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Stranded In The Rain by InuLuna of The Moon

When Rain Falls It Pours

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AN: Dear lord.... It just popped into my head, I swear! Thought it and wrote this on 7/28-29/2014 -sighs- Couldn't sleep till I did and I'm having a tricky time typing this on my phone. Took me 4 hours just to type 3 pages with my phone..... Hope you enjoy!


Ch.1 When Rain Falls It Pours

‘Why did it have to be the rain?’ When she had first left the main village there had been no sign of bad weather for at least a few days. Taking an entire two days to get to the nearest village where she stayed for a couple hours. As it were, she was currently at least five hours into her trek from it. Which was quite a distance. If it hadn’t just started to rain a light drizzle. But, she still had another six hours of walking to at least get to the waypoint.

“Awh… man…“ Looking left and right, her obsidian hair started to stick to her face, and smooth out over her back. Lips parted to take in another breath of air. “I am so going to get in trouble for being so late.” On her back balanced a quiver of arrows and a basket of supplies. An oiled leather hide covering the top of the basket like a pouch. Hidden next to the quiver, though was a hard to get, traditional linen flemish string connected to her bow. Which was also an unusual recurve bow at least half her size. Created with the bones of a horned and armored bug demon. Thanks to her friend in the demon slayer village.

All she could see was the trees on either side of the small worn path. Knowing that the mountains were at least a mile and a half away. It had all started when she did something she wasn’t allowed to. She had read the letters from a headmen to Kikyo. Who was the current head priestess of the village she lived in. ‘I just had to say I would be alright on my own.’ Kagome groaned. Since she insisted on wanting to check on the sick in the villages up north, Kikyo finally relented.

Kikyo and her sister, Kaede; had found her when she was just one year old. Sitting at the foot of an old well. At the seven and eight year old priestess sisters prompting, because of the bandit attacks around, the village people had taken her in. When she was old enough, Kaede had seen her potential to become a priestess. Then, Kikyo had declined. Saying she had no reiki abilities. She always was mean to her for some reason.

Shivering, she pulled her white haori closer to her. Running underneath a trees boughs.

Her mind wondering back to the village. Then again, she had gone against Kikyo‘s wish, that seemed to be law. Going behind Kikyo’s back like that. She had learned as much as she could about medicine from Kaede and any travelers that passed through. Soon after, she had been drawn towards an old abandoned bow on the outskirts of the village. It had been sitting there for days. So she had picked it up and hidden it. Always wanting to learn more, Kikyo finally agreed to teach her how to use the bow, and take care of it. That was when the demon attacks became more frequent. As the demon slayers were sent a missive for help. They had come and she had soon met her best friend, Sango. The demon slayer headmen‘s daughter and one of their best warriors.

Both of them had instantly taking a liking to each other. Though she had bombarded her with many question. Sango had taken it without complaint. Every once in a while they would meet each other to chat or she was asked to come for her healing abilities.

She sighed at the memory of Sango giving her the beautiful bow as a birthday gift. It had brought her to tears. She had never had something to call her own till that moment. And the villagers had decided to help her build a hut of her own since she could finally take care of herself.

This was her first trip using her new bow and arrows. But, she was also on a time limit. Maybe Kikyo had been stalling for those three days so she would get caught in this?

Staring at the rain, she let out another sigh. ‘I wouldn’t put it against her.‘ The water seeped through the trees leaves to land on her face and shoulders. ‘Well…. She’ll just have to be upset with me. I can’t make it to the next village in this. Not without getting sick myself.’ Nodding her head at nothing; she turned towards the mountains, and found herself a good animal path. ‘It will be my best option.’ Though, it wasn’t a good idea for her to stay in between the borders of the North, and West for very long. It was said that there were demon lords, so powerful that they could change their form to look like that of a human, and can decimate an entire village without much effort. Ruleing over certain parts of the continent.

Though, she had never met a demon lord. She had met a small kitsune family once. They had been very wary, but kind to her. Since then, she had always wondered why humans were so afraid of them. Yes, the lesser demons attacked a lot. But, what about the others? People were so prone to blaming it on everyone instead of the one who had done wrong. It was completely backwards lashed.

