What she wants, She gets by sugar0o who lurks

What she wants, She gets 2

2. The Brady Bunch.

The watermelon incident as Takashi now liked to call it three days later, was by far the most amusing, yet not the most far fetched thing he'd seen Mr. 28A also known as Taishou, Sesshomaru go out to get in the middle of the night for Mrs. 28A also known as Taishou, Kagome. He mused silently to himself as he watched Mr. 28A go out yet again to get something that was sure to leave non-pregnant hormonally challenged females empting their stomachs over.

He couldn't help but wonder just what she sent him get this time. The last time, before the square watermelons that is, she had him going after Fish sticks and caramel peanut butter, he cringed remembering the face Mr. 28A had made coming down from the elevator. It had not been pretty at all, and the gruff reply he'd gotten about it wasn't pretty either, he chuckled despite poor Mr. 28A's misfortune to have a wife that liked odd stuff, it was obvious that Mr. 28A really loved his wife.


Sesshomaru was to say the least not very happy, who would be being sent back out to get something after the day was settled? His last day of work before he went on 'paternity leave' was Friday, and today was Wednesday. 'His wife, was insane,' he was sure of it. But then what was he? Because he loved a being such as she. He'd come home from a hard day of work, his wife had made a lovely meal, everything was going well, and then she'd sat down to watch a little television. He'd never figure out how a woman so smart could watch such stupid television shows, seriously he was concerned that it was killing her brain slowly.

The problem came later that night, he had made peace with the fact that he would sit and watch the ludicrous programming with her, when she'd gotten to an American channel, 'Nick at Night.' Some show called 'The Brady Bunch,' he'd never seen such idiocy as six children from two marriage worked out well and packaged all in thirty minutes, this was not even realistic television. But really it hadn't even concerned him until the middle son had said the words that had killed his now mellow evening, '...Pork chops and apple sauce.'

Why someone would want the odd combination was beyond him until he heard Kagome repeat it with that telling gleam in her eyes. He was already shaking his head 'no.' when she pouted. It didn't matter that he was 679 years old, his 23 year old bride always got what she wanted from him, and he was helpless to stop her. It was either that damn pout, or those 'puppy dog eyes', not to mention the sniffles with tears, that was the worst. So with signed of water works coming he dawned his jacket once more, and set out to make his mate happy once again, because of coarse they had the pork chops, but they were fresh out of apple sauce.

He was muttering to himself as he made it to the super market, "At least it wasn't raining tonight. Pork chops and apple sauce indeed." he growled out as the cashier just looked at him funny.


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