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The Games Begin by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch.1 Glitch

AN: Um… lol I have so many other ideas for stories. I just had to put this one down. Don’t know when I’ll update.

*PC is personal computer

*NPC is a non-person character or non-playable character.

*RPG is role-playing game

*GM is a Game Master

*MMORPGs is a Massively Multi-player Online Roll-playing Game.

My In the Game Characters:

Magnus; Was Kagome’s character online. -Lucian; Was Sesshoumaru’s character online. I only claim the descriptions for Magnus and Lucian.  

[Beasty; Is of the animal class characters that is going to befriend Kagome.  -Tarquin; Is a celestial mage. But he is one of the characters that also is going to befriend Kagome.]

- Serbia; Is a semi short girl and rouge elf that befriends Sesshoumaru.

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or ½ Prince Manga/Anime. They are an awesome series though!


Ch.1 Glitch

Sesshoumaru was stuck. ‘Of course I would stick to my word since my honor was questioned. But, I hate games.’ A small box was laying innocently on his nightstand. Continuing with his glaring at the thing as he sat down on his mattress. Sadly it didn’t self destruct. Which had him contemplating destroying it and forcing his sibling to change the game. Half an hour ticked by. Still nothing happened.

Sighing, since he was too tired at this point, he cut the tape holding the boxes lid closed. Lifting the lid to see an innocent silver piece of technology. He ignored it for now in turn for the instruction manual. One elegant silver brow raised at it as he read what was supposed to happen when he put the device on his head while he slept. Continuing to the next page he found the listed races and types. ‘Maybe it won’t be as bad as I had thought?’

Though it was unnerving to think that his youki would either be repressed completely, which he highly doubted, or forced out from its controlled state. Which could also cause him some unwanted headaches if he wasn‘t careful. Apparently, from the warrantee on the back it had been tested, and proven. ‘If I were to force too much into it I can damage it!’ He gave it one last final glare. ‘Yup, this is pointless.’ Before he decided to change his mind, Sesshoumaru laid down, and popped it on his head. Looking at the visor after fixing the ear piece. ‘No time to waste.’ He pressed the on button.

“Welcome to Shikon Illusions!”

The bright light slowly started to fade to a manageable level. He nodded to the npc and looked around. “This is it?” There was only a huge white room with the npc sitting on a round floating seat.

“Nope. Not even the surface. Do you wish to create a character?”


“You can only create one character. I will warn you, you have one chance to design it. When it’s complete, your race, and name can’t be changed. Their are humans, elves, dwarfs, celestials, angels, and beasts. The beasts are divided into wolves, dogs, birds, horses, even amphibians, and…”

“I am aware of that.” He interjected. Seeing the said races as if they were from reality standing in a line to his left. He looked them over.

The man, or npc scrunched his nose, and replied cryptically. “Then please choose your race. So we can go into more details. Also you can not change genders. For this is a realistic game.”

Studying the computer, he had a suspicion it was a GM or personal player selected to integrate the new players. Should he go the opposite of what he was? ‘Well if you considered that ridiculous religion that is from humans. That was obvious.’ The guy was tapping his foot in annoyance at him and he grinned. “Angel, warrior, and the opposite of the colorations I have.”

“Finally! Voice recognition and scan complete. Do you wish to have your tattoos?”

Sesshoumaru glared at him. “They are not tattoos human. I was born with them.”

His violet eyes widened. ‘A demon? Well that’s the first one I get to send.  Shikon Illusions have had at least three half demons playing so far and quite a few full demons.’ A beep from his collar interrupted his thoughts. “One moment please.“ Holding up a hand he turned around and pressed a button. The collar grew, turning into a closed helmet.

“Miroku, this is the system management. We have decided that since this full demon is the first ten thousandths player he will get a reward.  Go ahead and notify him before he’s teleported out.”

“Yes sir.” Miroku nodded, pressing the button again, and turning back to the demon. “Before you go my superiors have decided to give you something. It will be waiting for you when you rematerialize. Now for the last effect I need your player’s name.” With a wave of his hand the players body appeared. His mouth wide open in shock, he stared at the figure standing there. Long black hair pulled into a pony tail except for the bangs. Parted on a smooth forehead to show a reversed red moon, and silver eyes. A set of a single, emerald stripe on either side of the males cheeks, to soft looking lips. ‘Man if I weren’t straight.’ He shook his head. The character had two beautiful white wings, plus no clothes on, so the player could add anything they wanted. ‘Was that guys physique really that well toned and smooth looking? I think I’m jealous.’

