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Perks of Eternity by sarah


Kagome watched as the afternoon sky lit up into a brilliant tint of red and orange. The casted shadows seemed to throw the world into blazing chaos. Chaos amongst order, she mused. Unsure of what had brought upon that seemingly random thought, the miko shook her head slightly and turned back, the basket of herbs settled firmly between her arms.


It had already been 4 years since she had returned to the past after Naraku, the half-demon who sought the Sacred Jewel, had died. She had been 15 when she first met Inuyasha and the others; now, she was a full-grown women. Her raven hair and exotic demeanor made her stand out even in the traditional (and more conservative) miko clothing, and although miko were supposed to remain “pure”, her suitors seemed undaunted and repeatedly asked for her hand in marriage. Before long, though, the suitors would have no other choice but to leave her alone - she would be too old by human standards to be considered a viable marriage partner.


Marriage, huh. Kagome shook her head yet again, and the bells stringed upon her hair band tinkled in the sway. She had taken to tying her hair in one, just loosely, after she had settled in and started her official miko trainings in controlling her powers.


She had once thought she would marry, if not an ordinary marriage back in the future, surrounded by her Mother and Grandpa and little brother Sota’s blessings, then at least in this era, possibly with Inuyasha.  She had thought it would work out. It was why she had made the choice to abandon her “ordinary” life and return, permanently for the well gave her but one chance, back to Inuyasha and Miroku, Sango, and Shippo.


Yet it had not worked out.


You would have thought that after 50 years of being pinned against the Sacred Tree and pining away for her ever since would have allowed him to get over her, but NO. Kagome was by all definitions a saint, especially when it came to her patience with the half-demon Inuyasha and his yearnings for his first love Kikyo. Sure, she had her jealousy, but she did not plan to let it get the better of her and end up bitter.


However, after 3 years of being unable to see each other, she had thought Inuyasha would… well, choose herself. But she could see he could not ever let go of Kikyo - even after the joyous reunification, she saw him looking at her as he saw Kikyo, looking for hints of Kikyo’s shadow in her movements, and she realized once and for all that she could not stand this any longer.


As Kagome headed to the village that she now called ‘home’, her thoughts flowed back to that time.


“Leaving?” Inuyahsa sounded incredulous.


“Yes. Tomorrow. To the west - I know a village there.” Kaede had introduced her to some of the villagers and often she had to stay in one of their vacant houses while training her miko powers. They would welcome her, especially since she was now an accomplished miko.


Inuyasha stood gaping at the packing Kagome.  She now wore the traditional miko garments, but not the red and white ones. Hers was blue and white. The color of ice.


“But… But why?”


Kagome stopped packing and slowly turned her face upwards to  Inuyasha’s searching eyes. He sounded wounded, and as much as she disliked the jerk at the moment, her heart tugged. But she resolved not to give in. For once, she would be selfish.


“Inuyasha, I… I am not Kikyo.”


She heard a sharp intake of breathe but did not stay to listen to the retort which was soon to come. Hastily, she threw what little was necessary and hurried out. Her yellow bag, now worn, frayd and tattered, still did its job . It was one of the small reminders of the future that she had endeavored to keep and now she was glad that she had.


“You are going then, Kagome-sama?”


Outside Kaede’s hut, the monk Miroku and demon-slayer Sango stood up. The two were happily married now and their children’s shouts of play could be heard from the meadows. Kagome gave a sheepish smile.


“You’ll come to visit, won’t you?”


“Of course.” was Sango’s resolute answer.


And the demon-slayer had visited, many times. Although she was now a mother, she still kept up her slayer works and since most demons now lurked in the west, Sango often had to drop in onto Kagome at irregular intervals and request for a night’s sleep.


Inuyasha had never come.


Well, who cares about that… that mutt. Suddenly stopping in her tracks, Kagome warily turned to face the east. Demons had touched upon her ‘demon radar’ which was really just spreading her aura outwards in a circular form. Usually, one or two demons were not a threat, but these two were fairly strong; one especially so.


She focused on the two sparks that were steering towards her at incredible speed. Who were they?  


The realization came at the same time the two demons came into view. Two distinct dots in the horizon, but getting closer, and she knew who they were. If it had been just the weaker demon, it would not be perplexing, but what were they doing together?




Sensing that something was up by the tone of Sango’s voice, Kagome settled the basket of herbs down on the grass and waved. She was again surprised to see that Miroku was also sitting behind Sango, riding the fire fox Kirara.


“Sango… and Miroku, too! And…”


With a tinge of trepidation, Kagome turned to the other demon. White as the snow, with his trademark armor and pelt swung around his shoulders, the crescent moon marking his bared forehead and markings etched across his cheeks, stood Sesshomaru.




Kagome bowed, effectively hiding a puzzled face. Sesshomaru looked… agitated. And irritated. And he was definitely not the demon she might expect her former comrades to come with. Where was Jaken? And Rin?


Her questions were partly answered when instead of acknowledgement, Sesshomaru proceeded to scoop her up and, one hand precariously holding her up, jumped up into the skies. Needless to say, Kagome screamed.




This was worse than bungee-jumping. The hand around her waist was strong, but he had but a single arm around her and it did not give her any security. The demon may have confidence not to drop her, but her primitive fear remained. Apparently taking no heed to her high-pitched shrills, though, Sesshomaru headed steadily westward. Promptly, she stopped screaming and turned, rather seething, at the white demon lord.


“And what, pray tell me, are you doing, Sesshoumaru-sama?”


“Where is the miko.”


“Excuse me?”


“This one speaks of the half-dead miko, Miko. Do not make me repeat myself.”


The half-dead miko? Was he referring to Kikyo? She stiffened. Although her love towards Inuyasha and gradually decreased into that of camaraderie, it still was not easy being someone’s reincarnation. She bore no, or rather tried not to bear any, ill will toward Kikyo, but couldn't help being sensitive to the issue.


“I do not know, Sesshomaru-sama. Her whereabouts have been unknown since Naraku’s-”


“Attempt to sense her. Were you not receiving proper training as a miko?”


Kagome harumphed. The nerves of these brothers were getting to her. Both of them treated like she was some kind of high-technology radar tool - first it was for the Sacred Jewel shards and now for Kikyo? Not to mention this rude jerk practically abducted her. She turned her head to face the worried-looking pair trailing behind Sesshomaru. The distance between them were too great for communication.


She instinctively flinched and returned her gaze to Sesshomaru when a growl escaped his mouth. Kagome was startled to find that Sesshomaru was not just agitated, he was genuinely mad. It finally dawned on her that something was seriously wrong and her gaze changed from one of mild anger to consternation.


“What’s going on? Has something happened?”


Silence. Then, almost reluctantly, as if he did not wish to admit in its happening by wording the incident, Sesshomaru all but whispered:


“Rin has been taken by the half-dead miko."


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