which meant an unnecessary lie for Inuyasha. To top it all off, Sesshoumaru seemed fairly set on his weird, twisted little recipe. The longer she stared at him, the more indignant he became, eventually transforming into the very spoiled, temper-prone child that he was. The more time she spent with Sesshoumaru, the more she was convinced he hated Inuyasha simply for stealing Daddy's attention. Only-children often behaved like that.

Finally, Sesshoumaru slid the stick in and turned it, making her squirm. "Perhaps I like the taste." Sesshoumaru's lips twisted into a devilish half smirk as he licked the pussy-and-chocolate flavored snack. Kagome watched his long, pink tongue slide around it in veritable tongue acrobatics, licking away the taste of her. Once that was gone, he threw the stick over his shoulder and forced her knees apart. "Do you still wish to tell me what I can and cannot do?"

A rush of heat flooded through her as he invited her to play a game with him. He always liked it when she fought him a little, like each time he had to tame her to win his prize. "Don't touch me, Demon!" she screamed.

Sesshoumaru's skin slid against hers and she felt fangs graze one nipple. "I will make you scream for me," he purred.

"I won't do it!" she insisted.

His lips seized hers rather abruptly, and, as usual, Kagome was shocked at how forceful and demanding he was even in this act. Something most only felt could be tender or lustful or affectionate Sesshoumaru contorted into a power play. The taiyoukai dominated her with his lips, his tongue, and light pressure from his fangs. Every touch demanded another, and forced Kagome into the swirling, hot heat of his attention. Suddenly, she felt one side of the kiss disconnect, a sure sign Sesshoumaru was making a very happy, very conniving smirk against their kiss.

Kagome was so enthralled by Sesshoumaru's lips that she didn't hear the buzz of the vibrator. Her hips suddenly thrust upward with a surprised squeal, and she protested immediately. "Cheating! This is cheating!" she said as he rolled the tip of the vibrator around her clit.

Sesshoumaru moved in between her legs and answered. "I am a demon. I don't play fair."

He twisted the vibrator to the max, and slid it into her sex, pressing it against her g-spot with calculated force. His thumb and forefinger rocked it back and forth, so the vibrator was throbbing against her special spot. Satisfied by her nonsensical protests, which were mixed in with a mixed bag of filthy, erotic talk, he used his other hand to steady himself as he leaned down and licked her labia.

Amber eyes focused on the task at hand (and tongue), and puckered his lips, taking her clit in between them. Kagome moaned as he sucked on it, using his tongue to rub it furiously as more and more blood was drawn in. This was Sesshoumaru's idea of foreplay; he was never slow and only tender when tired. Intercourse was a twisted pleasurable exercise of domination and defeat, where his beloved foe learned each time that he could reduce her to a squirming, screaming, begging little miko, separating his victim from the strong, independent woman that she normally was.

"Please!" Kagome begged.

Sesshoumaru released her clit and said, "Please what?"

Even though she was briefly confused because she couldn't remember what she just said, Kagome said, "Please...don't stop!"

He paused, as if he was seriously considering stopping, and then resumed his torture with a long, slow lick from her buzzing opening to her clit. His neck jerked as her hips thrust upward in an animalistic rhythm, matched with moans that peaked into needy cries. Kagome came with a loud scream, but Sesshoumaru paid it no attention except to lighten the pressure of his tongue as it continued to lap against her pearl.

Without words or violence, he broke Kagome down farther and farther, until all she did was make unintelligible noises and move her lips to put out the burning fire between her legs. The ropes dug into her wrists when he stopped, and she wanted desperately to push herself to another orgasm.

"Do you want something, Miko?" Sesshoumaru huskily whispered.

Kagome answered, "Please, I want you to make love to me."

An angry grunt was the only reply she got, and Sesshoumaru resumed his prior 'torture,' but this time, he only allowed her to approach orgasm, always stopping just a moment before. The tip of his right ear vibrated as the thigh it touched started to shake, and Sesshoumaru found her desperate trembles quite satisfactory. "Say it," he growled.

"Fuck me! Fuck me right now!" Kagome said, caving in to his unspoken demands. He loved it when she said naughty words, and occasionally it was the only way to get what she wanted. If that was what it took to get him to enter her, she was too far to care about how dirty the words were. "Fuck me with your big, hard demon cock!"

Sesshoumaru's whole body rumbled from his animalistic growl as he mounted her, cock pressing against her slick pussy. Having a miko beg for his dick was healthy of his ego and just plain sexy. His weight shifted onto hers as his hands each took a breast, rolling the nipples between nimble fingers. "Little human girls shouldn't play with youkai," he whispered against her ear before tracing its outline with his tongue and tugging the lobe gently.

Kagome's toes curled as his cock slid into her until his pelvis pressed against hers. He was always only as gentle as was required, and as he rocked back and forth slowly, she knew in a minute, he'd be fucking her senseless.

And she'd love it.

Rope bit into her ankles and wrists, because she wanted to hold him, and wrap her legs around him, but he ignored the tugs and started to fuck her at a hasty pace. Flesh slapped against flesh, and Sesshoumaru dominated her with kisses and lusty, rough touches.

Kagome's miko powers started to spiral out of control, and swelled out to duel with his own. It was so much more than just sex. It was a challenge, she was worthy, and he took her when and how he pleased. The massive power she was born with could not stop him, she could not resist him, and he knew she'd be back for more.

Kagome's eyes locked with his and she found herself lost in their intensity. He growled with each thrust, held her shoulders down, and pounded into her almost desperately. With a roar, Sesshoumaru came and Kagome followed immediately, because there was nothing more erotic than feeling him cum inside of her.

It was so wrong, but it felt so good.

A youki whip severed her binds with expert precision, and Sesshoumaru pulled out of her and rested his head against her shoulder. Kagome wrapped her arms around him and frowned. There was something about their embrace that was different, almost foreboding. "The final battle with Naraku is coming," he said, as if answering her question before it was spoken.

"Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if it's in the next week. I brought back a lot of medical supplies this time," Kagome answered.

After propping himself up on one elbow, Sesshoumaru rubbed his hand across her chest to behind her hip, pulling her closer. "Stay out of it," he ordered sternly.

Kagome pushed him away and sat up. "I haven't been coming through that well for three years to be uninvolved! I have as much of a right to be there as you do!" Moody, deep amber eyes cut away from hers to which she could only reply, "Are you actually worried about me?"

Sesshoumaru's lips melted into a decided frown and he slipped into his hakama as he got out of the bed. "You have become a weakness."

Kagome fought back the urge to cry and asked, "Sesshoumaru, do you love me?"

Sesshoumaru stared at something he was holding in his hand.

He leaned in to kiss her, this time more softly than normal. Kagome felt something cold on her ankle, but before she could jerk it out of the way, a metal shackle snapped closed around it. Kagome pulled her leg toward her to see what he had done, and saw the thick, heavy chain that tied to a hook on the ceiling that, until recently, was used to hang a lantern. "What is this?" she asked.

"My answer," he replied as he dressed and collected his swords and armor from where they had been left.


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