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Nonsensical by UnknownRandomness

Ridiculously Impractical

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from "Full Metal Alchemist", no matter how much I love the Elric brothers. 

A/N: I hope you readers enjoy this and review. This could probably be defined as a crack fic- it has no plot to speak of and came to me at 1 a.m last night and I decided to run with it XD

The Crossover Challenge

Word Count: 750

"It doesn't make sense, Al! There is no way that this chimera's sword can transform from it's natural state into that gigantic thing! Not unless he has the Philsopher's stone or some such substitute! And for that matter, how is he able to talk and function so well?!"

"Calm down brother! Why don't we just listen to them for a minute; maybe they will tell us."

The shard hunters looked at the small, blonde-haired teen and the gigantic man in a suit of armour with the kind of paralyzed interest that is displayed on people's faces when watching a car crash. The two strangers had abruptly appeared in front of them about ten minutes ago in a flash of blinding blue light. Inuyasha had immediately drawn Tessaiga against the perceived threat, only to have the strangers babble excitedly about something in a foreign language to one another.

Miroku stepped foward and coughed politely. The foreigners' heads snapped towards the monk as he addressed them calmy in a no-nonsense tone,

"Good day, strangers. Where have you travelled from? Perhaps you are in need of some directions?"

The odd pair looked back at one another for a moment before the large one cleared his throat and replied in fluent Japanese,

"Thank you for your kindness, sir. We aren't lost- it's just one of our experiments went a little wrong and we ended up here, but we'll be able to get back to Central quite easily."

Miroku, stunned, nodded in response, clearly lost. All present couldn't help but wonder where on earth this "Central" was. Was it in Japan?

The armoured man continued,

"We would just like to know one thing if it wouldn't be too much trouble." At Miroku's nod, he continued, "Your half-animal companion; what alchemic substance does he have?"

Miroku's eyebrows rose into his bangs as he smiled helplessly, completely stumped. Why did they think that Inuyasha knew alchemy?

Kagome stepped forward, understanding that her friend was floundering. "Excuse me, but I think you have made a wrong assumption. Inuyasha doesn't know any alchemy, and definitely isn't carrying something used in it."

The two men looked at one another before the short one practically shouted,

"You have to be lying- we saw his sword transform just now! It's definitely alchemy alright! Tell us if you have the Philsopher's stone, you dumb dog!"

Inuyasha glared at the light-haired teen and stomped over to stand right in front of him, the boy's nose equal with his chest. Scowl deepening, the hanyou barked out,

"What did you call me, pipsqueak?"

Kagome facepalmed as Inuyasha immediately took offense and started posturing- how would they apologise if he scared the kid?

But to everyone's surprise, the boy swung at Inuyasha with a screamed "What did you call me?!" and the latter refused to move, intending to demonstrate his superior strength, only to cough in surprise as a rock-hard fist connected with his stomach. Before he could retaliate however, Miroku and Sango leapt on him, as the giant metal man picked up his flailing companion, not seeming to mind the insults he was receiving for his efforts.

"I am very sorry for my older brother's rudeness- we'll stop bothering you now! Come on Ed, let's leave these nice people alone and get back to Central already; Mustang's gonna kill you for being late!"

Without waiting for a goodbye, the two moved back to the strange rune that had appeared on the ground as they appeared, and with great reluctance, the blonde-boy stood in it's center and clapped his hands, smirking at the watching group as he lowered them towards the patterned earth.

In another blinding flash, the pair were gone, and no evidence remained to show that they had ever been there apart from imprints of the armoured man's enourmous feet.

Shippo, who had been completely silent for the entire encounter, scampered forward to touch the bent grass. Turning to his friends, he couldn't help but say,

"Did that big guy say the little one was his older brother?"

Miroku nodded, seeming a little shell-shocked. The kitsune smiled.

"Hey, maybe that means that even you have a chance of out-growing Sesshoumaru, eh Inuyasha?"

The half-demon leapt forward intending to beat the little fox into a pulp, but a "sit" from Kagome swiftly deterred him. 

With nary a word, the travellers continued on their way. After all, it was just another odd meeting in a search for the jewel shards- stranger things happened to them every day! 


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