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The Twist In Fate by Sarah

Relationship Problems

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 Black hair danced and played with the howling winds, the day was beautiful none the less it was clear skies all around, a young woman of nineteen years old was in a field picking herbs for the sick in the village. She was happy, the smile on her face was proof of her happiness. Being back in the feudal era for nearly 2 years had brought her so much joy, she was home.

Kagome would have never thought that a person from the future would be so at home in the past, but being here was everything to her. To see her friends and the children they had was a blessing, but being with the man she loved was what made her feel that much more at home. She looked to the sky, her hair swishing in the wind behind her, she couldn’t express how truly happy she was.

She secured the basket in her arms then headed to the village, she only hoped that once she returned to her hut she would be greeted by her hanyou love. He had been away with Miroku for nearly six days, they left when a man had come asking to speak with Inuyasha. She had asked what was wrong and he only told her not to worry that he would go in be back within a few days, Miroku had convinced Inuyasha to let him go and help with the threat that the village was facing.

She walked up to the small hut she had come so accustomed to and walked in there sitting on the floor was Keade, she looked to Kagome and smile sweetly.

“Kagome how did it go looking for the herbs?” She asked softly.

“I found all of them but one, it wasn’t in any of the fields.” Kagome replied as she set the basket down softly.

“I see, it shall be ok with just these for now. With the winds blowing harder than usual it is understandable” Keade grabbed a few then placed them into the pot of boiling water.

“thank ye child for helping me.” she told Kagome as she stirred around the water.

“your welcome, it was the least I could do.” Kagome smiled happily at the aged woman.

“I am going to check if Inuyasha had made it home yet, see you later keade.” Kagome waved while walking out of the hut, she quickened her pace towards her little hut.

When kagome arrived she opened walked in and looked around, still no inuyasha yet. she sighed as she walked out, headed in the direction of laughing children, she could see Sango with her one year old son in her arms and her twin daughters running around being chased by Rin. Rin who seen Kagome first ran towards Kagome and hugged her tightly.

“Hi Kagome!” she smiled brightly at Kagome.

“Hello Rin.” she said patting the  young teens head. Rin had barely turned thirteen years old but was still small and looked young.

“Aunty Kagome!” Kagome looked up in time to see the twins running at her full speed. Kagome kneeled down in time to catch the two four year olds.

“Hi girls, how are you?” Kagome asked.

“Good!” they both said together then laughed for saying at the same thing at the same time.

“Hey Kagome are you finished helping Keade today?” Sango walked up as Kagome stood back up.

“Yeah, I was coming to see you since I guess Inuyasha and Miroku are still away.” she said with a sad expression.

“Oh! Uh yeah I am sure they will be back soon.” Sango replied with a little hesitation.

“Wait what is wrong Sango?” Kagome looked at her with suspicion, Sango opened her mouth to speak but quickly closed it.

She couldn’t find the words, she just couldn’t find a way to tell Kagome. Kagome could clearly see the sadness and pain in her best friend and sisters eyes. She couldn’t understand why Sango looked at her that way she was just talking about how Inuyasha was still away. ‘Could this be about Inuyasha? Or maybe why he’s still gone.’ Kagome thought.

“KAGOME!” she heard and turned quickly to see the said hanyou running to her from the fields.

“Inuyasha!” she was so happy to see that he had returned safely.

He ran up to her and hugged her tightly she put her arms around his neck and hugged him with all she could.

“Inuyasha, I’m so happy that you have returned is everything ok?” she asked still thinking of the look Sango gave her.

“Um yeah, everything is fine.” he said and looked back at Sango who glared at Inuyasha.

When Kagome turned towards Sango, she quickly stopped glaring at him and smiled brightly, as brightly as she could at least.

Kagome and Inuyasha walked back to their little hut and walked in Kagome sat down as Inuyasha made a fire.

“Inuyasha what took so long to go to the neighbor village? Was there a powerful demon there?” Kagome asked softly watching him.

“No, we got there and had to handle the problem. Its not a demon though so no need to worry.” he said quickly as a way of saying to drop it.

Kagome sighed as looked away from him she didn’t expect him to be this way when he had returned. She had hoped maybe the day he came back they could be intimate. She was almost twenty years old and couldn’t see why they had yet to be together fully. Was he trying to take it slow? Well this was a little too slow she wanted to be an actual woman, not a woman child as some called her even those younger than her.

