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Venomous Kiss by Chaos_Queen77

Chapter 1

Chapter One


The sky looked ominous with dark clouds as the gang made their last stand for the jewel shards and against evil itself, Naraku.

The rouge “Dance of the Dragon” blade had nicked her throat right as her and Kikyo had released the blast that demolished Naraku. Kagura had been half ass-ing her attacks knowing that should they win the pack with Kagome would stand.

Flash back:

The steam from the hot spring relaxed her muscles as she sunk into the water. It had been a grueling day with Inuyasha pushing the gang at a fast pace trying to cover more area in their quest for Naraku.

She had finished washing her hair and body and was relaxing as the conditioner set in her for a few minutes longer; she had noticed lately that it had begun to look and feel dry she was hoping the extra time would help with that. 

The rock outcropping was a nice barrier to the outside world. It helped to keep the heat in the area as well. The evenings were colder than the days in mid march. There was one entrance to the spring and Miroku would not come the direct path so if he wanted to peep he would have to climb atop of the high rocks which would automatically alert her that he was there.

As she relaxed there was a gust of wind. As Kargura stood on top of the very rocks she thought Miroku would spy from.
She had her hands in the air, “Be at peace Miko, I am not here to harm you or spy for Naraku.”

Kagura was quick to explain she could see and smell the energy ball forming in the Miko’s hand as she appeared. 

“What do you want then?”

Kagura smirked, “To the point then, I want Freedom.” She turned somber, “Naraku has my heart. I will not attack your tachi in the final battle. At least not full out and any information I can sneak away I will. After the battle is over and he is demolished, all I want is to be left alone. I want to be free from him to live my own life. I do not want your group as an enemy after he is gone. I just want my heart and then to leave this place.”

Kagome knew that she could not ask Kagura to never attack them again, Naraku would know that something was up at the point.
“Very well, how will I receive you tips of information?”

Kagura smirked again, “With these,” She pulled a paper butterfly from her sleeve and blew upon it. It floated through the air and across the water and landed on top of Kagome’s bath supplies.

With another gush of wind she was gone as if she has never been there, the only proof that she has been there at all was the paper butter fly still stuttering its wing on her supplies.

After rinsing the conditioner from her hair Kagome got out of the hot spring and dried off. After her heavy fleece pajamas were on she opened the butterfly.

“Naraku is in the Northern territory.”

That was all the note had said but it had been enough. The next morning they headed that direction.

Kagome could feel her blood draining out of her; she knew that she was going to die. Even in her time there was not a lot they could do to heal a wound like this without her being rushed to an ED. Time was of the essence and that was something they did not have. Not even Sesshoumaru would have been able to get her from the farthest reaches north to the well all the way in the west and to the hospital within enough time to save her. 

She knew that it had been an accident. The look on Kagura’s face as she rushed towards her would have been enough to tell her that even if Kagome didn’t have the pack with the wind witch.

“Don’t die Miko, we had a deal!” Kagura shouted as she picked up Kagome’s head and laid it on her lap applying pressure to the wound.

Kagome pointed to Sango and Miroku as they approached. At first she didn’t understand. She looked into their eyes and realized that they knew about the deal. The little Miko had taken precautions in case she died in the final battle; she would see their deal through even in death.

Kagura bowed her head over the miko and wept. Never in her existence has she seen someone so pure and good hearted. She knew that she had made the right choice in coming to her.

Sango wept into Miroku’s shoulder. She knew that her sister would not survive a wound like that. She had seen it many times in battle and she could only fall apart in the arms of the man whom she loved. There was no coming back from that. Maybe there would have been a chance had she started healing herself as soon as it happened but after the energy she expelled defeating Naraku there was not a lot of Miko energy left in her to heal even a small cut.

Inuyasha approached carrying a severely weakened Kikyo. He knew there would probably be casualties to the battle but he never guessed it would have been Kagome. He was preparing to lose Kikyo but not Kagome.

They all stood around not sure what to do as they watched the blood slowly drain out of her body. Inuyasha and Kagura could hear her heart slowing down.

Kagome felt a nudge in her soul; she frowned as the world started to get hazy. It was just a small nudge on her soul like it was being kicked out of her body. ‘There is no point in both of us dying and beside someone has to watch out for Inuyasha.’ She thought before she used what little strength she had to shove her soul out of her body and into Kikyo’s.

The gang watched in horror as Kagome took her last shuddering breath and Kikyo took her first in 50 some odd years.
The gods seemed to have even been weeping as the skies opened up and the rain started to pour down.

Miroku and Inuyasha carried Kagome to a field of wild flowers. There was no point in taking her home. She had said her goodbye’s to her family. There was no point in taking her back and telling them instead of her living a long happy life, her light was snuffed out early.

The ground was muddied quickly with the rain. They knew it was a hard task in front of them but they owed it to their friend and sister, they owed the respect to at least burier her instead of leaving her out to rot in the rain and sun and allowing scavenger animals to get at her.

Instead of the normal 6 feet Inuyasha and Miroku made it 7. They wanted to be sure with the rain that she would not surface if the rain washed a couple of feet away.

Kikyo, Sango, and Kilala scouted for a close by cave to camp in.

Miroku said the last right prayers. The gang decided that tomorrow they would come back when the rain stopped and say their final goodbyes.

Kagura had taken flight soon after Kagome has passed. No one paid any attention as she and her feather became specks in the horizon.

Sango and Kikyo cried themselves to sleep. Sango for her loss of a sister and friend, Kikyo from loss of a friend, relief for having a second chance and sorrow for all the souls she consumed to keep herself “alive.”

The fire inside the cave crackled as Inuyasha stared blankly into it.

After the girls had finally lost the fight with sleep Miroku and Inuyasha stayed awake silent.

The moon was past its zenith when Inuyasha finally spoke. “What am I going to tell the runt?” he shook his head as his eye started to tear up, “What am I going to say to Shippo? ‘Oh yea sorry I didn’t protect your mother and now she’s d…d…dead.’” He finally chocked out with tears streaming down his face.

Miroku joined him in his sorrow. Of all the things they feared losing, stupidly, they never thought that Kagome could have been one of them.

The males pulled the girls closer into their arms and allowed the sorrow and exhaustion sweep them into the arms of sleep where they dreamed of the blood and the battle.

When morning finally came they found themselves awake and the sun shining. There little camp was broken after they decided that none of them could stomach the thought of food at that moment.

It was agreed that they would all say a final goodbye to Kagome before the left for Kaede’s villiage to break the news.

The walk wasn’t that long. Each silently hoping that they would wake up from the dream to Kagome cooking ramen for breakfast with her heart shaped face smiling at each of them as they wondered towards the smell of food.

The field was beautiful in the light and without rain.

The willow that they had buried her under glistened in the sunlight; the water had not yet been evaporated off the leaves yet.

They walked with their heads down each gathering their thoughts about what they would say to Kagome before they left.

The silence was broken when Inuyasha screeched, “What the Fuck?”

There were Miroku and Inuyasha has lain their friend to rest was a hole.

~~~~~A/N Let me know what you all think. I am trying to get back into writing my therapy says it will be good for me. I was in the shower when I had this Idea... So let me know what you think I do have chapter 2 completed. I'm going to keep working on this tonight until I fall asleep. Which wont be long with how tired I am. 




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