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Children of the Moon by kb


Kagome walked into hers and Sesshomaru’s bedroom where he was undressing for his morning shower. “The girl’s are eating breakfast, my love.” She kissed her naked husband in the privacy of their own room. “May I use the restroom before you hop in the shower?”

Sesshomaru breathed out and kissed her forehead, “Of course, sweetheart.”

Kagome smelled the morning breath rolling out of her husband’s mouth, “You should probably brush your teeth while you’re waiting on me.” Kagome giggled and walked into the tiny room that separated the toilet and shower from the master bedroom.

Sesshomaru, still buck ass naked, began brushing his teeth. He was counting brush strokes when he heard one of the bedroom doors open. A little white haired girl with floppy puppy dog ears came bouncing into the bedroom. “Mamaaaaa,” she sang happily. Sesshomaru scrambled to find his towel, but before he could wrap it around himself, his four year-old daughter walked into the open part of the master bathroom.

Her eyes rounded upon seeing her completely naked dad. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" She and Sesshomaru let out blood curdling screams at the same time. Sesshomaru ran into the crammed toilet closet and hid inside with his wife still sitting on the toilet.

Kagome asked, “What’s going on?”

Obviously shaken, Sesshomaru said with a mouth full of foamy toothpaste, “Kiyomi just walked in and saw me naked.”

Kagome laughed, “I guess it’s time to teach our daughters that boys are different from girls. Get in the shower, I’ll smooth this over.” Kagome pulled on her pants, flushed the toilet, and began walking towards her daughter. However, Kiyomi was no longer in the bedroom.

Kiyomi and her twin sister, Tsukiko, where in the hallway outside discussing what Kiyomi had just seen. Kagome, undetected, overheard Kiyomi saying, “There were two! Daddy had two hanging things!”

Tsukiko gasped and her eyes bulged, “Really? Daddy has two private parts?”

Kagome fought back a hysterical laugh, They must unknowingly be talking about his balls and penis. Kagome sighed, I’m going to have to straighten this out before they tell their entire preschool.


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