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Dalliance by Deaville


A cold wind brushed past Kagome causing her to grip Kirara tightly in the dimly lit night sky. It had been nearly two months since the events of Mt. Hakurei and exactly two hours since her last fight with Inuyasha. It had started over some trivial matter as it always did and then escalated until the half demon was in a hole. Inevitably Kikyo had been brought up and Kagome had stormed out.

Few things got under her skin more than Inuyasha's relationship with his resurected lover. True Kikyo and Inuyasha had been deeply in love before Naraku's interferance but Kagome had spent quite a bit of time with the half demon as well. Dispite both their innitial efforts she and Inuyasha had developed feelings for each other and had even explored those feelings on rare ocassions. Several times innocently and once quite intimately.

Kagome sighed and almost felt thankful for the warm feeling her blush gave her. She was a young woman now and she'd had more than a few intimate encounters especailly in the feudal era. Silently she remembered her first less than innocent moment. It had been before she'd met Sango and Miroku had just joined the group. One night she'd had a little too much sake, a generous gift from a grateful villager, and she and the letcherous monk got a little handsy after Inuyasha had gone to sleep. She didn't remember much of the conversation but she did remember allowing Miroku to feel her up as she gave him a hand job behind the villager's hut. Sango of course knew about the incident as it had come out while they were bathing togeather. The demon slayer had been quite forgiving considering her relationship with the monk these days. Luckly her best friend accepted that it had happened long before she came along.

Of course there was also the time she had been captured by Koga. In a way she kind of liked the attention the ruggedly handsome wolf gave her, though what girl wouldn't. But her first encounter with him may have given off the wrong message. Hoping to buy some time until Inuyasha could rescue her from the wolf tribe Kagome had strategically given into Koga's advances after nearly half a day of pushing him away. She'd never given someone a blowjob before but had seen it done in her small private collection of perverse movies. It had apparently proven adequate enough to satisfy the wolf and even earn her a complement that she wasn't sure she wanted.

Then of course there was Inuyasha. She and the half demon had occasionally flirted and had once or twice fooled around though they had only gone all the way once. The half demon was quite impressive having had a bit of experience from before she'd met him and despite the evidence his personality gave to the contrary he was quite passionate in bed.

Kagome's blush deepened as she remembered her first time moving in tandum with Inuyasha's well endowed form. It was the culmination of all their boxed in romantic and sexual tension. And it should have been the first experience in a line of happy erotic moments between the two. And yet it was the last time they would spend in each others arms as she would soon find him sneaking away for similar moments with Kikyo.

The memory of realizing that Inuyasha was still quite in love with the now physically, mentally, and emotionally stable Kikyo was buried in her heart like a thorn. Now every time she caught Inuyasha looking at her all she could think was, "Is he really seeing me? Or is he looking at Kikyo."

That had also been the last time she'd let anyone touch her. Despite her better judgment she still loved Inuyasha. No matter how much it hurt to do so. And the urge to be with someone else hadn't really come up since then. That's not to say she didn't keep a handy device in her backpack for the rare moments she was alone but right now Kagome just wished she had someone to make Inuyasha jealous.

Koga was the obvious answer but Kagome didn't want to give the wolf demon any more ideas than he already had about her feelings for him. And as handsome as Koga was he just wasn't her type. Hojo was another option but Kagome just found him so incredably dull. Likely due to the excitement of her clandestine feudal lifestyle.

Leaning down and resting her head on Kirara's fur Kagome smiled mentally thanking Sango for letting her ride the twin tailed demon cat. Initially she had wanted to go straight home but she knew that eventually Inuyasha would come looking for her and beg her to come back. And just like all the other times she would follow him right back through the well. So instead Kagome had rode out into the night just looking for a little peace and quiet.

With her gaze falling downward Kagome noticed steam drifting up from the snow coated forest below. She smiled and aimed Kirara down hoping to clear her head with a nice warm bath.


Kagome let Kirara rest near a small steaming pool knowing that it was late and the ride had been much longer than she'd planned. Besides, if anyone deserved a break it was Kirara.

Taking her backpack Kagome ventured out to a nearby spring. Disrobing quickly and cloaking herself in a towel she ran across the freezing snow to the wet lukewarm grass near the water. "Cold! Cold! Cold! Ah, warm."

Basking in the heat from the steam Kagome let her troubles roll off her. But just as she was about to drop her towel and enter the spring something caught her eye. He had been easy to miss what with his white silk robes and porcelain skin blending seamlessly with the white snow. But it was his predatory emotionless eyes that glinted like gold coins in the starlight that gave him away.

Kagome's blood ran cold as she looked back at the daiyokai who was casually sitting with his back to a tree near the spring. Behind him his fur pelt that was somehow part of him cushioned his back as he locked eyes with the young woman before him.

Silence reigned in that moment as she waited for him to speak only to be met with the same unmoving barely interested expression.

Something in the back of her head nudged her, 'Say something!' she thought.

"...Um, hi..."

A pit formed in her stomach as Sesshomaru's left eyebrow raised slightly as if to say, "Really?"

The same something that prompted her to speak took on a self depreciating tone berating her. Which was something that had become all too common in the last year. 'Um, hi? Wow...smooth.'

The silence at the spring drifted onwards distressing the young woman more and more by the second. Finally calling attention to the tension Kagome could only say, "Well, this is...awkward..."

Sesshomaru's voice was soft and a little harsh as usual. "My brother's lover comes out from the snow covered only in a rag interrupting one of the few moments of peace I've had in weeks. And you call it awkward. You have a way with words priestess."

Kagome's mind went blank as she looked at the man who had on more than one occasion tried to kill her. She had no idea if Sesshomaru was just going to let her leave or if he would cut her down if she ran.

Sesshomaru paused and regarded her for a moment. "Cold?"

The young priestess suddenly noticed she was shivering though that might have been more attributed to fear than the skimpy towel which did as much to hide her erect nipples as it did protect her from the winter air.

The daiyokai motioned casually to the hot spring as if offering it to her.

Weighing her options, none of which were good, Kagome gripped her towel tight and stepped down into the water submerging herself up to her shoulders. Sesshomaru said nothing else though his gaze never drifted away from her. Kagome found herself  looking anywhere but at the demon lord all while being careful to never turn her back to him. Occasionally she would look back at him to check to see if he was still staring. And each time her eyes met with his gleaming gold irises.

Deciding that striking up some kind of conversation or at least diffusing the air with some humor might be the best way to maneuver her way out of this terrifying situation Kagome began to speak. Though as usual she didn't exactly start off strong. "So...come here often?"


