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Little Black Bag by Miss Kagura

Garden Propriety

When Kagome's dalliances with Sesshoumaru became known to the rest of her friends months later in the form of morning sickness, she was never able to explain the why. She wasn't even sure there was a 'why;' it simply was. It started out strangely, and then continued to take amusing and unpredictable turns until one day there was a 'them.'

Content to simply enjoy the afternoon, she took her shoes off and ran barefoot through the lush, massive, wild garden that surrounded Sesshoumaru's simple home, black bag slung over her shoulder. When her miko senses detected a taiyoukai stalking her through the cover of foliage, she giggled and ran in the opposite direction, careful to dodge tree limbs and branches along the way.

Sesshoumaru loved to play chase.

No...he needed to chase.

Kagome ducked behind a tree trunk and panted. She always played her part so well. She, the frightened little miko, would run from the hungry taiyoukai. He always caught her, she always screamed, feigning fright when excitement and arousal pumped through her veins.

An animalistic growl was the only warning she got as a clawed hand wrapped around her own.

Panic flashed in her eyes when he looked at her and she hit him upside the head with her black bag. He allowed her to get a little farther ahead, and then sped ahead of her and carefully but forcefully pushed her against the bark of a cherry tree, sliding the black bag off her shoulder.

"Please, Youkai! Don't hurt me!" she begged.

Sesshoumaru purred and rolled his hips against her to show her exactly what he intended to do. He reached under her little green skirt and clawed away her panties. Two fingers thrust easily into her dripping sex, which Kagome responded to with a scream.

"Please, No! No!" she cried, although with each thrust the words became more like pleasured cries.

The taiyoukai only pushed his hakama down far enough for his cock to spring free, large and erect and throbbing for the small woman in front of him. Large, clawed hands pushed her up and he came to rest in between her legs, pausing only to listen to her pleas.

The horrified, exited scream she let out when he thrust into her left his ears ringing, but he continued to fuck her, setting a frenzied pace. "Do you enjoy this?" he maliciously growled as he rolled his hips hard, causing Kagome's toes to curl. He growled loudly and threateningly, a sound that would terrify any other living thing on the planet, but Kagome's excitement only grew.

While he mercilessly drove into her, her entire existence seemed to build up around her wet core. The hands on his shoulders tensed around the fabric, and her back arched into him, pressing her breasts against him. Even through the fabric of both of their shirts, he could feel her hard nipples. His claws made a single swipe, and her shirt opened, bra sliced in two between her breasts.

Kagome threw her head back and Sesshoumaru felt the sting of her power. The friction of his demonic power and her purification power was...unexplainable. While he would never admit it, they were equally matched in terms of raw power. He simply knew how to use his better, although that face was far from his thoughts as they dueled, allowing their very souls to scrape against each other in time with his frenzied thrusts.

Sesshoumaru bent her legs and pushed them up until they were on each side of her face. Deeper and faster he penetrated her body, feeling the swell of her power and her trembling thighs. Her muscles clamped down on him, as if trying to force him out, but he only fucked her harder.

With a final thrust, Sesshoumaru drove his cock into her as deeply as possible and started to ejaculate, unsurprised when she followed immediately, her hot core contracting around him.

Kagome went limp and allowed her back to slide down the tree as Sesshoumaru crumbled to the jasmine-covered ground with her. Her legs were still parted, and there was clearly semen dripping out of vagina. He growled in contentment and leaned forward to brush his thin lips against her cheek.

"It has been far too long," he said.

At best, their little cat-and-mouse game was self-derived mockery. He pretended to be a vicious, animalistic beast and she pretended to be an innocent miko. In reality, however, Higurashi Kagome was a lustful, shameless woman. After their first tryst, he expected her to feel ashamed. Instead, he awoke to find her hands and mouth acquainting themselves with his manhood.

Some people had sex to appreciate intimacy or pleasure, but their relationship had evolved from meetings and hurried screws in the forest to weekend events. It had become a hobby to him, learning all the different ways he could make her scream. There was no 'why,' to him. It simply was, and he didn't have to explain his actions to anyone.

They simply were.

Kagome leaned forward and slid her shirt off, along with her tattered bra. Sesshoumaru unzipped her skirt and pulled it off her legs and watched as she stretched out nude in the jasmine. "I'm running out of things to tell Inuyasha," she said.

"The truth would explain your frequent need to be...absent," Sesshoumaru replied.

Kagome took on a humored tone. "Sorry, Inuyasha, I need a break from you. I've needed a good fuck lately and that means a trip to your brother."

Sesshoumaru snorted and ran a clawed finger in between her toes, tickling them playfully. "No matter how many times you say that word, it still sounds so filthy coming from your mouth."

Kagome gave him a wicked grin and coyly said, "What about when I have your semen dripping out of the corner of my mouth. Is that also 'filthy,' Sesshoumaru-sama?"

He raised his brows and lay back as his little minx sat up and pulled his hakama off. "Unfortunately, I don't remember," he playfully said.

"I'll refresh your memory," she seductively whispered.


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