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Inevitability by FragmentedMatter


A/N: This is my attempt at turning my unfinished work, Unexpected Love, With Someone Unexpected, into a drabble series, which hopefully, will not be put on hold for four years!

Wish me luck as we both embark on this journey of betrayal, friendship, tragedy, and love - not necessarily in that order, of course.


Hair spinning behind her, Kagome pulled her bow from her shoulders and notched an arrow in the string. Her hands shook but her aim was true. Her intent was pure. Her desire to be rid of Naraku was all-consuming. He must die for the pain he had inflicted not only on her, but on her friends and those she did not know.


The spider youkai turned a malevolent grin to her, easily batting Inuyasha to the side without a sideways glance and deflecting Sesshomaru’s sword with his own. “Come spar with me, little miko,” came his lilting reply.


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