Deflated from being shut down fast and hard Kagome could only mutter, "...Right."

Scouring her mind hoping to find something to help her she almost immediately remembered her timely rescue at Sesshomaru's hands on Mt. Hakurei. The undead poison master had not been the first person in her travels to attempt to rape her though he had come the closest. Then there was the demon lord's new traveling companion the child named Rin who he seemed to treat well. This was not even mentioning the multiple chances he'd recently had to finish his rivalry with Inuyasha once and for all. And yet the half-demon still lived. Perhaps the demon temperament had lightened since the early days of her journeys. Settling on a course of action Kagome decided that he did deserve at least her gratitude for saving her from Mukotsu.

"I wanted to say thank you."

Sesshomaru's eyebrow raised again. "You traveled all the way out here in the middle of winter to get undressed in the snow and thank me from a hot spring?"

Kagome felt a twinge of annoyance as her well intentioned gesture bounced of the demon like a child on a trampoline. "No...this is more of a spontaneous showing of gratitude that just happens to come from someone who is in a hot spring."


"For saving me..." Sesshomaru gave no inclination that he knew what she was talking about. "On Mt. Hakurei..."

"I don't recall."

"You killed Mukotsu."


"The poison master from the band of seven...You literally cut him in half."

"I kill lots of people. They tend to blend together after a while."

Regardless of the warmth of the spring Sesshomaru's comment sent a shiver down Kagome's spine. She thought what she didn't dare say, 'Wow...that is cold as ice.' Kagome cleared her throat. "Well...he was going to rape me and kill my friends and you stopped him. So, thank you."

"Your gratitude is unnecessary. Saving my brother's lover was not my purpose on that mountain."

Spite and anger welled up inside Kagome as the thought of being Inuyasha's lover opened up fresh wounds from her recent fight. "I am not your brother's lover." Kagome said a little harsher than she intended to the insanely deadly demon lord sitting in front of her.

Sesshomaru looked at her incredulously. "Oh?"

"I'll have you know that the title of being Inuyasha's one true love belongs to Kikyo."

A hint of curiosity piqued in Sesshomaru's tone, "The resurrected priestess who Inuyasha was nearly killed by?"

"The one and only. I'm just his..." Kagome struggled to find the appropriate word.


The thorn in Kagome's heart twisted just enough to draw blood. She didn't want to believe it but that word held more truth than it should have. Kagome visibly deflated. "Yeah..."

"Yet you love him."

Kagome settled against the edge of the spring leaning on it for support. "My mom always used to say love isn't rational. Guess she's right. Yeah, I still love him."

"Then it's unrequited."

"Sort of. It's not like he's particularly cruel or anything. In fact a lot of the time he's doing everything he can to prove he loves me. But there are times I think when he sees me he's just looking at Kikyo."

Sesshomaru's brow furrowed. "What do you mean?"

Explaining her time traveling reincarnation story would have probably been a bad idea to say the least so Kagome settled with, "Well, we look similar."

"No, you don't," Sesshomaru said more accusingly than as a statement of fact. It almost seemed that he believed she was purposely lying to him.

The statement and it's tone caught Kagome for a loop, "...What?"

"Your voice is lighter, your face is more gaunt, and your gaze is less intense. Also your bangs are longer and let your hair flow freely while she ties her's off. And your scents are as different as night and day. I fail to see the resemblance."

Kagome was stunned. Sure she'd been told by her friends that she was her own person and that she wasn't just some imitation of Kikyo, which had certainly been helpful in some of her darker moments, but even they couldn't deny they looked alike. Yet somehow, to Sesshomaru, they were so different it almost sounded like he was insulted she thought he could be so easily tricked. "Huh, wish Inuyasha could be that perceptive."

For the first time since she arrived Sesshomaru looked away no doubt lost in his own reason for stating, "My brother is a blind as he is foolish."

Kagome gave a short mirthless laugh, "You can say that again."

Sesshomaru looked at her strangely, "Why would I want to?"

"...It's...uh, a figure of speech. A human figure of speech. It just means I agree with you."

The demon lord was silent for a moment before speaking again. "Why did you come out here?"

Kagome shrugged and averted her gaze. "Had a fight with Inuyasha. Kikyo came up. I got mad and left...figured the fresh air might do me some good. Rode a while and found a hot spring that seemed nice and warm...and here I am."

"...Do you two fight often?"

There was a strange tone to Sesshomaru's questions now. It was as if he was curious about anything that piqued his interest. Kagome wasn't sure how she felt about that. This was already by far the longest the two of them had conversed and it felt a little wierd just talking to the demon lord while she soaked in a hot spring. And yet, it felt kind of good to talk about her problems with someone who didn't know much about what was happening in her life. Plus the demon lord seemed legitimately interested or he was at least being polite, as it was hard to tell with him. Regardless she was grateful. "Yeah, pretty often. I mean most of the time it's just small stuff. Comes from being around each other all the time. Prolonged proximity breeds increasing hostility you know."

Kagome almost thought she saw Sesshomaru smile at the quip, "So it does."

"But sometimes we have big fights...usually about Kikyo or me just being around other men. I know it's petty for me to be jealous of the two of them while Inuyasha is sort of doing the same thing. Except that I'm not actually interested in any of the guys he get's so upset about. If Inuyasha would just stop leading me on and pick one of us to be with it wouldn't be so bad even if it wasn't me. But he keeps tugging me along and I just keep following." Kagome scoffed at her own predicament, "Unrequited love, not something you get to choose I guess. Not that you would know what that's like."

"...Do not presume to know me human." Sesshomaru's words had a bit more bite to them than Kagome assumed the demon intended. More over what they implied was far too interesting to let go.

Gathering her courage after recovering from Sesshomaru's verbal barb Kagome asked, "Have you ever...loved someone like that?"

The demon's face took on a strange expression that Kagome assumed meant he was refusing to answer such a private question. Still she waited patiently for an answer though she assumed he had wordlessly dropped the topic. "I've lived...far longer than most and I had my share of lovers in my youth. None of them ended well."

Kagome waited for Sesshomaru to add more and was a little disappointed when he didn't. Regardless she decided to change the subject knowing that bringing up failed relationships tended to rile people up. That was a little bit of wisdom gained from experience. "Well, sometimes I just wish Inuyasha would develop a little empathy. Like if he felt as crappy as I do every time he runs off to be with Kikyo behind my back."

Sesshomaru scoffed lightly in amusment, "You wan't to make him jealous?"

