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A Dogs Will by wawa

Dog Fight

Disclaimer- I do not own Inuyasha.

Chapter one- Dogfight.

Sesshoumaru was walking through the forest. He was trying to dispel the feelings the miko Kagome inspired in his beast.

'I want her.'

"This Sesshoumaru is aware, but we will not rut with a human to sate your desires. It is beneath this Sesshoumaru."

'She will bear strong pups. I will make her our mate,' was barked out.

"You wish to mate the miko for life? This Sesshoumaru will never mate a human, especially a miko. You will never know the miko in such a way. I am in control."

As the last word left his lips excruciating pain tore through his system, it was as if he was being torn in half. He fought with all he had to stay conscious but it was useless the pain engulfed him and the darkness took him.

Sesshoumaru came to and felt different. He opened his eyes and slowly sat up. His limbs were sluggish and slow. However, that was not the only difference. His vision was not as clear, he could not hear the forest as well, and his sense of smell was dimmed considerably. It was as if he was a pup again. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he looked around the clearing.

There in the middle of the clearing was him, well his true form at least. How was it possible to separate? Is this why he felt so weak? Sesshoumaru stood and turned towards his beast, determined to get some answers.

"How is this possible?"

Barks and yips met his ears, but was easily translated.

'Foolish pup, it is in my power. Now, we shall battle.'

"What is to come from this battle?"

'We are battling for mating rights and dominance. If you lose, we will mate Kagome. In the unlikely event that you should win, I will submit to you fully.'

Sesshoumaru would not lose to something he considered his instincts. True the dog had some intelligence, but nothing compared to his own.

"You will not defeat this Sesshoumaru." Dropping into a defensive position, Sesshoumaru waited for the beast to make the first move.

'Hn. You are truly naïve.' With that statement, the dog Sesshoumaru charged.

Barely avoiding the crushing blow from his beast paws, Sesshoumaru jumped to the left. He tried to counterattack with his whip, but found it would not work.

'You believe that is your power to wield? It is I who grants you the use of such things.' Laughter was clearly heard in the voice of the beast.

Sesshoumaru's anger had never been so high. He was master and would never bow down to his instincts in the form of a dog. Pulling Tokijin, he intended to teach the dog who was master.

Sesshoumaru raced forward to strike the belly of the beast. He was too slow for such an action and the beast easily evaded. The beast retaliated by hitting Sesshoumaru with his tail and knocking him into a tree.

Before he had a chance to get up, a giant paw covered his body leaving his head exposed.

'Submit,' was growled out by the beast.

Thinking over his options, he came to one conclusion.

"We will mate the miko," 'but her life will not be easy. You my beast have just sentenced the miko to hell.'

Carefully hiding his malicious thoughts, Sesshoumaru and beast became one once more.

AN- At first, this was going to be a funny crackfic, but it turned into something else while I was writing it. I also wanted to practice writing a battle scene. Let me know what you think. Thanks to all who read!


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