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A dog demon and a Vampire Bat demon by zodiak023

Modern Demons

A bomb was what started it all in Tokyo, Japan. The bomb had come from United States. It killed a throng of people and the people who were lucky enough to survive were riddle with disease and disfigured.

What people didn’t know was these disfigured people were populating the world with a new race, a more deadly kind of race; demons. Sure there were different types, cat, dog, bat, just to name a few, and if the person was greatly affected by these changes, the more power they had.

A cat demon could have two forms, one almost human looking, the other form they turned into a huge cat with two tails that could revert back to a small version like that of a domestic cat. Dogs also could do the same.

As for bats, they pretty much turned into bats and craved blood but they could look human, though their skin was hypersensitive of the sun and would burn at the mere touch of a ray of sunlight. The normal humans always thought they were devil’s children and would avoid them at all cost. These devil children lived in the city as the humans who were not affected lived in the country and commuted to work.

However, the humans thought they were demons because they were so beautiful and the humans thought that was such a crime and caused jealousy in their hearts and souls. Though some of the demons were disfigured and didn’t have the luxury of beauty like some and some humans felt sorry for them. Kagome’s mother was beautiful but she was also poor.

Kagome’s mother had been a teen and was out having a good time when the bomb hit, and the man her mother loved was away at a science school in Europe. They had been best friends ever since the day Kagome’s mother was being bullied for her looks since she had been turned into a demon.

It had been her mother’s kindness what had hook him to her. Even when Kagome’s mother had changed into the demon she had become; bright blue hair, icy blue eyes, and bright icy blue claws to match, she was a few inches taller as well when Kagome’s father had rushed back to Japan.

He had to find her to know the bomb had not destroyed the one person with such a kind and loving heart. When he finally found where they were keeping her locked up, he had a few of the other people who had someone that they loved get affected had come up with a plan to get them out.

That’s how Kagome’s father met the Taisho’s a true demon family who had lived for centuries. Some were rich, some were poor but they busted everyone out of lock up. Upon her parents encounter after the bomb attack Kagome’s father was stunned that the woman he loved wasn’t dead.

He caressed her cheek, but she sobbed and begged him to leave her, afraid he would be affected by whatever she had in her body that had turned her that way. He didn’t care what the future held for him, he was strong, and he stood strong, and he took her waist and pulled her to him,

“I am not going anywhere. I love you, Kaori.” Kagome’s father sealing his words with a deep and passionate kiss. Ayumu, Kagome’s father soon then married her mother, he wasn’t worried about being affected by the woman he loved dearly, and he wasn’t affected by whatever had turned his wife into a so called demon.

But then Kagome came into the picture, she was deathly pale, Taisho’s wife had delivered Kagome, Taisho and Ayumu looked at each other, Taisho could sense his worry. The dog demon had patted Ayumu on the shoulder and gave it a squeeze,

“She is alright. Bat demons look like this when they are born.” Taisho explained, trying to ease the father’s worry.

“You need to calm down for your wife’s sake.” Taisho whispered to him, he nodded. Kagome cried out when her naked bottom was slapped to get her lungs cleared out, she seemed like a healthy bat baby.

Black jet hair, tiny little black bat wings with tips of blood red claws coming from the wings, her eyes, bright blue but when she was angry or upset the blue eyes turned red. Kagome grew, but she never took in milk or her mother’s breast milk, her mother noticed that she had tiny little fangs and the first time Kagome had tried to drink her mother’s milk instead Kagome had bit into her mother’s breast and began to drink her blood.

From that moment on Ayumu worried for his daughter and went to the only friend he knew who could possibly help, a real true demon, Taisho.

“I need your blood. My daughter, she isn’t drinking milk of any form. She wants blood she needs it, she needs strong blood from a strong bloodline. You have lived a thousand lifetimes. Please help me, she is going to starve if she doesn’t get this.” Ayumu explained.

“My son, Sesshomaru, he is the one we will take from. I am older, more powerful but my healing abilities take longer, Sesshomaru’s abilities are fresh and new. The blood will take more of an affect if it comes from him.” Taisho explained.

So with the demand of Taisho, Sesshomaru gave his blood up several times a month for the growing Kagome. They all made a pact that Kagome would never find out the truth. Kagome grew into a beautiful girl, her father always trying new experiments to help her in her life.

She couldn’t enjoy the sun because her skin would burn on contact. She grew to have a large heart, she never got jealous of the other kids who got to play outside without fear of turning to ash, she always loved helping her father on experiments, and she never knew that it was her own DNA that they were experimenting on. She believed that they were helping sick people.