Kagome smiled in acknowledgment that it sounded ridiculous out loud. "Kind of, yeah. But that kind of thing doesn't work does it?"

Sesshomaru gave a uninterested glance at a speck of snow on his knee which he casually brushed off, "...Not usually, unless the person is particularly prone to such an emotion."

Kagome laughed as her dour mood was alleviated completely forgetting who she was speaking to, "Oh, you have no idea. When it plays out in my head I've got a couple of candidates that would really get under his skin. I know a wolf demon that would drive him insane and a friend from back home that's so boring he'd cripple Inuyasha's ego. Hell, the way he acts anyone would do. I bet you'd have him sreaming from the top of a mountain."

Sesshomaru's unreadable expression shifted again. His voice carried a darker and more intimidating tone than she'd expected for the conversation, "Even me?"

The words had been more a repetition than an actual question. Her brain sounded the all hands on deck alert, 'Oh crap. I just lumped the super strong demon in with a homeless wolf and a human kid that thinks free medical supplies are a romantic gift. This is the part where a sane person would apologise.' Realizing her mistake instantly Kagome said the first apoligetic thing that came to her mind, "I'd probably do it much better than them."

The demon cocked his head and gave the hint of a grin that could either be good, bad, or absolutely terrifying. "Would I now?"

Her brain was practically screaming, 'What! Woah! Am I apologizing to the guy who's almost killed me twice or flirting with him? Other direction Kagome! Other direction!' Having backed herself into a corner the young woman practically started babbling trying to find the happy medium between apologizing and coming on the the demon lord, "Not...that you'd be interested in something like that. Though...I wouldn't presume to speak for you or what you would want. But...the completely hypothetical scenario would involve spending time together. Not...that I wouldn't mind spending time with you..." Alarm bells were going off in Kagome's head. 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!'

Kagome froze as Sesshomaru slowly stood and walked towards her. His words were calm and collected just as he always was though as she struggled not to show any trace of fear Kagome couldn't help but hear something else in his tone. "Barely dressed and wading in water. You speak to me as if I were a mere-mortal. You talk about my brother and try to interest me in some juvenile imaginary plot to toy with his emotions. You even assume that I would act as your co-conspirator with sultry words and promises of sharing company with a young priestess as if you were a prize for me...You are quite bold human."

With the demon standing above her and looking down into her eyes Kagome wondered if she should accept bold as a complement or as a sign that she'd made the last mistake she was ever going to make. Not knowing the answer she elected to stay silent.

In an unexpected move Sesshomaru sat down in front of her as slowly as he had risen placing his feet and shins in the water while the rest of him rested on the wet grass. His eyes while not warm were no where near as cold as they had been so long ago when they'd first met.

"For telling me one of your most private thoughts I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone before." Kagome gulped as she tried not to imagine if Sesshomaru's words were a threat or something else altogether. "I dislike humans. They are destructive, both to themselves and the world around them. They are weak, withering to a sword just as easily as they wither in time. They are fools, who neither understand the world around them nor care to try. Most are meek and servile while others are corrupt and greedy. And in the little time that is allotted to them most fail accomplish anything of note let alone develop a single interesting thing to say...but there are exceptions. You, as it turns out, are none of these things. I do not dislike you priestess though you could do with a little more confidence in the face of uncertainty."

Kagome didn't know what to think. She'd never heard Sesshomaru give anyone a complement before even if she didn't agree with half of his impressions about humans and could easily state that most of it could just as easily describe a demon. Regardless she decided to take the complement. "I...uh, thanks."

Sesshomaru tilted his head. "I know that you are afraid of me. But are you not afraid of my nature?"


"That I am what your kind consider a monster."

"Well, no. I don't care that you're a demon. Maybe that you've tried to kill me a few times. But I don't really care what you are. Half my friends are demons."

"You find me attractive then?"

Kagome was certain she'd imagined Sesshomaru's question. "I...wait, what?"

"My form, you find it pleasing to you?"

Stunned she looked at Sesshomaru as if she was seeing him for the first time. He had a youthful appearance that hid his true age. His skin was pale though it looked more delicate than unhealthy. His markings gave him an exotic edge and his perfect silver hair put hers to shame. His features were masculine enough to denote his sex yet feminine enough to give him a grace no one could rival. He was tall, nearly a head's length taller than her if not more. And his eyes shined like pure gold in the night which were dazzling to behold and held a depth that told a tale of strength and intelligence. Yes, this man was far more than attractive. He was practically perfect. Kagome blushed deeply as she suddenly became aware that this Adonis was staring back at her while she had only a towel to cover her modesty. "I...yes. It is...uh...pleasing...why do you ask?"

Sesshomaru gave a coy smile that she'd never seen him use before. "I was seeking to understand your reasoning."


"You requested my assistance did you not? You implied that we would be spending time together. And that you wished to invoke my brother's jealousy." Sesshomaru's legs spread apart as if to invite Kagome in. "Do you intend to back up those words with actions?"

Kagome could feel her body temperature spike. If they hadn't been in a hot spring during the winter she thought that Sesshomaru might actually be able to see steam coming out her ears. The priestess bit her lip nervously in response to the beginnings of arousal that was only natural when being flirted with by someone as gorgeous as him. Her brain had stopped everything and tried desperately to analyze the situation. 'Okay, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's brother just offered to knock boots...which is mostly due him misunderstanding and thinking that I was flirting with him. So let's weigh our options shall we.

The rational choice would be to simply explain what you meant, ask to leave politely, jump on Kirara's back and forget this ever happened. This is mostly due to the fact that Sesshomaru, while he obviously no longer wants to kill me, is still a very dangerous demon who is considerably less merciful than the people I consider friends. In fact the amount of things that could go wrong just from one late night affair with this particular demon are too numerous to name. And while I've demonstrated that I have no problem with a little danger, or even a lot of danger, in the past handling Sesshomaru if things get out of control might be a bit out of my league.

Of course there's the other option too...I, a young woman in her prime who has needs and urges just like every other woman, may be stuck around attractive men quite a bit but it's not every day that someone this...absolutely physically perfect asks me if I want to get busy. This would, without a doubt, get back at Inuyasha. And there's the little matter of my prolonged abstinence from any sort of alone time lately. I mean it's been so long that I even considered asking Sango and Miroku if they'd consider a threesome which I'm almost certain they would agree to.'

Deciding to take a middle road Kagome decided that if a blowjob had worked to calm Koga down then it should be enough to placate a flirty daiyokai. Besides, one of them already had their clothes off and it certainly wasn't him.

