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Just Business by Elizabeth

One Night

Disclaimer: Obviously I do not own any of the characters. With that said, Enjoy!!

Sensual moans filled the small apartment. A continuous string of pleads, groans and growls vibrated throughout, leaving little to the imagination of what was going on.

He pounded hard and fast into the temptress below him. Loving the way she screamed for the kami. He was surprised that she was able to keep up with him and was definitely glad that he had chosen to venture into that club this evening.

He wandered into the club almost by accident. Honestly he just wanted a drink to help wash away the stress of a hectic work day. That was when he saw her.

She stood there surrounded by men hoping to gain her attention. She confidently ignored them all, only focusing on the drink in front of her. He felt a strong urge to walk over there, but he decided that all he wanted was a few drinks and then he would head home.

He knew the moment she noticed him, he felt her powers caress him as if trying to figure out his strength. He quickly gave her a small nudge of his own powers and could see the shiver that ran through her. Slowly she stood and made her way over to him.

The next thing he knew, they were in front of her door. Groping and grabbing at each other, completely impatient to get inside. Somehow they made it into the apartment and she led him to her room.

He growled out his pleasure to this female as she nipped his sensitive ear. Causing him to pound even harder into her supple form. Every so often he would alternate to a more slow and tortuous speed. Not wanting the night to end too soon, he was not ready to give this girl up just yet.

A sharp bite to her breast finally sent her over the edge and he gasped at how tightly she wrapped around him. Two more thrusts and he exploded within her. Never had he felt such pleasure from a woman before, let alone a human.

Nevertheless, after he regained some composure he slowly stood and began to dress.

“Wow. That was amazing.” She was glowing. In the past she had a few lovers, but something about this male was just indescribably delicious. She knew that he was something spectacular the moment she felt his power probe her at the club. Being overly modest as she was, she did not quite understand why she let him into her home. She was usually not the one night stand, kinda gal.

 But then again, she had never been thoroughly fucked as she was just now, so she pushed her prudish ways aside and just enjoyed the ride.

“Hn. Indeed it was enjoyable.” He smirked at the lazy smile stretched across her face. “I will admit that you turned this evening around for me.”

“Well, I guess I am glad to have been of service.” She giggled back at him. She didn’t understand this man, hell she didn’t even know his name but after what they shared, she honestly didn’t care.

“Hn.” He finished pulling his shirt over his head and started for the door. This woman was different and he enjoyed playing with her but he needed to head home.

Before leaving the bedroom he turned to her one last time. She was definitely a vixen. Laying atop her bed, the only thing she wore was that frustratingly sexy smirk. She knew that she was attractive and was gladly flaunting it for him to see.

He growled one last time to see her body tremble from pleasure. Smirking he slowly closed the door and left her apartment.

Feeling rather good about himself and completely sated, he headed home. He would definitely stop by that club again, who knows maybe he would see her again. But if not he would have his memories of this night.


“Moshi moshi.” Kagome said cheerfully, “Hai, grandfather I am entering the building now.”

“I really wish you would have let me lead the meeting today.” Kiyoshi pleaded with his granddaughter. He hated the way males treated her. Thinking her a dim witted woman, not capable of handling business matters.

“Honestly, Jiji! I am more than capable of handling the situation.” Kagome fumed. She already had to deal with business men’s views of her, she didn’t need it from him.

“I know you can sweetheart. I just do not appreciate the way you are treated. I may have accepted women’s place in this world but many others have not.” He sighed. Her temper is what has gotten her this far in the world and was happy to hear that she was mentally ready for this.

Taisho Corp is known for being ruthless in business.

“I know Jiji but I have to do this. I am the CEO of the company, so it is my responsibility now.” She truly loved her grandfather. He was the only one who truly believed in her skills, proving so by leaving their prestigious company to her after his resignation.

“Okay, I am entering the office now and will call you afterwards.” Not waiting for his reply she swiftly closed the phone as the elevator doors opened.

She wasn’t going to lie, she was nervous. She wanted to research the CEO of Taisho Corp but unfortunately he was camera shy. So she was unable to get a picture, all she knew was that he was a demon lord and that his father Toga Taisho had passed down the family legacy to him before he passed.

‘Just breath Kagome, you got this. Just remember they need this deal not you.’ She was surprised to even get a call from the company. Apparently this weaponry company needed hers to make guns safer. She only agreed because of the potential to save civilian lives.

She absolutely abhorred violence. Being a company based only in technology, many weaponry companies wanted to join forces to invent even more deadly weapons than ever. Yet, Taisho only wanted her technology to make it harder for street gangs to use the weapons. That was something she could stand behind.

“May I help you?” Snapping her out of her musings, Kagome stared at the secretary. She was quite beautiful. A demoness. At least that is what her miko powers told her.

“Hai, K. Higarashi to see Sesshomaru Taisho.” The secretary fumbled a bit. She never would tire of the shock she got when others realized she was a woman.

“Uh, yes I will let him know you are here. Just have a seat right over there please.” Kagome smiled at the woman, nodding her thanks before getting comfortable in the mini-waiting room.

While waiting she decided to meditate a little. She always found it comforting to empty her mind, it helped her to strip her mind of unnecessary things and for her to adapt the savvy business woman persona. ‘I am a powerful force to be reckoned with.’

“Miss Higarashi, he will see you now.” Standing up and trying to press out the invisible wrinkles in her suit, she made her way to his office doors. With one last deep breath she pushed her way in, only to stop short, mouth agape.



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