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Enjoying Family by Ashlyn Braere

Enjoying Family

AN:  This quick little short popped into my head and I had to share.  Hope you enjoy.

Kagome winced.  If she could hear Rin and Shippo squabbling in the sunroom from the kitchen, she knew Sesshoumaru could hear them in his study only a few doors down.  Hopefully, he wouldn’t toss them off the property like last time.  She liked having her adopted kids around, even if they were far too old to behave that way.

She jumped a little at a particularly loud shout.  Nope, they were about to be gone.  She sighed as she heard the study door open with a bang and a large roar followed by a pair of squeaks.  At least Rin wouldn’t be physically thrown, still being human only with a longer lifespan.  Shippo wouldn’t have such luck.

She shook her head in confusion.  She couldn’t understand why they liked to fight so much; none of their other children did.  She looked up in surprise when the pair entered the kitchen.  Apparently, her mate had decided only to send them further away if they were to continue.  Kagome suddenly wasn’t so sure about being in the same room as them.  When they got into it, parent or not, it was usually better to stay out of the way.

“I don’t see how you can even think that you can give me advice!  I mean, I’m waaay older than you are,” Shippo sneered.

Rin laughed at him.  “You’re only a few decades older than I am, and I became an adult and mated a century before you were even my height.  I had two children while you were still one.”

Kagome chuckled inside at the frustration steaming from her oldest while Rin stood with her arms crossed smirking.

Finally after a few moments of thinking, Shippo was able to think of a comeback.  “Yeah, I had a lot longer being a kid, so I know better how to raise my son.”

Kagome raised her eyebrows at the subject of the argument.  That was what they were arguing about?  How Shippo should raise his first born, who, incidentally, hadn’t even been born yet?  Ridiculous.  And her ears were starting to ring.  If hers were, then she knew her mate’s were also.  She decided to put an end to it.  She wanted to enjoy having them around.

“And yet, Sesshoumaru and I are older than both of you and we had raised you and your siblings.  Ever think we would know more?”  She giggled at the surprised looks on their faces, as if they hadn’t known she was even there.  She laughed outright as the look melted into sheepishness.

Well, there was more than one way to enjoy having them around, as Sesshoumaru would say.


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