The priestess dropped her towel and waded forward until she was right in front of him and between his legs. Kagome looked nervously at Sesshomaru's silk clothing which was probably more expensive than anything her family could afford in a year.

Sesshomaru's sly smile persisted as he looked down at the girl who was cautiously eying him. "Go ahead. I will not bite...unless you ask me to."

That prompt was enough to stir Kagome into action. Carefully placing her hand under Sesshomaru's sash Kagome's fingers moved down into Sesshomaru's pants only to pull out what may have been the largest still mostly flaccid manhood she'd ever seen. As she marveled at it the appendage grew before her eyes and in her hand. Gaping in awe at what was before her Kagome almost caught herself drooling as it finally came to it's full height. Sesshomaru's erection was easily a foot long if not longer with girth to match. At it's top was a sheath of foreskin that covered the head completely while along it's length several large veins could be seen. At it's base was a small crop of silver hair and below it were two nearly tennis ball sized orbs that dangled in a smooth sack of skin.

Kagome took a second to realize that if this man had been born in her time he could have been in movies...maybe not Hollywood, but movies none the less. The only real problem with Sesshomaru's very impressive endowment was that while she was not inexperienced her attempt to deepthroat Koga, who had at least a good 9 inches on him, had been been wildly uncomfortable. Hell, she wasn't even sure she would be able to fit the thing in her mouth without unhinging her jaw.

Taking stock of her situation Kagome accidentally looked up at Sesshomaru who had a cocky grin on his face no doubt from enjoying her reaction. Never having been called a quitter Kagome decided to start slow drawing closer to the appendage and masturbating it with both of her hands as she found it uncomfortable from her position to run a single hand along it's impressive length.

The priestess couldn't help but compare the smoothness of his skin to that of the silk he wore. It had a decidedly inhuman texture to it that felt strange in her hands. None the less she spent a couple of minutes acquainting herself to the feel before she moved on to the next step.

Drawing forward even more Kagome seductively placed her head close to the base of Sesshomaru's appendage coming close to but not touching his skin with her cheek. It was there that Kagome realized that Sesshomaru must have taken a dip in the hot-spring before she had arrived as the scent she had noticed from her previous experiences was relatively mild though from what was there she found it not entirely unpleasant in a sort of heavy musky way.

Opening up she finally placed her mouth on one of Sesshomaru's testicles drawing her tongue across it. She was rewarded with the first physical response from the demon who shifted ever so subtly. There she sucked slightly at the orb moving on later to the other then drawing her tongue up along Sesshomaru's shaft pulling the length down and towards her so that she could reach the top. Now looking down along the appendage that was about two thirds the length of her arm Kagome looked up at Sesshomaru again.

The demon lord's eyes were closed savoring Kagome's efforts but opened as she paused awaiting what was next.

Taking the tip of Sesshomaru's erection into her mouth Kagome's tongue danced around the extra skin relieved that it had indeed been recently cleaned. With the head of the demon's erection being managed Kagome briefly attempted to go down deeper but was only rewarded with a pain in her jaw. Withdrawing back to his tip the priestess instead pressed herself up against the appendage allowing it to fall neatly between her breasts.

Kagome had been quite surprised in the past few years by how well her bosom had developed. While she hadn't particularly minded having a small cup size when she was younger she minded even less that she was now a healthy D cup. Though the added hassle of sports bras and men's wayward glances she could do without.

Sesshomaru at least seemed to enjoy Kagome's efforts as she noticed him inhale deeply before shifting his weight back using his hand behind him as support.

Stirred on by any reaction she could get out of the stoic demon lord Kagome took a chance and opened his silk kimono revealing the porcelain flesh beneath. She took note that while the demon was quite thin in frame his muscle tone was something to behold. Thinking back on all the other times she'd seen Inuyasha and Miroku without their shirts off Kagome casually realized that she had been unaware that men had that many muscles.

Still using her mouth to pleasure him she allowed her free hand to place itself on Sesshomaru's chest tracing his rock hard pectorals and abdomen along with the silken smooth skin that covered them. Despite engaging Sesshomaru solely to get the demon off and move along she noted that the slow beginnings of arousal that had started earlier were now a persistent warmth that mingled with the hot spring's high temperature. Had the water not already caused her skin to flush she noted that it would have been quite easy for Sesshomaru to detect her mood.

Taking her hand away Kagome began to use it to again masturbate the demon's erection while using her other hand to gently cup his balls. She nearly giggled as she felt Sesshomaru shiver slightly when she touched his sensitive orbs. Attempting to go all out the priestess even began to move her body up and down and pushing her breasts together so that Sesshomaru's manhood rubbed between them.

Her efforts continued on for nearly five minutes. During that time she noticed how perfectly quiet Sesshomaru was. Never once did he moan or quiver in his breathing as Miroku had, give subtle direction as Inuyasha had, nor 'talk dirty' as Koga had. Even enjoying himself, as Kagome knew he was due to the amount of time he spent with his eyes closed utterly focused on her efforts, Sesshomaru maintained his calm and collected expression throughout.

As Kagome's arms and mouth were tiring she noticed Sesshomaru's muscles clench and his manhood throb. He uttered a single word as a warning to what was about to happen. "Priestess..."

Deciding to go out with a bang Kagome stopped her fellatio opening her mouth with her tongue still inside the excess skin of Sesshomaru's manhood.

And then it came. Thick lines of white lanced out of Sesshomaru with more force than Kagome had anticipated. It poured into the back of her throat and across her tongue and yet still more came. The demon leaned forward taking control of his erection and began to jack himself off eliciting more and more thick white seed to leak out of him. Kagome's hands fell allowing Sesshomaru to take control and pressed her breasts up allowing the excess liquid to trickle down onto them.

It was almost astonishing how much of Sesshomaru's cum had been pumped out of him by the time his orgasm ended. The demon had obviously been quite backed up. Kagome couldn't even open her eyes as they were caked with the rolling white sperm which also dripped from her hair and the left side of her face. And that wasn't even counting the small pool of liquid that had gathered between and on her breasts.

For some reason Kagome felt like if she allowed Sesshomaru's sperm to sit too long on her it would dry like concrete and trap her in a very unfortunate and provocative pose. Knowing that was not the case and at the same time not caring she paused just long enough to give Sesshomaru a good look at the mess he'd made then submerged herself under the water.

Wiping the thick coating from her eyelids Kagome found her towel under the water and proceeded to wipe herself down not coming up for air until she was sure that Sesshomaru's essence had dispersed in the spring and no longer clung to her.

