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Rise Again by Catalina

Chapter 1

Hello there. I am going to warn you that there is non-consensual sex present within this story. I have not written those chapters yet, and I hope that if you do not like such things you will refrain from reading this story further. I am a college student with two children and will update as quickly as I am able, so enjoy the story and have some patience with me, please. NOTE: Any chapter marked with an asterix (*) is going to have sexual situations within it.

I own nothing and no one and nothing tralalala! Seriously though, everyone belongs to their respective owners and I do not intend to seek monetary rewards in any way for my portrayal of these characters. They are strictly for entertainment purposes alone.

There was no denying the effects of humans on the world, but it wasn’t just that. Something had happened a long time ago that had caused the magic of the world to dip, and then nearly come to an end. That magic was what sustained youkai, and without it they couldn’t breed well, they didn’t live as long, and they were nearly as weak as humans against illness, cold, and hunger. Five hundred years had passed in this fashion, five hundred years had passed with the magic slowly disappearing from the world. Youkai were no longer the power houses they once were, they could no longer even reveal their existence for fear of becoming part of some sick and twisted human experiments. All of this was due to the near extinction of magic.

Now it was coming back, and he suspected the answer to why that was. When trying to pinpoint exactly when the magic had begun to recede he had come to an astonishing conclusion. During the time his brother had been pinned to the tree there had been a dip, and then the dip had begun to heal itself as soon as his brother was free. It had something to do with that time, and there was only one thing he could think of to cause this.

The Shikon jewel.  It hadn’t existed before, however research and a great deal of time had revealed that during the formation of the Shikon the Well of Energy had been tapped completely. The Shikon jewel was the only item on the planet that could self-produce magic. Perhaps elsewhere in the Universe there was another Well of Power, that wasn’t something reasonable to obtain just yet though.

So where did this new magic come from? Or was it new at all? He thought longer and harder about that time. He knew the human woman who traveled with his brother had carried the jewel. There had been the smell of her blood clinging sweetly to the jewel. The smell had drawn him to it against his will as well as the temptation of that amount of power. He should have taken the jewel and kept it for himself had he but known of the jewel’s true power and the need his people would have had for it.

So, had she been reincarnated with the jewel? That didn’t seem likely, he had no memory of her death but suspected she had destroyed the jewel before then.

The source of the magic had to be found and studied, it had to be reproduced if at all possible. It was fortunate that the magic had returned just now as well. There weren’t many youkai left throughout the world, only about fifty thousand at last count on all continents. Of hanyou there were about three times that many. Still, there were enough of them left and enough humans who were both aware and helpful to youkai for scientists to be among their ranks.

Recent research had begun to reveal an astonishing truth, though tradition would call any human and youkai offspring hanyou, blood and genetics showed that some humans could breed children that had almost exclusively youkai-dominant traits. Experiments with these combinations have thus far yielded about four thousand children who show exclusively youkai characteristics and seem in no way distinguishable from full-blooded youkai and an additional two thousand who were only slightly distinguishable as having human origins. This was wonderful news, as their population had dropped so drastically in the past this would reduce the very real risk of inbreeding to save their own species.

Another advantage was the shorter pregnancy times for the humans. When a female youkai or female human become pregnant with the full-blooded hanyou instead of carrying for fourteen months, the child usually stayed within the womb no more than eleven months. In time that could end up saving their race.

However these humans were extremely rare, and often weren’t willing to join with youkai. It didn’t matter to him if they were willing, but a few youkai were uncomfortable with taking an unwilling partner.

One of those was Inuyasha. His woman was in the Americas, she wasn’t willing, but had bred one child for him all the same. She was ready to breed again, but Inuyasha was trying to gain her consent rather than just breeding with the woman. This frustrated him to no end, if Inuyasha wished to gain the woman’s consent he could do so while she was pregnant. Fortunately Sesshoumaru had stumbled upon an unexpected cure for this; with magic finally coming back some small spells and potions were once more able to be concocted. There was a love potion that could be made that would make the woman love Inuyasha unconditionally, so much so that it might make him uncomfortable as well.

Scientists were useless with spells and potions, so the very few magic specialists that remained were working on creating something better. In the meantime Sesshoumaru was looking for a woman, human or youkai, to breed his offspring now. He needed to maintain the youkai population, as well as find the source of the magic that was once again beginning to infuse the world, this left him little time to worry about his own breeding habits. Yet, he was asking many of these youkai to take unwilling partners and if he did not breed children himself it would reflect poorly on his managing skills.

He needed them to be completely loyal to him, for though they didn’t know it one day he would raise the population of youkai sufficiently to allow them to reveal themselves and reverse the current situation. The world would once again be controlled by youkai, humans would be a part of that world, but they would no longer have control of it.

Humans had proven they had incredibly poor managing skills.

In order to fulfill his dream, he needed to find some woman who would suit his needs. A powerful youkai would be preferable of course, but if he found a sufficient human he would not hesitate in that regard either. Unfortunately he was a very picky type of male, most women would suit him just fine for rutting, but for breeding he needed something better. Many youkai had chosen to refrain from marking their humans as mates, which kept their lives short and irritated him. He wanted to make it clear that legitimate children were preferable to those born to un-mated couples. In order to do this he needed to lead by example. Inuyasha had already marked his human. Now Sesshoumaru needed to lead by example.

The solution to many of his problems wasn’t too far off, he knew that, but he was getting a little tired of looking for all of this and finding very little of what he wanted. The search for magic had ended him back in Tokyo. Thee youkai were scouring the land looking for the source of magic, but had so far come up empty handed. It seemed that as soon as they started to hone in on the source, it vanished entirely and they were all left wondering if it would come back again at all. Many scientists had come along with him as well.

The scientists were looking for humans with the rare ability to breed full-blooded hanyou, and the youkai were searching for the source of magic. With him only the best would do, three youkai from three different continents were searching for the source of this power, and had been doing so for nearly five months.

Suddenly a jolt of pleasure and energy shot through his body and he recognized the feeling of the magic getting stronger. This time, however, the strength was enough that he had to bite back a groan. Humans were near him and would have become concerned if a man suddenly moaned aloud near them.

Reaching inside of his jacket he withdrew his cell phone. He was nearly 800 years old, for humans that made him in the vicinity of forty years old, and he still had trouble adjusting to the conveniences of modern technologies. Three hundred years ago he would never have dreamed of communicating over vast distances with such ease. “Jack.” he said when the phone clicked through.

“I felt it,” he replied with a distinct American accent, “Gabriella, Liam and I are on our way to find out where it came from. We will report as soon as we know anything else.”

“Do not let it fade, we do not know when it will go next.” Sesshoumaru replied coldly. “You have failed for five months, do not let it slip from you this time.”


He hung up the phone and stared off in the general direction he suspected the energy had come from. A sense of ending came over him, he felt as though his search was finally at an end, but which search was ending? More than that, would the end result be as he hoped, or as he feared?

Once more he was left waiting. He was getting rather sick of waiting.         


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