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Taking Back Our Wedding by kaoruhana

Why the Plan was made

A/N: This plunnie came to light in chat yesterday when I asked some advice regarding a wedding I was attending.  And then the answers to the question came forth and a plunnie was born.  Credit goes to a few folks but I remember cakeiton giving me some outlandish sugesstions.  And then kirai, shisui uchiha, jenineji, aiko san, and forsaken tenshi were there as well.   Anywho, here goes- a lovely fic dedicated to anyone who has ever felt awkward for some reason at a wedding. This will be a short story- less than ten chapters.   I don't have time to write more than that so yeah.

My awkward moment: when my parents confess that the bride’s mother suggested that they hook me up with one of the groomsmen (“He’s Indian, vegetarian, is studying to be a doctor, and is a very nice boy.”)  I’ll admit he’s easy on the eyes but nope- not gonna happen.  Maybe in a different social setting without parental involvement, but right then-No. 

Without further ado- enjoy :)

 * * * * * 

“You know,” Kagome stated relaxing on the sofa, “I sometimes wish we never told our parents we were getting married.”  Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow from where he sat next to her.   He lifted her legs and stood, before putting them back in their reclined position. 

“Why not?”  He asked as he walked towards the kitchen to get something to drink. 

“I feel like I don’t have any more free time.  It’s always wedding this and wedding that.”  She sighed and clutched one of the decorative sofa pillows tight to her chest.  “I just wanted a small wedding with my close friends and family.  Instead, I’m getting a monstrosity that won’t stop growing.” 

Sesshomaru came back and took a seat on the floor by where her head was.  She did have a point, he realized thinking on the events that the two – er three- woman had planned so far.  He supposed it would have been fine with just his mother and Kagome’s mother but Izayoi had somehow gotten involved too.  And he could see how Kagome would never get a word in edgewise with them. 

“You don’t have to have it their way.”  He stated running a gentle hand through the beautiful black hair of hers that had spread on the sofa. 

"I've tried.”  She replied turning on her side to better talk to him.  “At this point, I just want to call the whole thing off and have my own wedding.  Or do something terrible that will make them cringe at not listening to my planning.” 

Sesshomaru didn’t say a word, his eyes riveted to the water in his glass.  Sometimes, he cringed at the descriptions coming out of the mouths of the wedding planning women.  Growing up, he had always been used to big events- it was expected of someone who came from a large and influential family like his.  He had disliked it though.  And on more than one childhood birthday, he had made one wish: for a smaller more family oriented birthday party the next year.  As he thought about it, he realized that he didn’t want that for his wedding.  Kagome and he were private individuals.  They could have a celebration afterward but the wedding was for them and he didn’t want to regret the event. 

“We’ll have our own wedding.”  He stated, his eyes turning sharp and narrowing.  “We’ll sabotage their plans and make them our own.” 

“What?”  Kagome sat up now, confused and curious.  She didn’t believe for one moment that she could pass anything by the three elder women.  While what he suggested sounded tempting, the idea of hurting their feelings, and the probability of success (she meant failure) was too high. 

“We will sabotage their wedding plans and make ours.”  He seemed to have not heard her exclamation as he continued.  “We could forget to send invitations, give free reign of clothes to our bridal party, etc.” 

Kagome really didn’t want to admit it, but the idea sounded tempting.  It would be nice if the business and political elite in the city didn’t show up.  And it would be wonderful if her bridesmaid weren’t going to be stuck wearing the tweety-bird yellow dresses that the mothers were quite interested in.  But just how would she do it?  She’d have to have a team- an army- ready to do her bidding.  A smile came across her face as she realized she had it- close family and friends. 

“Oh Sesshomaru- you’re a genius!  We’ll sabotage our own wedding.  I want the girls to look pretty, and I want the flower girl to throw ivy, and I want to forget to invite a few people.  With our friends helping us we can do this!” 

“Friends?”  He asked, not sure if he wanted to involve others. 

Kagome waved her hand flippantly.  “Your mother, my mother, and Izayoi are bent on doing this on their own.  They’ll have people for some things but everything else is just them.  So trust me- all our friends are at our disposal.”  She rubbed her hands together in glee.  “I can’t wait.” 

As much as Sesshomaru would have liked to say that he wasn’t interested in the idea of sabotaging his own wedding, he was.  And involving friends would make it easier.  Inuyasha could forget to mail the cards, Sango and Kikyo could forget to wear the bridesmaid dress, and Rin could accidentally pick ivy instead of flowers to put in her flower basket.  It was a good idea.  Leaning forward, he gave his fiancé a quick kiss.  Perhaps he would have a wedding to remember after all.  Except this time, it would be for all the good reasons.  


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