Feeling her foot slide, she quickly grasped a low branch. Her situation just getting worse. Looking down at her feet, the water had started to trickle through the mud in small streams. While above her head, the heady clouds had darkened, as she had steadily went North West. A bright flash of lightning crossed the sky without warning. Only for the thunder to clash loudly seconds later.

“A flash flood…“ She whispered. Eyes widening at another bright flash of lightning filling the dark sky.

Getting her footing back, she started to run for the mountains, and ended up slipping again. At least two more other times on her way uphill. Then the ground suddenly shook. Placing a hand on the bark of another tree to stay standing. She felt the ground tremble again. Stumbling forward, and almost into the dirt, she stood back up. Heart steadily beginning to race in alarm.

The thunder sounded in her ears a fifth time.

Hearing a distinct roar behind it.

This time, the ground shook so hard, she fell onto her hands, and knees.

Now, half covered in mud, she gasped. Looking around in the dim light to try to find what caused it. Waiting and hoping for the lightning to illuminate the sky once more. A few trees cracked under the onslaught near her with a splintering crack and crunch. Several of the larger trees boughs just falling over as if it were butter. Revealing a huge white figure that disappeared before she could discern what it was.

The ground shook again as it had moved.

This time she noticed it felt as if something was running, jumping, landing, and…. crashing? Definitely crashing. As soon as the thunder sounded their roars were heard. The sound almost deafening to be near it. Trying to stand up, she fell down again but, on her butt as she looked up when they clashed.

Just above her body, that seemed insignificant to their size, the two great demons kept fighting. Clawing and tearing at each other’s necks, shoulders, and sides; blood flinging in every direction. Particularly from the huge white dog that was closest to her. His wounds were deep, as the others form was even larger, towering over him. Like that of a black and white panda bear. But with bright orange youki lashing out. It tried to grab the dog around it’s neck and ended up tossing it again as the dog refused. His longer claws tearing into it opponents side as he half rolled mid air.

Shrieking, she instinctively crouched, and raised her hands over her head as if that would protect her from being smushed. When the white dog hadn’t ended her life, she opened her eyes in surprise. Finding herself in a shimmering pink barrier. Watching in horror, as the dog had collided with the barrier, and it caused him to move a few feet forward. Narrowly missing the pandas’ black claws that had swiped for its, would have been, dead neck. The dogs’ blood splattered through the barrier and covered the rest of her.

A strange, dizzying smell of acid, and flowers overloading the metallic scent of blood reaching her nose. Realizing that the green glow around the white dogs’ maw was the cause of it.

‘Why were they trying to kill each other?’ Not having enough time to soak in anything else, she immediately dropped her basket, to take off her bow. One arrow instantly notched to aim. At which one she wasn’t sure. The dog that stood in front of her seemed to try to draw the other in a different direction. Trying to get around its opponent. Till the panda actually tossed the white and growling dog straight into the mountainside. Or at least it thought it did, as the dogs paws glowed white in the dark sky. Staying in the air a few feet off the rocks that it would have hit. The panda’s gleaming red eyes turned towards her and it charged.

Something about the panda didn’t feel right at all. Without a second thought she brought her string back and fired. Aiming for it’s head as a white light flared around the arrow. It’s maw was wide open, and a mere twenty feet from her when it hit; simultaneously, feeling the back of her clothes being picked up and moved out of the way. The panda’s eyes widening as the arrow had hit its mark. Right smack dab in the middle of it’s forehead. It’s body sliding where she had just been standing seconds ago.

With a bright flash from the purification, and lightning, the panda gargled a strangled yell, before disintegrating into dust.

Finding that she was hanging from the dogs massive jaws, she shivered. Half from the cold and half from a numb feeling in her limbs as if she had spent nearly all of her energy. Not quite realizing what she had just done. She was slowly being put down onto the ground, before she heard the dog let out a deep breath, and the ground quaked. It’s body collapsing from underneath it.

Landing on her feet a bit clumsily, she quickly spun around to see the demon, only to find a passed out man in it’s place. Too much blood pooling around his prone form.


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