“Sesshoumaru…” He watched him curiously.

“Are you serious?” Miroku frowned.

“It is my name.”

“You need something different for your character. Come on it’s all about the game not the obvious.” He folded his arms stubbornly. “How about Masao?”


“Nadir? It is Arabic for precious, rare.” That earned him a raised brow. “Damien?”

Sesshoumaru shook his head. “To simple. Try something that will not draw attention.”

‘As if your name will draw attention…’ Miroku cleared his throat and for the next hour stated off many more names. All of which he got a ‘No.’ for his efforts. Frustrated he tossed his hands into the air and jumped off of his chair. “I think Magnus is a good one. Hey, I will have you know I have seen a few guys come up with Fire Kitty, Blue Moon, Tazer11, DojoMaster, Whoopy89, Doomster, you name it. At least I‘m coming up with one.”

“Lucian is fine then.” ‘At least the name meant something.’ He looked at his ‘Double’. “I wish to change the eye color to hazel. Remove the moon also. Should add one more stripe on both of my wrists. None on my face. Since it would be too… “obvious.”

“Color and changes complete. Is that all sir?”


“Okay! Your statistics will be automated and what not as you have said you read the manual. So…” Miroku pushed Sesshoumaru backwards. A hole opening up on the ground where the demon was supposed to land on. He waved at his startled and disappearing body. “Hey Sesshoumaru, look for ThePriest when you get there. That‘s me.” When he was gone completely Miroku turned around with a half laugh. “Why didn’t I ever get to bring in a demon? It’s rather funny. My dear lovely Sango I wish you could have seen his face.” A fierce shock from the demon he had pushed made him jump. His eyes widening. ‘That can‘t be good…’ The lights from the white zone he was still in turned off and flickered. He wasn‘t one to loose his cool but that power! The red light that  still came from the portal he had opened got brighter. “Oh, shit.”

~  *  ~ ~  *  ~ ~  *  ~

Not to far away Kagome mentally cursed. She just had to agree to her brother’s taunting! She never even wanted to try out that game Shikon Illusions. As soon as she put it on though she had been in awe. But now all she could remember was a sharp pain and hearing the name she had chosen; Magnus. She felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on her. Not that that’s ever happened to her before.

“Dude, did you feel that glitch?”

“Yeah, someone must have been really strong to do that.” Another guy answered.

“That’s not possible.” Someone added haughtily. “The programmers would have made sure that wouldn’t happen.” He seemed to have lost some of his cool though. “But they never tested it on a Daiyoukai right?”

Kagome groaned. Rolling onto her side. A third one interrupted. “Shh… he’s waking.”

“What?” She mumbled. Several hands helping her to her feet. Blinking a few times to get adjusted to the light. She heard the first one gasp. Finding herself surrounded by four guys she tried again. “What glitch?”

“Wow, your cute.” The original guy stated. “No fair.”

She snatched his hand away from her face. Eyes narrowing onto his palm as the others jumped in surprise. “No touching.” She warned. Noticing that her voice was a little off. Two other girls heard the commotion and came by.

“Oh my gosh!“ The brown haired girl on the right almost squealed. “Can I add you as a friend?”

“Screw that will you be on my team?“ The red head on her left asked.

Their comments, that they started gushing at her, made her nervous. “Sorry, I wanted to try the game out first. Maybe some other time.” Two of the guys she had first seen shook their heads and started making a conversation to the girls to distract them.

“That’s a pity.” The one with the haughty attitude scrunched his nose at her. “Man you should have added them. They are really hot.”

“Excuse me?” ‘What was going on with these guys?’

“Leave him be. He’s a newbie remember.”

“But he’s going to get all the girls.” He almost whined at him.

“He looks like a prince!” One of the said girls piped in.

The fourth came next to her. “Hey, if you see me again can you add me as a friend? I‘m Tarquin.”

“Um, sure.“ She blinked. Taking a mental note of his name. Even though he didn’t have to tell her. Because, if she wanted to she could have just looked above his head for two second and it would have appeared. That’s what her brother told her anyway.