Emerging from the water Kagome considered making a seductively/smart alec remark but came short on words as she noticed Sesshomaru now standing in the water with her. "Oh, umm-" was all Kagome could say before Sesshomaru was close enough to reach out to her.

"You are...quite proficient at that."

Kagome wasn't sure how she felt about the remark which threw her off the witty retort she was trying to come up with. "I-Oh...Thanks.

I've gotten complements...A two I guess..."

Sesshomaru gave a wry smile as his words skated over the water like a flowing mist, "Allow me then to return the favor."

In a flash Sesshomaru was under the water and then she was in the air. Trying not to panic her legs found something to ground her as she wrapped her thighs around Sesshomaru's neck. Kagome felt a warm hand on her lower back stabilizing her and keeping her from falling back into the water. She looked down to see Sesshomaru's eyes looking directly at her. Almost immediately she realized what

Sesshomaru was doing. "Ah, wait-I-umm-that's really not necisar-"

Sesshomaru didn't wait for her permission. As his mouth opened and and fell upon Kagome's entrance. Already a little turned on by her efforts earlier Kagome shivered. "Oh-I-Ahh-Thats-Ohhh-"

That was when she felt the demon lord's tongue. Longer and more nimble than any human's it began to toy with her already engorged cliterous. She bit her lip and grabbed onto Sesshomaru's head trying to find a way to get Sesshomaru to stop but quickly realizing that she didn't want him to. If Sesshomaru wanted to be a gentleman and make sure both of them got off who was she to argue?

"Oh, screw it. Ahhh. Oh, right there."

As proficient as she had been in her efforts Kagome found Sesshomaru to be at least her equal. This was obviously not Sesshomaru's first time and he was putting his experience to very good use. Minutes passed as Sesshomaru's tongue danced around her passage and her clit soon finding its way inside her. The dog demon's long tongue explored every inch of her several times over heeding her commands at which spots she enjoyed the most. It wasn't long until Kagome's legs were locked tight around Sesshomaru's neck and grinding her hips against the demon's mouth.

Trusting in Sesshomaru's strength she allowed one hand to leave her grip on Sesshomaru's hair and grab her breast teasing her erect nipple with an open palm. The sound's coming from her skilled partner drove her on making small moans of her own between commands.

And then it came. Creeping up on her bubbles of pleasure began so swarm and caress her spine moving up throughout her body forcing her muscles to spasm. Gripping the back of Sesshomaru's head to keep him where he was Kagome contracted around his tongue.

However Sesshomaru wasn't about to give up control. The tip of his wet dog like appendage began to move to each little area of her that had elicited a response. Kagome tried to stop him with weak commands, "Oh-wait-ahhh-stop-ahhhh-tha-ahhh god-aahhh!"

Unable to control the demon between her legs Kagome gave in letting his tongue drive her orgasm to new heights far past anything she'd ever experienced before. Writhing in his hand Kagome saw the night sky and the stars above spin and twinkle as her orgasm gave it's last spasms making everything fade to black.

Dazed and still reeling from Sesshomaru's efforts Kagome felt solid ground on her back as the instrument of her climax ran up the side of her neck. Biting her lip Kagome spread her legs allowing her hands to drift across her smooth skin all the way from her stomach to her thighs. "Ohhhhh..."

Her vision crept back to her allowing the priestess to see Sesshomaru leaning over her close enough to feel the his hot breath on her skin. Unsure as to what was what was happening Kagome decided it couldn't be all that bad as Sesshomaru's mouth found her nipple and started sucking on it with care using his tongue for finesse.

Breaking out in goose bumps at the feeling of the demon's mouth on her again Kagome's mind struggled for clarity.

Continuing on the daiyokai found her other breast just as easily spending an equal amount of time servicing it. After enjoying his efforts there Kagome felt his tongue dance across her abdomen as he worked his way back down.

Some form of sense finally made it's way through the haze as Kagome realized Sesshomaru was about to give a repeat performance. Still feeling ultra sensitive to such carnal sensations from her recent climax and her previous bout of chastity Kagome didn't argue but was disappointed when Sesshomaru only gave one long excruciating lick at her still moist entrance.

Breaking out of her trance Kagome opened her eyes to see what the hold up was. "Hey, wha-"

That was when she felt her leg lift up to Sesshomaru's shoulder and something thick and heavy thud onto her privates. Looking down Kagome's heart lept along with the pit formed in her stomach as she saw Sesshomaru's massive manhood placed between her legs.

Kagome knew there was no way that this was going to go that far. One, she didn't take that step with just anyone. And two, even if Sesshomaru was that someone she wasn't sure that his equipment was even going to fit.

But just as she was about to protest Sesshomaru began to run his shaft along Kagome's privates letting his flesh rub her in ways she could only imagine were equivalent to masturbating with a fine silk cloth. Kagome's voice caught in her throat as her still sensitive flesh ached for more. Gripping the ground and trying to convince her body that this was a bad idea Kagome fought a losing battle.

Her head shook back and forth trying to say no to her desires all while her body trembled and pleaded to disregard such rational thoughts.

Finally Kagome came up with sound arguments that countered her previous ones. First, she had gone this far already why not go the extra mile. Second, Sesshomaru was obviously quite capable in this field which might make for some very interesting memories that could be saved for later. And lastly, what he was doing just felt so damn good.

With her mind made up she faintly realized that Sesshomaru had not entered her yet. He gripped her leg at her thigh while the rest of it hung from his shoulder all while he rubbed himself against her. Sesshomaru was waiting for permission. Kagome moved her legs wrapping themselves around Sesshomaru's hips forcing the pressure against her to increase in the hopes of getting just enough pleasure to push her over the edge again. Yet still Sesshomaru waited as he removed his silk shirt and placed his hand on Kagome's hip increasing the rate of his rubbing.

Realizing that she was going to have to say something Kagome felt her voice quiver in anticipation as all she could get was was the word, "Please..."

That was all the demon lord needed to hear. Drawing back Sesshomaru placed the tip of his manhood against her and slowly prodded until he slipped inside her.

The sensation of something so large going inside her forced her body to clench and remain deathly still. Kagome closed her eyes as she focused what the nerves inside her passage were feeling.

Inch by inch he slowly slid in making Kagome shift just to accommodate the monstrous size of her partner. Her jaw dropped in a silent moan of pleasure as more and more of him slid inside her. The sensation seemed to go on for eternity forcing her to briefly wonder how much of the massive appendage could she possibly take.

