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An Adventure in the modern era by zodiak023

In the modern Era

Kagome was done with the jewel shard hunt and had said goodbye to her friends just in case the jewel sent her back to her own home, which it did just that. Now it had been a few months since the well closed up, Kagome had decided to write a book on her adventure. However, she was about to have her own adventure in her own era. She was at the bookstore late and lost track of time, now she was on her way home, she still didn’t have a car and she had decided to walk to town, now she was on her way back when she suddenly heard a sound in a nearby alley. Being the curious Kagome she was she needed to check it out,

“Hello?” Kagome carefully approaching the alleyway. Something or someone swooped down and attacked her, she didn’t have enough time to prepare for an attack. Once whatever it was that attack her was done, the thing backed off. The full moon shined down on her lying there in the dirty alleyway, she writhed in pain, her blood felt like lava travelling through her veins,

“Lord Sesshomaru.” Kagome gritted out, the thing or figure that had attacked her turned and walked back toward the woman. His black locks hung in his face as his red gold eyes stared at the woman with wonder and intensity. He had not heard that name in centuries, could this woman really have been the woman who loved his brother so long ago? Slowly he approached the woman, he could sense something familiar from underneath her blood he had spilt, even her blood was familiar,

~We attacked the miko. ~ the figure’s beast thought,

~Impossible, she could not have lived this long through centuries. She was a mere mortal. ~ the figure thought as he got down and took in her scent, he narrowed his eyes and his curiosity got the best of him,

“Miko.” The figure breathed out, her eyes gave him a smile as she could not form one, she seemed happy to see him once again as her eyes rolled back in her head and passed out. Carefully he got her in his arms and got her settled and took off in the direction of his home. A few days later Kagome woke up in a bedroom, one not her own. It was dark but she could see fairly well, which to her seemed odd. A canopy hung above the bed with satin and silky crimson material.


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