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Righting the Wrongs comitted by Walter205

What comes around...

'I've been so blinded by rage. I've been so blinded. My brother has distracted me from the real threat, the real reason I have been unable to accomplish my goals. Tonight I will seek it out, and I will have my revenge,' thought Sesshomaru as he lunged from tree branch to tree branch through Inyuasha forest.

He had struck another pact with Naraku earlier in the night. If the hanyou would keep Inuyasha and the others distracted, he would eliminate one of the biggest threats that was posed to him, and would cause much grief and pain to Inuyasha, which Naraku would surely enjoy.

Kagome, that was the name of the girl that he was hunting. Her lingering scent from the trail through the forest filled his nostrils, smelling of flowers and herbs. It was also a very clean smell, a sign that she bathed regularly, unlike most of the filfthy humans that lived in this era. He was getting closer, and the time was drawing nearer when Naraku would launch his assault.

First, it was in his father's grave that the human had inflicted harm on him. First she had soiled his father's grave with the mere presence of a ningen, then she had the gall to draw Tetsuiga out and give it to his half brother.

But that wasn't all, no, not by a long shot. Before even that, unmother would have consumed Inuyasha if Kagome hadn't called out to him. Later, even later, when Sesshomaru and Naraku had made their first pact, it was an arrow fire by Kagome that had reversed the transformation. Although he had nearly rallied from the setback caused by her, it was still enough to give Inuyasha and the others time for what they needed to beat him.

The skies darkened ahead as the hordes of demons descended from above. They were easily hundreds of them, and they attacked a spot in the forest not two kilometers ahead of him. Sesshomaru slowed his pace and glanced around, using all of his senses to pick apart the individual members of Inuyasha's group.

The monk was ahead of all the others, using his wind tunnel to suck in great numbers of the demon horde. But Saimyosho insects embedded among the demon horde quickly flew into the tunnel, poisining the monk, which was forced to close his hand as he collapsed to his knee's, sweating profusley. Inuyasha was next to attack the demons, Tetsuiga transformed in his hands.

Towards the back of the small group, his quarry huddled with the little fox kit. A few demons broke around and attempted to attack them, but Kagome purified them with her arrow. She and the kit then took off running into the forest from a command issued by Inuyasha. Sesshomaru allowed a slow smile to creep up the sides of his lips. He jumped off the branch just as they were nearing his tree.

The two of them skidded to a halt, but he was quick. The fox kistune had done nothing to offend him, so Sesshomaru spared him, and instead used a fist to knock him in the head, the kitsune falling to the ground, knocked out. A single boot sent the kit flying into a small cave nearby, protecting him from the swarms of demons.

The girl watched all this occur, unable to do anything but stand there frozen in shock and fear. He backhanded her across the face, knocking the poor girl out as she collapsed against the tree nearby. With his one hand wrapped around her waist, he took off into the forest, away from Inuyasha, the monk, the kitsune, and the battle still raging around them.

Once clear of the forest, he transformed into his travel orb and took off for his castle, glancing down only once at the miko trapped within his travel orb. She was still out cold, a large bruise forming on her cheek.

* * *

Her eyes fluttered open as she came to. An immediate sensation was the stinging of the bruise on her face. Another sensation was why she was so cold. A quick glance downwards revealed all of her clothes to be missing, bringing an immediate hot blush to her face.

Kagome attempted to cover herself up, only to find her hands bounded above her head by thick rope. She was propped up against a wall in what appeared to be a prison cell of somekind, probably within a castle dungeon, judging by the stone work.

She immediatly felt fear, and looked around, but no, there was no one in the cell with her. She could hear no noise outside either, no indication that anyone else was being held in the dungeon, nor of any guards patrolling around.

Then she remembered what had happened, how Inuyasha was battling the hordes of demons, how Sesshomaru had suprised them, hitting and kicking away Shippou, before knocking her out cold.

She shivered. Either Sesshomaru brought her here and intended to keep her locked up, or else he handed her over to Naraku as part of another pact deal. She hoped it was the former, she so hoped it was the former.

"Ah, I see you are awake. Not hurting too much, I hope," muttered Sesshomaru, stepping into the cell.

Kagome shut her eyes, more out of embarrasement that anything, as Sesshomaru was now completley naked himself.