She received her answer soon enough as a sharp pain indicated that there was simply no more room inside. Sesshomaru waited letting his hand drift sensually up along Kagome's side and back down to her waist allowing her time to adjust. Once her muscles relaxed enough she felt Sesshomaru begin to withdraw and thrust back into her slowly.

Kagome gripped the grass under the surprisingly gentle touch of her partner. Her eyes rolled and her body twitched as Sesshomaru's thrusts became more forceful and rapid. Time lost meaning as her mind focused only on the feel of the demon lord inside her letting the priestess to slip into a state of pure bliss.

It had been nearly two months since she had last allowed her body to be swallowed up by earthly desires and now that she was letting loose the endorphins that flooded her system made her nearly giddy with joy. She wasn't sure how long she stayed like that, letting Sesshomaru's body entwine with hers and thanking whatever god or gods had put such a magnificent creature on Earth. But at some point she noticed that she was no longer on her back. A vestige of her rational mind drifted back to her as she realized that her arms were now around Sesshomaru's neck as he thrust up into her.

In what she could only describe as an out of body experience Kagome practically watched her lustful form allow passion to take control and pull Sesshomaru into a forceful kiss.

Every synapse in her brain was firing, screaming at her, asking what she thought she was doing. Had she forgotten who this was?

She was nearly taken out of her pleasure addled state as Sesshomaru didn't kiss back. If she had been capable of analyzing the situation she would have sworn the demon lord had been taken off guard. But her racing mind came crashing to a halt as Sesshomaru's eyes closed, his hand moved to the back of Kagome's head, and his tongue began to dance with hers.

Kagome wasn't sure if the kiss lasted minutes or seconds but was certainly aware that she was disappointed when it ended.

Starring into the demon's golden eyes her heavy breath intermingled with his for a few glorious moments before he drew her in and whispered in her ear, "On your knees."

Too turned on to disobey Kagome slowly removed the demon lord from her and dropped to her hands and knees before him.

Kicking off his boots and removing his pants Kagome tried and failed to breathe naturally as every inch of the daiyokai's pristine form was bared in all it's glory. Steam from the hotspring rose obfuscating them only enough to cover small details from each other. Sesshomaru circled in the mist like a predator analyzing his prey.

Kagome shivered in anticipation as Sesshomaru made his way behind her and let his hand caress her thigh all the way up to her side. Realizing what the daiyokai was asking for she placed her hands on the ground and spread her legs slightly presenting herself to him. Sesshomaru's hand ran back down her side and came to a halt at her waist.

Unable to see behind her Kagome waited for the sensation of Sesshomaru's entrance and was again surprised by how gently he inserted himself. Briefly she wondered if this was his attempt to take it easy on her more fragile human body. But these thoughts were brushed aside as his thrusts allowed her to slip back into her own world of pleasure.

Soon the demon behind her increased his tempo shattering all pretense of his presumed gentle advances. Kagome was brought out of her trance as she began to hear quiet primal growls coming from her partner. Under different circumstances she would have found their snarls bone chilling but in her current state they only added to her arousal allowing her to hear that her partner was enjoying himself just as much as she was. Though she doubted that he felt as absolutely amazing as she did at the moment.

But as time dragged on the purely wondrous sensations that Sesshomaru was inflicting on her were tainted when Kagome became increasingly aware that humans were probably not meant to take as much punishment as she was.

At this point Kagome's head had dropped to the ground allowing the wet grass to brush against her cheeks while her hands pulled at their roots struggling to adapt to the mixed signals her body was sending her. A growing part of her was indicating that if this didn't stop soon she might not be capable of walking away once Sesshomaru was finished with her. Though every other part of her made the convincing argument that compared to the feeling of Sesshomaru's deep thrusts and his wandering hand walking was by and large overrated.

As Sesshomaru's efforts pushed her closer and closer to the edge Kagome's hands found something oddly smooth. Pulling Sesshomaru's discarded silk pants to her the priestess bit down on the fabric nearly tearing it as waves of pleasure washed over her. Her body clenched and squirmed under Sesshomaru as his pace slowed allowing Kagome to ride her spasms out.

Her skin prickled in the cold night's air as her second climax waned. Heavy breathing, both demon and human, where all that could be heard in the small clearing.

But her peace was brought to an end as she felt Sesshomaru's and reach under her and firmly but still gently grasp her throat. The world moved around her as she was suddenly pressed against Sesshomaru's back staring again at the stars in the sky. Her body trembled as Sesshomaru's breath warmed her shoulder and his whisper drifted into her ear, "We're not finished yet priestess..."

With a quick buck against her Sesshomaru began thrusting once more as Kagome gave a quivering moan.

Nearly exhausted Kagome was keen to let Sesshomaru to do most of the work at this point. While still quite fond of the sensations under her she simply had no energy left to respond to them with the appropriate vigor they deserved.

Unburdened by the need to move in tandem with the demon Kagome found herself in a strange state of pleasurable peace. She drifted from sensation to sensation focusing first on the now welcomed demonic appendage within her then drifting to the sound of Sesshomaru's breathing and his hot breath on her ear. She then noticed the feel of his warm rock hard muscles on her back and the wet skin that moved against her. What was especially pleasurable was Sesshomaru's hand that drifted back and forth between groping her breasts, gripping her neck, and massaging her cliterous.

Somewhere within her Kagome found the strength to grasp Sesshomaru's thighs and rotate her hips deepening his thrusts and increasing the demon's pleasure. The priestess couldn't help but smile when she heard Sesshomaru give a gasp of pleasure in response to her efforts.

Kagome wasn't surprised that after several more minutes she began to feel the lead up to another orgasm. Only this time she noticed the demon under her was moving. The world shifted again as Sesshomaru fell back slowly allowing gravity to do the work of pressing the two together while his forearm came to rest between Kagome's breasts while his hand gripped her shoulder so she would not move as he thrust.

Laying there Kagome's hand drifted up to the side of Sesshomaru's face caressing it's smooth texture. As the beginnings of her third orgasm worked it's was through her she felt the stony muscles under her clench and the demon lord's grip tighten.

That was when she felt something that sent her quivering body into as state of heavenly bliss. Sesshomaru's manhood throbbed and began to pump his warm seed into her. She could feel herself melting as her body twitched and squirmed with less gusto than before. More and more of Sesshomaru's essence poured into her until she could feel it leaving her body through the same entrance that was currently occupied by her partner's erect phallus.

Writhing in ecstasy alongside her daiyokai companion Kagome pressed her cheek against Sesshomaru's rubbing against his skin and placing a hand over her stomach to feel the indention of Sesshomaru within her.

