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Dokuga by kb


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It was just another boring average day for Sesshomaru. He had worked all morning and was now taking his lunch break in a local coffee shop with his laptop.

He waited in line behind two young college girls who were gossiping about nonsense. He overheard who had slept with whom and heard “Oh my god Amy is like such a slut.”

He rolled his eyes at their childish demeanor. Finally they placed their orders for some Iced-mocha-not-real-coffee-junk and walked away. He stepped up to the barista and placed his order for extra strong coffee with three shots of expresso and a turkey sandwich.

After placing his order he looked around at the surprisingly full coffee shop. There was only one table available and it was right next to the two annoying girls. He sighed and reluctantly sat down at the table. He pulled out his laptop to work on a few documents from the office. The girls kept talking about stupid things and about which frat guy had the hottest butt.

They got on his nerves and his eyebrow began to twitch. His last nerve was about to break. Just before he snapped at them one of the girls said, “Have you ever googled yourself?”

“No… Have you?” the other bimbo girl said.

“Yea! I looked myself up on google yesterday and Oh. My. God. You will never believe what I found! First, there was my MyFace page and all of my pictures. Then there was an old blog that I had in like high school, and my arrest record from my DUI was on there. Oh, and it had like all these ‘let’s save the animals’ petitions I’ve signed.”

The other girl interjected, “Wow, you’re so deep.”

“Yea, thanks. There was also this loser guy’s blog and he wrote about how he slept with me like two years ago. It was cray-cray.”

Sesshomaru tuned them out after that. He pulled out his headphones and decided he would listen to music while he worked. After he put on a good classical song a thought struck him. I wonder what I would find if I googled myself.

Before the thought even finished he had already typed in his name to his search browser. Sesshomaru.... Here goes nothing. He pressed ‘Enter.’ And millions of results popped up. At the very top was a website called Against his better judgement he clicked on the website link.

At the top of the website it said, “Dokuga. Sesshomaru + Kagome.”

Kagome? Isn’t that the girl that used to date Inuyasha?

He scrolled down and found thousands of stories about him and Kagome. What is all of this?

One of the story titles caught his eye so he read the description. “Sess and Kag love story! Filled with lemons, read at your own risk! MA for ages 18+”

What is a lemon? Besides a nasty fruit? He thought to himself. Then he clicked on the title link and began reading the story.

Everyone in the coffee shop could hear his jaw drop to the ground when he figured out what lemons were.


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