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Romance for the young by Wonderlandjinx

My beginning

Disclaimer- I receive no profit from this story. Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi



*Kagome’s story snippets*

Beast in later chapters


Tap, tap , tap… that is all that could be heard from the young girl sitting down at the café.  She hadn’t even taken a sip of her tea she ordered more than 20 minutes ago. Everyone looking at her would think she is in the middle of studying with the way she looked. She had on a pair of denim shorts, a baggy shirt with some sort of anime character on it and her long black hair pulled in a ponytail. In actuality she was in the middle of writing yet another chapter for her fans. Even if it doesn’t look it, this girl was quite the romance writer for a popular magazine.  Tap, tap, tap….

*… as the man sucked her bouncing breasts…* SLAM!! 'ugh this story is going nowhere fast. All people want is the hot sex part and not a good story to read. How can I write about sex when I never had it!!' She thought to herself. 'Maybe it’s time to actually get farther than a deep kiss' Blushing she shook her head and started work again.

“Do you need another cup of tea” Puzzled by the question Kagome looked up from her typing to see a very cute waiter standing over her. My god… was he ever cute. Brown/orange hair, green eyes, a cute boyish smile, not that he was her type or anything… but he was the type that made her want to cuddle him. “Miss?” ‘oops now he sounded worried’ she thought. “Thanks that would be nice…uhmm…” “Shippou, my name is Shippou.” He said with a smile as he was walking away to get her tea. 'Nice youkai kid' she thought but then realized that he could be older than she is, seeing as they don’t age normally.

After 5 hours, 7 pots of tea, some biscuits Shippou brought her she was finally done with the next 3 chapters. She decided to leave the hot sex out for a bit and just add in a little mix of touchy-feely for now. Kagome stretched her arms and stood to stretch her legs as well. I feel like I am already old with this much stretching and lower back pain.

“Hey buddy what’s with checkin’ out my lady!” everyone turned to look at the man that was yelling. Actually it wasn’t a man but a youkai yelling at that Shippou kid. Kagome instantly wanted to help but didn’t know what she could do. “I told you to stop looking at her brat!” The man suddenly pushed Shippou to the ground. “See that’s what you get for going up against a true fully grown youkai” He smirked and Kagome frowned at this.

“Hey! If you’re such a fully grown youkai then why are you bullying him?!” Almost immediately the youkai’s eyes grew so wide then looked so pissed that she didn’t even realize what she had said was out loud. “Oh look the little brat has a human play thing to stand up for him. So does the human play thing want to play with me” He said licking his lips and walking closer and closer to Kagome. To be honest he wasn’t intimidating. He is a snake youkai with yellow eyes that had black slits in the middle, black hair that was tinted with green and he wasn’t as tall as Shippou either. Hell, Kagome was about his height.

“Look youkai I don’t want to start anything but you should leave” She said threw gritted teeth. She was getting pissed at this guy. Just looking at him saunter over to her like he would do something horrible to her was enough to make her sick to her stomach. He smiled sickening at her when he was a foot away from her

“So, you want me to leave huh? Well, I don’t see anyone doing anything about it little girl” okay really he was an ass. Just a plain and simple ass that she doubted anyone would really miss if he suddenly vanished. “Just go bully another shop will you?” She seethed with anger and it wasn’t good. Just as he was about to speak another person interrupted them. “You heard the girl snake, nobody wants you here” They both turned to look at a man, no not a man but a very tall and very good looking youkai. The snake looked at the youkai and knew he shouldn’t say or do anything more but he had one last thing to say to the human. “If I see you alone my promise still stands” Then he turned and walked away with his crew. Kagome wrinkled her nose and looked to where Shippou was and went to help him.

“Are you okay?” Kagome couldn’t help but smile at him when he pouted just a bit. “Yes I am fine but that guy is crazy! I have never seen him and I definitely wasn’t looking at his slutty girlfriend! BLEH!” Kagome laughed at his words and remembered the guy that helped was still there.”Uhm hi thanks for helping…” “Kouga is the name pretty lady” he said and he couldn’t but help look at the strange color of her eyes. They are blue but had hints of silver in them. Like sparkles really. He just gave Kagome a huge smile with his hands on his hips. Kagome blushed 'First time a demon so good looking has called me pretty.’ Kouga for sure is a wolf youkai. His long black hair, blue eyes, tan skin and a great body. Plus she could sense it. After all she is a miko… sorta. She smiled “My name is Kagome. Nice to meet you”

After she talked with Shippou and Kouga for a while she decided that it was time to leave. She needed to get some real studying done for school. Soon an entrance exam would be coming up to go to a very prestigious school. Mostly the school was all youkai with a few rich humans and some humans with “special” talents like her. “I think I should get going now. It was nice to meet you both” She smiled and turned away. “We’ll walk you home. Don’t want that creep to be following you” Shippou said and Kouga agreed. “Really, it’s okay I don’t live far. Just a few blocks” She really didn’t want them to follow her. What if they start to follow her then call her a 'dirty human that will never amount to anything' like he did when she let someone into her life.

Why is she sad now? Kouga thought. She is an odd human for turning us down. Maybe she thinks we will rape her. Kouga frowned at that though “look we won’t hurt ya. I’m sure Shippou would like to see his new friend and my new friend home safe” Kagome looked up and smiled a bit. ‘A friend huh? Well I could use a friend but what if… what if it’s like last time’ Kagome looked at both youkai. No malice was detected in their words and it didn’t seem like they would attack her. “You can walk me to my building but I have to say sorry in advance” Kouga and Shippou looked at each other then started to walk with Kagome down the street.


I am sure this is a short beginning but I will try to write more later on. Also please leave a reivew if you like it. I know I have some grammar/spelling mistakes but I try to re-read ever chapter twice. Thank you.


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