There the two of them laid in a private moment of mutual satisfaction on the wet grass near the hot spring. With steam rolling over them Kagome was still for a quiet eternity long after her spasms had ended savoring the pleasure that came from being so completely devoid of energy and the unique feel of Sesshomaru's rising chest.

Finally gathering enough energy she moved her hand down to Sesshomaru's still imbedded manhood and removed it allowing the excess white liquid inside her to flow out. Scooting over Sesshomaru's amazingly soft fur pelt that had somehow stayed on his shoulder throughout the encounter and onto the grass Kagome's head found a resting spot on Sesshomaru's extended arm. Looking over at the daiyokai she watched a faint smile cross his lips as he gave a amused scoff. "You...have impressive resilience for a human."

Kagome couldn't help but laugh before she responded, "Yeah...I actually can't feel my legs..."

The two looked at each other before Kagome's fit of laughter nearly drowned out Sesshomaru's quiet chuckles. Within seconds Kagome's body finally gave out embracing the darkness that came with sleep.


Kagome's dream was one of the best she'd had in months. In a lonely cottage she was resting soundly on a massive and very expensive fur rug in her favorite pink pajamas. As she ran her hands through the small hair fibers of the rug Kagome smiled gleefully at how perfectly soft they were and how they tingled her face as she nuzzled up against it.

There was a warmth behind her too a calming and licking warmth like harmless flames dancing across her back from a distance. The crackling fireplace of the cabin popped and flickered casting a the only light in her cozy wooden surroundings. Her aching muscles relaxed as the sounds of faint wildlife outside mixed with the moving lights and sound of slowly burning wood inside. From the couch in front of her she watched her cat Buyo saunter up to her and place his overweight furry body on her side as he settled in and purred himself to sleep.

As she let the pure comfort of her dream envelop her like a warm blanket Kagome happily wished that she could stay on the fur rug in this beautiful cabin until time ceased to be.


The first rays of dawn reached Kagome nudging her from her gently slumber. Fighting against the weight of reality and still half asleep Kagome gripped the fur rug tightly and though she distinctly remembered wearing her favorite pajamas the priestess was not at all displeased at having the fur's perfect softness rub across her entire body. The fireplace behind her was still warm and calming though it's crackling seemed to have been replaced with a lound but slow and hypnotic thumping. Across her waist Buyo was heavier than usual and she could swear that something hard was resting atop her head.

But none of these things mattered as she embraced the comfort of this perfect moment in time. Kagome giggled and smiled as she pressed her body closer to the thumping fireplace only to nudge against was was apparently a solid wall...a warm solid wall that pleasantly fit every contour of her form to the tee. As she did this Buyo pressed against her side pushing her even more tightly against the wall though she found she didn't mind very much.

Curled up and wonderfully happy Kagome drifted in and out of sleep until the sunlight overhead became more than she could ignore. Rubbing her eyes Kagome began to notice something about her surroundings. Specifically that she wasn't in a dream, she was curled up next to Sesshomaru who was sleeping soundly behind her. Looking down she saw his remaining arm hooked around her abdomen keeping her snugly locked against him. His chin rested on her head as the rest of her followed along his body inch by inch save for their intermingled legs which were bent at the knees making their forms look like a thick question mark. And below her the exquisite fur rug that she had slept on was in fact Sesshomaru's fur pelt which was so soft and cushioned she almost wished she could take it home with her and use it as a blanket.

Kagome blushed a deep red as the events of the night prior replayed in her mind. The things she had done with Sesshomaru. Things that she had only ever done with one other soul all because she had been too turned on to back down like a sensible person would have. What was worse was that because she was now aware of Sesshomaru's presence she couldn't ignore his manhood which was pressed against her rear quite snugly.

Her stirring caused Sesshomaru to shift lifting his arm off her side and allowing her to move. Kagome separated herself from him as he did the same. Turning around her eyes met his for a brief moment before he covered his mouth and casually but uncharacteristically yawned while sitting up.

With her brain working at full speed Kagome's first instinct was to say something but it was quickly stifled by a pain in her...well, everything below her waist. " tender."

Sesshomaru didn't miss a beat, "I should think so."

Squinting through the soreness Kagome opened her legs to look for any bruising and was not unsurprised to find that she had a few skin discolorations. Though what did surprise her was that she could find little to any other evidence of the night before besides that.

Confused Kagome spoke up, "Sesshomaru...Did you...clean me?"

"I took the liberty of washing you off after you lost consciousness. You drifted in and out during the process. If you're worried you said something you might regret you can put your mind at ease."

"I...right. And...we slept that way because..."

Sesshomaru looked at her as if she was questioning his hospitality, "Should I have left you in the grass exposed to the night's air?"

Kagome stammered, "I-umm-no-I didn't mean-well, you know...I...should...get dressed. I think my bag is somewhere over-"

The demon reached to his other side and revealed her over-sized yellow backpack placing it on his fur next to her.

" got my stuff for me. That's...considerate."

Kagome wasn't quite sure but she was starting to think the daiyokai might be taking offense, "Should I have also let you walk bare into the snow for your clothes?"

Realizing her mistake she apologized, "I...thank you."

Seemingly dismissing the matter entirely Sesshomaru stood rubbing the back of his neck and rolling his shoulders as he moved to dress himself.

Taking her time Kagome did the same wincing when it came time to use any muscle that involved her legs. In this regard her pants turned out to be far more problematic than she had expected. But none the less Kagome was dressed before Sesshomaru who, while not moving with difficulty, could only use one hand to put on his elaborate clothes and armor.

They dressed in silence until Kagome found the urge to speak, "Sesshomaru, about last night..."

"Do you intend to tell Inuyasha about this?"

Kagome was caught off guard by the question. "What?"

"You spoke of it hypothetically last night. And while I don't see you being so petty as to try and hurt him for hurting you I would like to ask you if that is indeed the case."

Stunned by Sesshomaru's words Kagome mulled them over before giving a mirthless smile, "No, I probably won't. I'll more than likely think about it here and there. But...actually telling him I did something like this just to teach him a lesson. Well, it would get pretty awkward and I'd feel like crap after. Plus I don't think it would work out the way I would have wanted it to. Best to leave fantasy's where they belong."

"An understatement to say the least."

Kagome dug in attempting to speak her mind once more. "...About last night-"

Sesshomaru interrupted her again, "If you are attempting to quell thoughts of a romantic entanglement between us you need not worry. I had nor have such intentions."

