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Asphyxiate by Lace

Chapter 1

            “How have you been, Kagome-san?”

She breathes in slowly, her eyes focused on the ceiling tiles neatly arranged above her.  They remind her of an inverted starry night sky. Speckles of dust are illuminated from the window near her feet; she thinks of them as the stars that have fallen from their home.

The leather upholstery peels away from her sweaty neck as she turns her head.  The man in question is gazing at her over steepled fingers, imploring. The lines under his eyes are like an old crow’s feet.  She answers before the silence becomes stifling.

“Fine, I guess.”


100 words.

A/N: This story will have descriptive violencegore, and sexual content. Adult audiences only.

This will be the first fanfiction I've attempted for a really, really long time. The idea popped up in my head a while ago, and instead of drawing it, I decided to get back into the swing of writing :) I'll probably use it for word challenges in the near future as well, and try to update regularly.


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