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The Room by kb

The Room

“Kagome, I demand you let me in this instant!” Sesshomaru pushed against the locked door. He could easily break it down if he wanted to, but he didn’t want to hurt his pregnant wife on the other side. Besides, he didn’t feel like replacing another door. Last month he’d to replace the door to their bedroom- and most of the furniture- after an intense night of love making.

“Sesshomaru, I told you, you will have to wait until I’m done! It’s a surprise!”

“Dammit woman! You let me in right now!” Kagome started giggling. Her husband was beyond impatient and could not handle waiting for surprises. “Are you giggling at me?!” he roared at the door. He did not like being locked out of one of his own rooms.

“Just wait Sess, I’m almost done. Can you hold your horses for just a few more hours?”

“Hrrumph!” Sesshomaru stormed off angry and defeated. Kagome had locked herself in the baby’s room the second they had found out she was pregnant. She was decorating the nursery and claimed she wanted to surprise him with the finished product. The only time she would come out was to get more supplies, eat, or use the restroom. It had been a week of this. Kagome locked in the nursery and Sesshomaru yelling at her to let him in while she giggled at his impatience. He just couldn’t stand it anymore. What was so important that he couldn’t come in?

A few hours passed before Kagome finally unlocked the door and came out. She was smiling, obviously happy from her work. She also looked tired. No doubt from the hard work she had put into decorating. “Come on Sesshomaru. It’s done.” Kagome was beaming from ear to ear. He had wanted to come into the room all week and now that he was being invited in he suddenly felt very anxious.

She grabbed his hand, gave it a squeeze and led him into the room. His jaw dropped the second he walked into the room.

The walls were white with a soft red floral pattern that looked identical to the clothes he had worn five hundred years ago. Sheer white curtains were drawn with red tassels around the windows. On the floor was a very large white fur rug. He walked over to the white crib and looked in. The sheets were a navy blue and gold striped pattern that matched the sash he had once worn around his armor. A handmade mobile was attached to the top of the crib as well. It had glittery midnight blue crescent moons, glittery red flowers to match the pattern on the walls, and pink arrows that looked like Kagome’s sacred arrows. Sesshomaru reached into the crib and pulled out a stuffed animal. He examined it and felt overwhelmed by the love his wife had shown him and their child. He reached to Kagome and wrapped his arms around her. No one had ever shown him a labor of love like this.

“Do you like it?” She asked into his chest nervously.

‘She is nervous? Is she afraid I won’t like it?’ He thought to himself. “Of course I do, my love. And so will our child. It is perfect.” Sesshomaru softly kissed her head and turned to place the stuffed animal back into the crib. It was a little white dog with hand stitched magenta stripes on its cheeks and a blue crescent moon on its forehead.

“It’s absolutely perfect.”


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