She had never taken to a needle for her blood transferring, so her father put the blood into pill form, he always had more than enough on hand and ready for her. He had figured out the truth about his daughter, she was a vampire bat. Ayumu had just strengthened her senses by giving her the blood from a pure demon, the son of a dog demon at that.

She already could see in the dark but it was stronger now, her sense of smell was stronger too, smelling something from 100 miles away, and her hearing as well. She could sense emotion as well because her mother had come from a long line of mikos.

When Ayumu saw his daughter getting restless from being in the house all the time he would take her down to the basement and teach her how to fight, sometimes it was hand to hand combat, sometimes swords, and sometimes staffs. Kagome learned to discipline herself and became pretty good, and when her father had taught her everything he could he sent her to the Taisho’s where Taisho had taught her.

She had also developed their ability to heal quickly, she was 6 at the time when she played with Inuyasha, and soon they started to train together. Ayumu and Kaori were happy Kagome was growing and their worries lessened and then her baby brother came along. Her parents worried, but her father kept her mother calm, she didn’t know how he did it but she also helped keep her mother calm for the sake of her brother growing inside.

With Kagome 15 years old now, she was more curious of the experiments, she had learned a lot from her father’s experiments and what to look for. Her brother had been like her, a bat demon, but he wasn’t so strong like Kagome, he was just a simple bat demon, who had a strange love for fruit and insects.

Tonight Kagome was downstairs helping her father again with another experiment, her mother upstairs with her baby brother. She decided she wanted to see what her blood looked like underneath the microscope, her father was coming down the stairs,

“What are you working on sweetheart?” Ayumu asked. Kagome’s eyes turned blood red,

“Kagome?” Ayumu confused,

“Why did you do this? All these experiments, everything was about me! Why?” Kagome shoving her father into the table, glass beakers and microscopes crashed to the floor. Her father cut his hand and Kagome got the scent caught up in her nose, she raised her upper lip to show him her fangs extending.

“Kagome, calm down, I did it for you. I wanted you to be able to go outside, to not be afraid to burn in the sun. I wanted you to be able to leave this house during the day to see other people.” Ayumu explained.

“Why not tell me the truth? I wasn’t broken daddy.” Kagome hissed out as her blood thirst finally took her over and she attacked her father.

“Kagome, god, please, get some…control.” Her father whispered out. Sesshomaru raised his head and looked toward the window,

“What is it son?” Taisho asked, then he smelt it too. He and Sesshomaru ran out of their own house and over to Ayumu’s place. When Taisho and Sesshomaru ran down to the lab they found they were too late, Kagome was in the corner, her bat wings covering the front of her body as she shook uncontrollably with blood all over her.

Her father lay dying in the middle of the floor, blood pooling on the table and around his body. Kaori was crying and holding her husband,

“Do not blame her for this.” Ayumu speaking his last words. Taisho looked to Sesshomaru, he nodded toward Kaori, Sesshomaru walked over and helped Kaori up,

“I can’t leave him here, he is hurt.” Kaori in shock.

“Your son needs you right now.” Sesshomaru explained coldly, Kaori snapped out of it and focused on her son’s wailing. Sesshomaru helped her up the stairs to her son. Taisho was over by Kagome,

“Kagome, I need you to calm down, I know you didn’t mean to do this. There are other bats just like you. They are being trained to control their thirst. Please let me take you to them.” The silver haired demon explained.

“You’re my dad’s friend, Taisho?” Kagome glancing at her father’s dead body. He got in her line of vision, not wanting her to see her father that way.

“Kagome, I am Inu No Taisho. I promise you, no harm will come to you.  You will be housed in my homestead and you will be well cared for.” Taisho explained.

“But my mom and my little brother. They have no one take care of them. I took that away from them.” Kagome letting tears silently run down her face as her eyes were slowly returning back to her bright blue.

“I have more than enough room for them at my home. Please come. Let me help you so this doesn’t happen again.” Taisho encouraging her to do the right thing.

“Okay.” Kagome whispered, she slowly moved toward him.

“It’s alright Kagome. You will be alright.” Taisho explained as he wrapped his arms around her slowly as not to spook her and cause her to run off. She just crashed in his arms, bawling.

“I killed him. I killed my daddy.” Kagome sobbed,

“H-he, he w-was trying to make me better.” Kagome crumbling into broken pieces in Taisho’s arms.

“Shh, let’s get you out of here.” Taisho carrying the 15 year old Kagome out of the basement.

“I don’t want to see my mom. I don’t want to see that in her eyes. She can’t possibly love me after what I have done.” Kagome mumbled.

“Alright, I will take you to my home first and I will come back for them, alright?” Taisho explained. Kagome nodded as she buried her face into his chest as he walked her over to their house. Her father died not knowing that Kagome carried the Shikon No Tama jewel inside of her, that she was a demon and a miko.


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