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The White Mare by InuLuna of The Moon

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Summary: They didn’t believe him at all when he was a very young. About a white mare with a horn in the middle of her forehead. She saved his life. And she had done so on several other occasions. Now it was his brothers turn. But, will she agree to his terms. “A life for a life. As she had saved another. Will she be lost forever or return to her true form?”

AN: I was inspired to write this story when I listened to the beginning of an episode, “My Little Pony” since I was bored, and curious. Which surprisingly, they have A Lot of good morals in it. Then I realized as I started typing, that it also reminded me of, “The Last Unicorn” which is a classic when I was growing up. Their very good stories/movie & series. I watch them when I’m knitting. ^-^ I’m making something and I can’t tell you all or my sister will find out. lol


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‘Inuyasha…’ He looked up at the large tree. Feeling the wind blow through his long silverish white hair and the pulse of power coming from the boughs in front of him. Apparently the sacred god tree didn’t mind one bit of the being that had been pinned to its base. ‘you idiot. Why did you have to get pinned to a damn tree of all things? Right when I had need of you and fathers fang.’

‘You are weak. Falling for a priestess to have her do this to you. At least she had passed away afterwards.’ Narrowing his golden eyes at him. It just looked like he was fast asleep with a peaceful halo of light filtering though this forest. Which further pissed him off. The battle with the panther tribe had been harsh and they had truly needed his help. His lips lifted in a silent snarl. Thinking of the few youkai that had passed away because of him. Almost mockingly, he asked. “Where is your miracle mare now, Inuyasha?”

There was a larger gust of wind as his question had gone unanswered.

“Lord Sesshoumaru!” A high yell rent through the air.

He didn’t move a muscle. Wondering again, why his foolish younger half brother had done that. Even the Shikon Jewel did not warrant such attention as he had given it. Having gone through the trouble of dispatching that half demon that caused this.

“Lord Sesshoumaru, where are you?”

Peeling his eyes away from him, the light glinted off of his demonic markings, and he started to walk out of the glade. A small imp youkai quickly following his footsteps. Having been found.


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