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I must have you Kagome by candy

The Meeting

I do not own Inuyasha or any of it. This story got left behind so I fix it and try to finish the story so just bear with me.

 Chapter 1 The Meeting

The sun was setting as a raven haired beauty looked out past the water to watch the sun go to sleep. Her young adopted kitsune sat in her lap licking a lollipop she had brought from her time. Sango, the demon slayer was polishing her weapon and the monk, Miroku, was busy leering at Sango every time she bent to polish her weapon. Inuyasha, the half dog demon had run off earlier. Kagome suspected it was because Kikyo's soul stealers had been spotted. Sighing the young priestess set down Shippo and gathered her items to go bathe in the stream.

"Sango I am going to go bathe, want to join?"

"No thank you Kagome, I will start dinner. Miroku remove your hand before I remove it for you."

Gulping the monk slowly moved away where he had been tempted to touch her backside. Chuckling Kagome left to go bathe. Unnoticed was a silver haired demon who watched the young priestess with a predators gaze. He followed her quietly and easily to where the stream was and watched her as she began to undress. His honor demanded he shouldn't watch but this was his future mate, it was his right to watch over her and to see to her needs. He had left Jaken in charge of Rin in a clearing a ways from where his younger half demon brother set his pack to camp for the night. Every night for the past year Sesshomaru had come to watch over Kagome to ensure her health and safety. He watched through half hooded eyes as she bathed and hummed to herself. He wondered how she could be so happy when his idiotic half-brother was off with the clay dead priestess. He knew she knew where Inuyasha was but she didn't seemed bothered by it. In fact, she seemed cheerful. If this was true then maybe it was time to claim her and let her travel in his pack. He waited until she was done bathing and had already dressed before stepping out from his hiding position. Hearing a twig snap Kagome swung around, ready to do battle when she saw Sesshomaru. Smiling, she bowed her head in acknowledgement.

"Sesshomaru, why are you here? Where is Rin?"

"Rin is with Jaken."

Tilting her head Kagome watched the handsome demon before her. Ever since she saw him she had a crush on him but she was in love with Inuyasha. Or was supposed to be. How could you love one person yet be infatuated with his older half-brother? It gave her a headache just thinking about it!

"This Sesshomaru has come to take you from the half breeds pack."

Blinking in surprise Kagome stared at the youkai for a few moments then shook her head.

"I do not understand Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru sighed inwardly. She obviously did not know when an Inu had come to claim his mate. So he would have to simplify it.

"I have come to claim you as my mate onna."

Kagome felt faint. This is what she had dreamed of but wait…Sesshomaru didn't love her. She couldn't live with someone who didn't love her. And what about the shards? She had a responsibility to collect the shards too. And didn't she love Inuyasha? Besides she promised to always stay by his side too! She just couldn't leave!

"Sesshomaru I am honored that you would accept me as your mate.-" Sesshomaru smiled a slow mental smile at this but her next words infuriated the demon. "-But I have to stay with Inuyasha. I made a promise to him and I have to collect the shards."

Sesshomaru growled. Any demoness would jump at the chance to be his mate but the one person he wanted would rather stay with his idiotic brother? This would not do.

"This Sesshomaru has claimed you and no one, not even my brother, will be with you. Now come. We need to go back to camp."

"Sesshomaru I am going back to my camp with my friends. I can't be with you yet."

Before she finished her sentence the demon lord was standing over her. Gulping he tried to reason that no matter how angry he was he would never hurt her. Raising a clawed hand, he grabbed her by the neck and jerked her to him and slammed his lips on hers. Gasping, her mouth opened and his tongue slide inside her mouth to roughly caress her tongue and lips. Growling possessively, Sesshomaru trailed his other clawed hand through her hair as he continued to kiss her. Kagome closed her eyes and let the sensations pour over. She put her hands in Sesshomaru silver hair and ran her hands through them as he pulled her closer to him. They didn't even hear the other being coming closer to them.

"Kagome, why did you – What the fuck! Get away from her Sesshomaru!"

Growling at the interruption Sesshomaru slowly let Kagome go to glare at his half breed brother. Kagome blinked back the passion that arose with Sesshomaru's kiss and looked over to see a very angry hanyou. Mentally groaning at the scene he walked in on she tried to walk to Inuyasha to explain but strong clawed hands jerked her back to his side. Lowering his head he nuzzled her neck, breathing in her scent. Her worry and trepidation were evident but so was the distinct scent of her arousal. Smirking to himself that he could do that to his intended mate he glared at Inuyasha with his usual stoic face.

"Leave now half breed."

Scoffing Inuyasha jerked his sword out of its sheath.

"Let Kagome go you asshole."

"This Sesshomaru came to claim his mate, not fight little brother."

Kagome blushed at the mention of the word "mate" and Inuyasha nearly lost it right then and there. Why did it seem as if Sesshomaru was purposely goading Inuyasha into a fight?

"She is not your mate! She is mine!"

"You have not claimed her as such and you went to the dead priestess. You left the miko unattended and unprotected half breed."

Before Inuyasha could charge towards Sesshomaru Kagome stepped in front of Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, sit boy!"

The beads around his neck jerked him roughly to the ground and Kagome turned to Sesshomaru.

"I would only mate with someone who loves me Sesshomaru. Until you can show me you love me I will not become your mate."

With that, Kagome gathered her items and stomped to the campsite. She was angry and confused at her mixed feelings from Sesshomaru's "claim", angry at her feelings for Inuyasha, angry that Inuyasha would rather be with Kikyo, a DEAD woman then protect HER! Back by the clearing, Sesshomaru's stunned mind kept echoing her words inside his mind. Love? Him? Was it possible? Meanwhile, an angry and confused hanyou just kept thinking one thing: 'What the hell is going on here?!'                                 


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