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Saved from the Frying Pan... by Walter205

Mikos falling down, falling down...

Sesshomaru's ears perked up as he picked up the scream of a girl somewhere distant, but coming closer. His hand settled on the hilt of Tokijin as he scanned the surrounding forest for danger. But his ears, nose, and eyes could not detect the presence of a girl or something chasing her anywhere around him in the forest.

Baffled, he glanced upwards, to see a small form rapidly approaching him from above. Taking to the skies, Sesshomaru's ears twitched as the annoying woman's scream tore at his earlobes, but still he flew upwards...

...until with a *whump* the woman landed into his arm. Briefly taking in her scent, Sesshomaru was suprised to see that it was Inuyasha's miko, the little shrimp of a girl that had fired arrows at him on occasion and accompanied his half brother like a loyal puppy anywhere he went...except with his brother's trips to see the dead miko.

Kagome's eyes were shut closed as she envisioned her death at any moment now, but the landing was much softer than she expected, although it did knock the wind out of her. After recovering her breath, she tentaivley opened her eyes, to see the sight of her savior holding onto her.

"Se...Sesshomaru?" asked Kagome, before fainting in his arms.

The demon smirked as he looked down at her sleeping form. Landing on the ground, he proceeded to lay her down on the soft grass. He glanced upwards again, wondering how it was the miko would be falling out of the sky. Squinting his eyes, he noted a horde of demons approaching them from above, the kind normally employed by that hanyou, Naraku.

Surmising that she must of been on the flying demon cat when they attacked, he picked up Tokijin from where he had planted it on the ground. He noted with slight amusement that the demons were almost directly overhead. That would make killing them most easy.

Pointing directly into the air, the sword began to crackle with blue energy.

"Dragon strike," said Sesshomaru as the sword turned entirely blue before the energy attack lifted straight upwards, meeting and obliterating the demon horde in a single blow.

He resheated the sword and kneeled down next to Kagome, who was still asleep. An idea came into his mind as his eyes roamed over her adult body.

'Perhaps I should find out what father found so appealing in human women.' thought Sesshomaru.

With a few flicks of his claws, her outer clothes were shredded and lying in pieces around and under her. The strange inner garments quickly followed, leaving her naked body before him.

The first thing he noticed was how nicely curvy her body was, and how soft and pale the flesh looked. He delicatly ran his hand down the length of her body, feeling her forehead down to her neck, gently cupping a breast before trailing down her stomach, briefly exploring her crotch before rubbing her inner thighs.

It was while he was rubbing her inner thighs that Kagome began to awake, her body forcing her to come to as something soft and warm played with it. She opened her eyes just a crack, to see Sesshomaru kneeling next to her, exploring her body with his one good hand.

With a quick "eep", she quickly closed her eyes again, hoping that he would just go away and leave her alone.

He noted that she was awake, but was staying perfectly still with tightly shut eyes, probably because she was afraid of him. With a sniff, he confirmed the scent of her fear rolling off of her in waves. He growled, which only increased the scent.

He placed his head down to her crotch and smelled her heat, and an idea came into his head. Sticking out his long demon tongue, he began licking her folds, which drew an immediate scream from Kagome that transformed into a low moan.

Sesshomaru increased the pace of his licking and how deeply into her he was going, tasting her sweet juices and noting how her body was beginning to arch upwards towards his head.

Poor Kagome's head was all confused now. She was still afraid, but now part of her didn't want him to go away at all, but rather stay and continue doing what he was doing to her right now. There was no other room for thought as the waves of pleasure radiating up her body began to invade and take over her brain.

Although she didn't want to say anything because she was afraid of upsetting the demon lord, she couldn't help the occasional moan, groan, or purr from escaping her lips from her throat.

The amount of heat radiating through her body continued to increase, with sweat drops breaking out on her forehead. Then the heat began to pool near her groin, where she was sure a star would form at any moment and vaporise Sesshomaru's naughty tongue.

Then the orgasm hit with full force, siezing her body and making her spasm all over.

Sesshomaru sensed her coming, and greedily increased the rate of his tongue, lapping up all of her juices as only a dog demon could do, before it was finally over and she slumped back to the ground.

Kagome was asleep within moments hitting the ground again, letting Sesshomaru stand up and look her over. He was beginning to see why father becaome addicted to human females, although he knew he had barely scratched the surface. If Tensiega hadn't started pulsing, indicating that his brother's fang was approaching, he would've relished continuing his explorations and experiments.

Instead, he turned around and faded into the forest, leaving her in the small clearing, his scent and her clothes the only thing around her, saved for a few hundred bits and pieces of crispy fried demon parts.

The End


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