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Oz by zodiak023


I dont own anything of this or any of the wizard of oz references this story was created while listening to Blown Away by Carrie and I dont own the song.

The Oklahoma City bus stopped by the public library and opened its doors, it took a few minutes but finally a barely fifteen year old and scrawny girl descended the bus steps and walked away from the bus. She stared up at the library that was one of her safe havens as her raven black hair blew in the wind. Her name was Kagome Higurashi and she didn’t know how much her life was about to change for the better. Her clothes hung off her as if they were swallowing her hole, no one really knew her or her lifestyle at home and she wanted to keep it that way.

“Hey Kagome, I figured you might be here. I brought you some coffee, just the way you like it.” an older boy smiling as he held it out to her.

“Mmm, thanks Hojo. What’s in the bag?” Kagome taking the cup from him.

“I figured you might like a muffin with the coffee. Come on, I parked right around the corner, you can eat it in the truck it’s a bit cold out here to eat it.” Hojo explained.

“Thanks.” Kagome meekly. As they walked to his truck her guard was up, she had always thought her mother had sent her this seventeen year old boy, who acted like a guardian angel since her mother wasn’t alive to take care of her anymore. But Kagome was always on guard since her home life wasn’t like every other loving and warm home.

It had taken her a while to even warm up to Hojo, all her other classmates made fun of how she dressed and thought she had an eating disorder, she still thought that Hojo was wanting something from her. When they got to the truck Hojo opened the door for her and Kagome got in. he ran around and got in the driver’s side and shut the door. She sipped on the coffee and pulled out her muffin and started eating it.

“Hey Hojo, why are you so nice to me?” Kagome asked,

“I like you Kagome, you need someone to watch over you.” Hojo leaning toward her and pushing her hair back behind her ear. Kagome moved away from his advances on her, he reached out for her arm and that’s when she threw her coffee at his lap and opened the door and bolted from the truck. She ran back to the library and ran inside to hide in the darkest corner of the library.

Hojo ran in and started looking through the chain of rows of books, trying to look for Kagome, disrespecting the quietness of the library. Kagome closed her eyes and breathed in slow and carefully, trying to blend into the darkness, hoping Hojo wouldn’t find her. Hojo was getting closer to finding her, his scent, she knew his foot movements, and she had familiarized herself with everything about him, she had always had her guard up around him.

“I believe you are being disrespectful of this building and those who have come for peace and to learn of history.” the old short man strongly and in a soft voice. The old short man was the keeper of the books. Kagome had found solace in the old man, she had wished that he was her father or even her grandfather, he was always nice to her.

The old man had never asked her questions of herself or her home life, he never made fun of her or looked at her with pity, maybe it was because he already knew in some way, he was a wise old man, almost like a wizard, more like a wizard since he could make Hojo seem to wet his pants and quickly leave the library. Kagome let out a long sigh as she rested her forehead on her knees, she began to shake, the old man had made sure that Hojo was gone from the building and the surrounding grounds,

“You can come on out Kagome, he is gone.” the old man Totosai encouraging her. It took a few minutes for Kagome to gain back some control of her body enough to walk out to Totosai. She cautiously looked around the library, her brain couldn’t trust that Hojo was actually gone.

“It’s okay Kagome. I know we haven’t really met officially, however, my name is Totosai.” the old man introducing himself to her with his hand out to shake.

“I’m Kagome Higurashi, kind of seems a little late for proper introductions though.” Kagome shyly, she looked at his hand, it seemed harmless but she wasn’t the best judge of character for something like that. Totosai looked at his hand and put it down,

“I know we don’t really know each other but I promise you I would never hurt you.” Totosai explained. She looked into his eyes and saw that he spoke the truth, she nodded,

“I see you in here almost every day, you must like this library. Your parents must worry about you coming home so late.” Totosai stated softly and in a caring voice. Kagome just shrugged,

“My mom died and my dad doesn’t really care.” Kagome softly, Totosai nodded,

“I see, so the library is one of your safe havens and a place to travel through many adventures.” Totosai smiling a little.

“I don’t understand. What adventures? I come to study and do my homework.” Kagome explained, Totosai pointed to the books,

“Each and every book here is some kind of adventure, if only you open a book and dive into the story. Kind of an escape from reality.” Totosai giving her a bright smile when he talked about his books. Kagome smiled a little, then frowned,

“I don’t have the time to escape reality.” Kagome picking up her book bag and worn out coat.

“You aren’t leaving are you? I can give you a ride home when I close up.” Totosai explained,

“Are…are you sure?” Kagome asked.

“Of course child, it won’t be a problem at all. Just relax, no one will hurt you again. Go do your studying and I will tell you when I am ready to go.” Totosai giving her a bright smile and gently patting her shaking shoulders. Kagome flinched away,

“Thank you, so much, I could use a friend.” Kagome giving him a sad smile.

“You can count on me. I will be your friend.” Totosai explained as he walked back up to the front and behind his desk.


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