While exactly the answer she was looking for actually hearing it said out loud nipped at her a little harder than it probably should have. "Oh-good! Good. Just making sure." Turing around and thankful to put the entire awkward affair behind her Kagome began to walk out of the clearing. "Well, I guess...I'll be going."

Sesshomaru's voice stopped her, "Priestess." Turning around Kagome faced him once more. "If you are ever out at night clearing your head again and and find me alone I might find it agreeable to repeat last night's events."

Kagome's head spun from the complete 180 that Sesshomaru had just laid out. "I thought that...You said last night was-"

"Casual sex. Unless humans have a different name for it."

"No...we call it casual sex too, sometimes a one night stand. It's just..." She didn't understand. Sure last night had been amazing. Hell, it was the best sex she'd had in her life and didn't expect that record to change anytime soon. And there was no denying a certain physical attraction that had left her devoid of her senses. But still, the idea of some torrid affair with Inuyasha's brother was not an idea that could be tossed around so casually. And of course the reverse perspective was just as strange. Of all the demons and humans in the world he was saying this to her. The question begged to be answered. "Why?"

Sesshomaru stepped forward slowly and in a manner that was as close to non-threatening as he was going to get. "Again, your lack of confidence is unbecoming. It is true that you do not posses the Arcadian beauty of my kind, nor our strength, speed, or stamina. And...your manner of speech is less than eloquent when it comes to speaking your mind. But...I do find your appearance pleasing and your spirit is stronger and more defiant than most of my kind. What's more I sense that while you may not express yourself as well as you might like you are far more intelligent than any human I've ever seen. Then there's the last piece to the puzzle..."

The demon was right in front of her now casually brushing a stray strand of hair from her blushing face.

"I know when there is more to a person than meets the eye. It's the way they hold themselves. It's in their gaze. When you look into their eyes and stare into their soul you can see something burning. They have something that others seek, either to follow and supplicate themselves before or to capture for themselves. You have that quality priestess. I don't know what secret you're hiding and I don't care. But it does make you interesting to me. And I would be remiss to dismiss you as anything less."

Kagome struggled to make sense of Sesshomaru's strange and oddly charming complement. But the reason he had complemented her was still in question. Shoving Sesshomaru's flowery language aside she incredulously tried to bring back the heart of the matter. "'re saying you want to have sex with me again because for some reason you find me attractive, brave, smart, and mysterious," Kagome said making Sesshomaru's words seem like a cheep attempt at a Feudal era pick up line.

In what Kagome could have sworn was a joke Sesshomaru responded, "I preferred the way I said it."

A little upset to be propositioned so boldly Kagome's words were curt and to the point. "And why would I agree to that?"

Sesshomaru's answered her tone with his own which admittedly he was much better at. "Because you know that your emotional
attachment to my brother is far more self destructive than your obvious physical attraction to me."

Kagome was floored. Not by Sesshomaru's attitude but more by how right he was, "Wow...just gonna lay it all out there are you?"

"The only thing I'm offering you is something simple that you can control."

Apprehensive and still a little hurt Kagome rubbed her arms as a cold wind blew through the clearing. "So what am I supposed to be. Your...dalliance." She nearly spit out the last word remembering it's implications from that night.

"I was thinking more of a mutual understanding that would allow us to engage in thoughtful conversation and occasionally carnal indulgance should the mood strike us" Sesshomaru paused thoughtfully "...Though I suppose dalliance is shorter."

Kagome stared at him momentarily with her aggression fading. A wry smile crept along her face as she bit out a short laugh.

Sesshomaru regarded her silently questioning her outburst with a glance.

Still smiling she apologized again, "Sorry...I'm just realizing that you have a sense of humor. A strange and kind of brutally honest humor. want to what? Talk with me and have sex if we get horny?"

"I did mention that I found you both interesting and attractive."

Amused by the sharp turn in the conversation Kagome couldn't help but find the demon lord's inhuman social graces humorous at this point. "Yeah, you did. I'm just trying to think what we would talk about first."

Sesshomaru raised his hand again casually brushing some accumulated snow off of Kagome's shoulder. "You may choose the first topic should you so wish. Think on it." With that Sesshomaru turned and walked off offering only a casual choice, "Or don't," before he vanished into the snow covered treeline.

For some time Kagome stood there trying to work through everything that had happened since the previous night. A poet Sesshomaru was not but he would probably make good money as a therapist or a talent show judge.

The image of Sesshomaru sitting at a table with two other energetic people popped into her head. She could almost see a mediocre singer patiently awaiting the demon's judgement only to hear his emotionless reply of, "You're fucking terrible. There are twenty people rehearsing in the hall right now who are clearly better at this than you are. I know you heard them waiting in line. And yet you came in here and tortured my ears anyway. Why are you wasting your life pretending you're even worth the clothes your wearing?" Still exhausted and a little delirious from the rumbling in her stomach Kagome convulsed in silent laughter at the ridiculousness of the image.

Wiping the tears from her eyes Kagome realized how absolutely strange the last hours had been. In fact even though Sesshomaru had only left moments ago she could still hardly believe what had happened with the soreness of her legs being the only evidence that what was happening was even real. Unfortunately the cold weather ripped her from her thoughts as she shivered ankle deep in the snow. Perhaps she'd cleared her head enough. It was time to go home.

And so she did with only one thought on her mind, 'I need hot chocolate and I need it now.'


After a big dinner, two cups of hot chocolate, a long bath, and slipping into her favorite pink pajamas Kagome collapsed exhausted and sore onto her bed. It had been a long week that was ending on a note she wouldn't have expected in a million years. Memories of Sesshomaru and his strange offer popped up here and there. He had certainly been right about a number of things. But the one that specifically resurfaced as she relaxed was that she was very physically attracted to him, then again how could she not be. And she'd be lying if she said she wasn't intrigued by what could be gleaned from him in a casual conversation. Slowly the night prior made more and more sense to her.

In a world where she had nearly been killed or kidnapped by most of her closest friends the idea that a demon who had similarly tried to kill her only to resolve their issues in a very unexpected and intimate manner didn't seem so odd in the grand scheme of things. Hell, she was a time traveling school girl with holy powers. At this point her little encounter with Sesshomaru was just another day in her far from ordinary life.

Curling up under her bed sheets Kagome drifted off to sleep and caught herself briefly missing the feel of Sesshomaru's fur and his arm around her side. So in her last conscious thought Kaogme quietly decided that somehow she was going to make this work. She would take Sesshomaru up on his offer. And if they had a little fun in the process she'd be the last to complain.


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