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Ch.1 Winter


Summary: 09/18/2014

-It had been passed down in his family for generations. A child’s toy. Why then could he not stop looking through the snow globs glass. Why was she so sad?

AN: It’s another one! Lol This is a short story inspired by the song, “Shatter Me” by Lzzy Hale and Lindsey Stirling. Who is an awesome singer and a brilliant violinists. ^-^

Disclaimer: [Obviously I had no part in the making of the song. And InuYasha and co. are not mine.]  


Ch.1 Winter

‘I hate winter….’ The tall pre-adult looked outside the cabin window in a dismal scowl. ‘It’s a wonder why we even choose this place.’ Ever since his father had started a trading route in America they had bought a large pot of land with a cabin near the Idaho mountains and visited every year. Making them stay for at least three months. The main month being that ridiculous holiday called Christmas. Yet, he still hated it.

Everyone thought that he loved winter because of the cold and quiet. Don’t get him wrong; he loved the cold wind and snow. Especially the quiet that it brought. Sometimes hearing the light drop from an icicle when the sun bore down at it’s hottest time in the day. He even craved it! He just hated what the winter brought. The lack of green leaves hidden under ice, running water turned solid, and wildlife darn near nonexistent. No matter what he did, he couldn’t shake off the strange feeling that something was terribly off. It also didn’t even matter if they were snowed in the cabin with just his father and half brother.

He wanted to run.

As far as he could and as fast as his demonic speed would carry him. To let loose. The feeling constantly there like a shadow. Their secret demon heritage be damned. ‘What am I drawn to?’ With his green contacts off his bright gold eyes narrowed. Contemplating the thoughts that continued to drift. His one hand on the window unconsciously closing into a fist. ‘Why do I always want to run?’ That restless anticipation wound tight across his chest. Clenching his teeth to hold it back he spoke quietly. “Damn it.”


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