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Blue-Eyed Songbird by Philosophy Blue

A Marriage

Kagome scowled and released an arrow, and watched as the air lit up with her powers. The arrow blazed through the dusk and thudded into the tree with a fizz of bright pink. 

"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" she muttered. She hated everyone right now, Everyone. Mostly herself, for being so damn beautiful. She hated her beauty.

It was her thrice-bedamned beauty that had landed her in this most unattractive situation. In several days, she would be married to Prince Kouga of the Eastern Lands. It wasn't anything against him personally, but she wanted to marry someone she loved. And besides, she wouldn't even be his real mate. She's just be one of his many wives. Dammit, she wouldn't live like that!

Her scowl darkening, she let loose of a couple more arrows. Damn her beauty, and damn stupid politics!


As you can tell, these chapters will probably be very short, ranging from 100-500 words. I might even throw in a couple 1000's. This is purely for fun and challenge.


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