“Beasty’s the name!” Beasty poked his thumb to his chest. He was the one who told the others to leave him be. His face was that of an animals.

“Thanks man! I owe you one.” Tarquin patted her on her back.

“Well…“ She gave them a smile. “I’ll be going now.” Slowly turning around she shook her head. Why were they calling her a him? Hiding behind the first light brown building she passed. Her heart beating a mile a minute in her excitement as she decided to look at her hands. Now that she thought about it she didn’t feel the normal weight from her chest. Worried, she looked down at her shirt. Quickly opening it when she saw how flat it was. Out of shock she brought one hand to feel the flat expanse. “What the…” Spotting a barrel of water nearby she grasped the edge. Ignoring anyone who passed as she stared at her reflection.

Touching her left ear in surprise. They were pointed like an elf’s. Her eyes a mesmerizing shade of blood red. Though her hair was semi long. Definitely golden brown, almost blond colored, and between her shoulder blades. Letting out a long sigh she spoke. “No way….”

Her eyes widened at her voice. Realizing why it sounded weird. “It’s deeper….” ‘Oh my GOD I’m a guy and totally cute!’ Folding her arms, and leaning against the wall, she tried to think. ‘What to do next? I thought it was illegal to switch genders. So what happened?’

~  *  ~ ~  *  ~ ~  *  ~

Sesshoumaru rolled onto his side with a growl. What ever that ‘Priest’ did to him he was going to pay for that. He felt like he’d been hit by lightening. More importantly it had been someone else’s reiki. ‘Had someone else close to his caliber, created their characters at the same time, thus sending a shockwave through the game?’ Looking around he realized that there was a lot of females around. His hearing being dimmed quite a bit. Just like his sense of smell. “Hmm….” As soon as the sound left his lips he stilled his movements. It was more alluring and feminine. ‘What the hell?’

“Oh, your just waking, I’m Serbia. “  A bit shorter then the woman standing by one of the main fountains, Serbia held out her hand to her. Pushing back a strand of her short brown hair. “Just joined 15 minutes before you.” When she didn’t say anything she awkwardly dropped it. “Um… Did you see that glitch! I had been waiting for my friends when they told me they couldn’t make it. That’s when the glitch caused the sky to change colors to red and a teal blue. Cool huh?”

“So there was a glitch.” Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes and glanced at the sky before focusing on Serbia.

Glad that she got an answer out of her she smiled. “Yup.” Though her smile quickly disappeared at the others frown. “Is there something wrong?”

‘I’m a male not a female. Now why won’t she leave me alone?’ Sesshoumaru shook his head. “One moment.” Turning around he spoke in the same sweet female voice that he woke up with. “Computer, access players account. Search for ThePriest.” A blue screen appeared in front of him. A list of all players immediately popping up on the right hand side while it scrolled down to the name he was looking for. It showed that he was a level 4 beginner and not online yet. Pressing the map button on the opposite side of the list he pulled it into a separate window to look up a good spot. “Send message to ThePriest.  If you get this you better meet me at the South side of Layton Field level 1-5. It’s about the glitch. From Lucian.”

“Message sent.” The computer spoke back.

Serbia tilted her head curiously. “Well that doesn’t make sense. Your user name is Magnus.”

“Magnus?” Startled, Sesshoumaru gritted his teeth as he checked out his character. His VERY female character. For the second time that day he growled. Turning towards the East to go to Layton Field.

“Hey, wait! Can I come with you?”

“Do what you want.” He snapped. At her happy chatter that followed  a few minutes later, he slowed his step, sighing. “I apologize.”

“That’s alright. What class are you?”

She kept waiting for him to answer as they walked. Realizing that she wouldn’t let it rest, he finally answered her. “Warrior.”

“Wow.“ Stretching, Serbia brought her hands behind her back. “I’m a rouge. Can’t wait till we can find out what they put our statistics at! I would like to be able to get a pet later. Maybe you can get one to?” She paused thoughtfully. Not being able to resist staring at the wings on ‘Magnus’s’ back. “Wait I forgot that you can only do that if you have a certain amount of money or are a beast tamer.”

‘This is going to be a long wait…’ Sesshoumaru glanced at Serbia. She reminded him of a lost teen that got bored. But, she was staring at him as if he were an idol.


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