She looked up as she started to prepare their supper, did she dare ask him to finally take her. at this rate she was unsure where their relationship was going. She always had thought they would be together forever and had already started a family.

Silently they sat and ate their food, the sun had already touched the mountain tops and was now getting darker by the second. And soon they would go to sleep. She knew she would have to ask and she was scared what he would say.

‘will he agree and finally let me be one with him, love me the way couples are supposed to love one another?’ she thought a blush rising to her face. As Inuyasha was settling down Kagome slowly crawled over to him. He looked at her as she laid next to him, he seemed a bit off and it was clear something was bothering him from the look in his eyes.

“Inuyasha, can- can we… be intimate?” she asked the last part in almost a whisper.

He sat up so quickly that she almost rolled. She sat up and looked at him worried, what had just happened?

“I-Inuyasha?” she stuttered.

“Kagome… we cant.” he told her his bangs covering his face.

“why! We have been together for the last two years!?”she finally lost it.

“Because Kagome you don’t understand!” he raised his voice.

“What do I not understand?! I wont understand anything if you don’t talk to me.” she said as tears sprang to her eyes.

“I just cant” he got upset that she just wanted to continue the conversation.

“Fine then I’m going to Keade’s then!” she stood up and walked to the front of the hut.

“Kagome wait” he said but she was already walking out of the hut.

She slowly walked to Keade’s and knocked on the frame of the door. Keade looked out to see Kagome standing there.

“Child are ye ok?” she asked.

“Keade may I stay here the night, it Inuyasha, we kind of got into a fight.” she said rubbing the tears from her eyes.

“Of course ye can always come here if ye wish.” Keade said and stepped aside so Kagome could go in.

she walked in to see Rin already laying down sleeping. Kagome smiled at the young girl and walked near to her she sat down.

“Kagome is all ok between you and Inuyasha?” Keade asked gently. She seen the pain in Kagome’s eyes, it was unusual that Kagome would be like this since returning from her future home.

“Keade I just wanted to be… completely with Inuyasha- the way a couple should be.” she replied her heart feeling heavy with every word.

“ but he refused me… I don’t understand why though.” she  finished her eyes becoming watery.

Keade poured Kagome a cup of tea then herself.

“Kagome, I now not of what is the matter with Inuyasha, but you must speak directly to him and resolve it. I am glad you came to me before you got into a worse fight with him, tomorrow though you must go speak with him, perhaps he is just troubled by something.” keade told her  in a soft gentle voice.

Kagome sighed knowing what keade said was true she needed to talk to Inuyasha and let him know what she was feeling and understand what was wrong with him, she knew she shouldn’t always run away from him. It would never solve their problems.

“your right keade, I need to face this problem.” she smiled at keade, she always felt better talking to the older priestess. ‘tomorrow will be a better day.’ she thought.

Kagome laid down on the small thin futon keade always kept from back when they were fighting Naraku. Kagome laid on her side looking at the small fire in the middle of the hut and thought over what might happen the next day. Would tomorrow be the day they break through this barrier or would it just make them stop talking about the subject, she only hoped it would be one of those problems they could get over.

As she was laying there she looked back from when she had got back in this era. Inuyasha had greeted her with such love and happiness she thought they would always be that happy, that being away three years made there relationship stronger, but after nearly a year Inuyasha was becoming slightly hesitant in even kissing her.

‘why did he start to become like that? What could have possibly happened when he would go to that neighboring village?’ she thought over.

‘its like the more he went the less we would be as a couple. Could something bad have happen to him now he’s afraid of a relationship with me?’ she glanced at the entrance of the hut as she let her mind wonder. She sent a silent prayer before slowly drifting off to sleep.

Little did Kagome know her prayer was being heard. The fates had always watched Kagome since deciding her birth. She was the one they choose to be the guardian of the jewel not because she was Kikyou’s reincarnation. No, it was because she was a truly pure spirit. That was the reason they also decided that she should be granted happiness in the feudal era, since her heart longed to be there. But since recently the fates of time seen this woman was more than Inuyasha could handle the decided that for once they would intervene. Inuyasha had not been honest to the woman he claimed to love and  want to be with for life. She had been honest and loyal to him since they had met , yet the poor boy could never understand.


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