"What do you want with me? What have I ever done to deserve this?" asked Kagome in a almost pleading voice.

"That is a good question, Miko. What have you ever done to deserve the way you are being treated?" taunted Sesshomaru in response.

He started circling in front of her, and held up his arm to begin ticking off his reasons.

"For one thing, you not only soiled my father's grave with your presence, but you also retrieved the Tetsuiga from there and gave it to my brother instead of giving it to me. By giving the sword to him, you indirectly were also responsible for severing my hand. But not only that, later on you helped my halfling brother keep the sword in battle," Sesshomaru stated as he stopped pacing and delivered the palm of his hand into her stomach, forcing her eyes open as all of the air wooshed out of her mouth.

"So, in other words, you took my father's inheritance from me, and you also took my arm from me. Now, and now, I shall take something from you in exchange, Ka-go-me," growled Sesshomaru, before letting his sneer transform almost into a full smile, which caused Kagome more fear than anything up to this point.

He advanced to stand right in front of her, and brought his hand up, cruelly pinching one of her nipples in between his fingers, causing her to gasp in pain. Kagome brought her knees up and attempted to kick him, only for him to catch her knees with his two hands.

'Wait...two hands? I thought he only had one hand...' thought Kagome in confusion.

"That's right miko. Two hands. Naraku send a demon to the afterworld to retrieve my former arm for me, and it has been re-attached using a sacred jewel shard. But it will only last for a short while before the corrupted magic of the jewel dissolves the dead arm, so soon I shall once again be limbless," said Sesshomaru, as if he was reading her mind.

Then, using his hands, he slammed her legs apart, each of her knees hitting the wall on each side of her body, her muscles and bones protesting loudly as her legs were forced into a split, her scream of agony annoying his hearing while warming his heart.

He wasted no time for what came next, as he plowed into her small opening with his rather large cock. Neither did he allow her the time to adjust, as he rammed into her over and over again. Her individual screams melded together into one long wail that ended when she ran out of breath, and the pain radiating upwards through her body wouldn't allow Kagome to draw sufficent breath for a new scream.

Less that a minute after he began, he stopped. He did not want to release his seed into her body, nor did he want to bring her satisfaction of her own release. He could sense she was beginning to adjust, and this was about pain and revenge, not the pleasure of having sex. He had just deprived her of her own treasure, the gift of her virginity, the same she had deprived him of his own treasure, the Tetsuiga.

Now, one act was left for him to perform. The miko's eyes started roll back into her head for a faint, but he brought her out of it with a single soft slap to her already bruised cheek, eliciting another moan of pain from her.

With one finger, he cut the bounds off of her right hand, allowing it to hang free. His claws shined as he extended him for what was next.

With a single swipe, he severed her left hand from just above the elbow down, the spray of blood covering the dungeon wall and his kimono as her armless stump fell to her side, her screams of agony and torture renewed again.

He quickly pressed his good arm onto her stump, using his poision to cauterize the wound. Her screams from his hot poision on her bleeding wound were the worst yet, and almost broke his ear drums from their intensity. She was beginning to faint, but just before Kagome did so, she heard him say something.

"The wrongs had been righted. I no longer bid ill will towards you. Pray you do nothing to me for me to feel this way again," said Sesshomaru as she faded out.

* * *

Kagome awoke in a forest clearing in Inuyasha forest a short time later, and prayed it was dream. But the pain still radiating from her arm and groin area suggested otherwise. She glanced down at her arm and saw the stump, and nearly fainted again as tears formed in her eyes.

There had not been enough time for crying while trapped in Sesshomaru's castle dungeon, but she would do plenty of it now. She heard the voice of the one she longed for cutting through the forest.

"Kagome!" came the call of Inuyasha.

She did not want to see him right now, but her legs were in too much pain to move. So he found her, helpless on the forest floor, her arm severed, and the scent of her virgin blood and Sesshomaru's scent intermingled with her normal smell.

Sesshomaru smirked as he watched his brother a short distance away, tearing through the forest with the sword that was rightfully Sesshomaru's sword as anger and fury consumed him.

Privately, he hoped the miko would attempt to gain revenge on him. He would love for a repeat session with Kagome, a smile coming to his face as he flew away from Inuyasha's forest.

The End.


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