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Passionate Kisses by FoxyKittyKatara

A Woman Scorned

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. Inuyasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Viz Media, and Madman Entertainment. Please support the official release

A smile was all Mink needed to get her through the day. Just being in her lord’s presence was enough to make her blush. Ever since she had come to work for the lord of the West she had found no other pleasure in life but to serve his needs. He smiled more than she expected after the loss of his loved one. He would spend hours sitting in one place just thinking and smiling. She didn’t wish for him to be lonely anymore. She didn’t want him to miss her anymore. So the young witch gained up her courage and told Sesshoumaru, the lord of the west of her feelings of love and devotion for him. 

“I’m sorry, I cannot return your feelings. I will always love my Kagome.” Sesshoumaru said. 

“But, you don’t understand! We can be together until my life is over. Everyone has a time when they must die. You will live well into the time when you are to see Lady Kagome again. Can’t you love me just for a little while. Live with me and allow me to give birth to your children. I will be long gone before you see her again.” 

He shook his head. “I can’t do that. It isn’t fair for ether of us to be together when you will never be first in my heart. The only one I want to birth my children is her.” 

Tears fell from her eyes and she felt anger. “How dare you.” Her hair began to blow in the wind. “I’ll make you rue the day you rejected me.” There was a strike of lightening so great Sesshoumaru was unable to avoid it and fell down lifeless. “With your death your body will be burned and then the ashes laid to rest. However, your soul will linger for years. It will go to Kagome but in a form which she will never be able to love like she used to. She will feel my pain and so shall you. She will never scream in pleasure, become with your child, or even have a lover’s normal relationship with you. She will never hear you say her name. You will walk on all fours for all eternity like the common mutt that you are and when I die my curse will live on. Never to be broken even by your precious Lady. The only blessing I give to you is also the curse of remembering yourself in all your lives.” 

Sesshoumaru’s demon eyes shut forever and he could feel his soul being ripped from his body. He watched his body undergo cremation and the remains put in an urn before being laid to rest inside his father’s tomb. He was scared for his fate, after all how was he to see his lovely Kagome and what about the curse? It was about one hundred years after his death he was reincarnated for the first time. His new mother was a female dog who came into heat and roamed the streets then several male dogs looking for some action tied with her and it resulted in a litter. 

He could see his own creation. He became recreated in a small dog and then the cells of his new body created in which his soul found its self implanted after fertilization. He could remember just about everything of his life in this watery bed. He was the lord of the West!


It seemed like an eternity. He had never bothered learning about normal animals and their birthing periods but now he wished he had. He felt himself finally developing. His organs had already developed and so had his main body structure. He found he had recently gained the lung capacity to breath in and out the amniotic fluid which was inside the water like home. The thing he hated most was the fact that there was becoming less and less space in this tiny place. 

Then the moment arrived when the water filled trap opened and he fell along with the sack he was in, on the ground. His mother opened the sack and cleaned him up. He let out a whimper at the cold air and cuddled up to her looking for warmth as he whined. He was the first of a litter of seven. Only three survived from the cold harsh weather and he wasn’t one of the ones that lived. That was when Sesshoumaru learned that his human life had been easy.

*** Present day US

Sesshoumaru sighed as he died again, this time in a vet’s office by an owner whose dog got pregnant and eliminated the pregnancy. He had never gotten the chance to even live before death. “It’s getting harder and harder to be reborn. Spay your dog before they become pregnant! If they get pregnant at least have the decency not to kill them. They are living you know.” There was a giggle beside him and he looked over at another spirit, a woman dressed completely in white. “Who are you?” 

“I’m waiting to be born as well.” 

“So I’m not the only one who gets born to dogs?” 

“No, nothing like that. I’m going to be the child of that woman there.” She said, pointing to a teenager about sixteen working in the back taking care of the animals. 

“She’s a teenager. Many of them are getting abortions you know?” 

“Well, I think this one is different.” 

“Why? What makes you so sure?” 

“Because, she really loves my father. He is a good man.” 

“Why are you here and so optomistic?”

“I have to be remember. You have to be present when your conceived so that is why I’m here. I am waiting to be absorbed into my new body.” 

The vet, a young man just out of college walked into the back room where the woman was. “I’m off now. Let me get changed and we can go.” The vet said. 

“But, I can’t wait that long.” She grabbed his coat and pulled him into the supply room. 

“Good luck with that.” He said, turning to leave. 

*** 5 years later in USA

“I’m telling you, it has been five years. I came here to get away from Japan.” Kagome said into the speaker. “No mother, I am not coming to Christmas. I don’t want to look at Japan or even a map of Japan. Sesshoumaru should have come for me by now. It’s been five years since I went through the well. I thought I would have him there for me but I didn’t. I have to do what was best for my family.” She paused to listen on the other end. “I love you too mom. Say hi to grandpa and Souta for me.” She hung up the phone and thought back to Sesshoumaru. He was the love of her life. She thought back to just before she went through the well to the last few weeks there. 

She thought back to her first time having sex. She was asleep in her bed when she awoke to the door opening. She looked up and there was Sesshoumaru in the door way. “What is it Sesshoumaru?” 

“Why don’t you ever call me Lord Sesshoumaru?” He said in his deep resonating voice which made her want to swoon. She could feel her cheeks getting warm. 

“I don’t call you Lord because your not my Lord. Your my...” She had never really said the words. It came out as a whisper as if not to let even the walls know of their secret. “husband.” He smiled and shut the door behind him. He didn’t allow a sound to be made from its closing as he walked over to the bed. “Sesshoumaru? What are you doing?” 

“This is our wedding night. I’m doing what most men do when they marry their perfect woman.” 

“But, we did it secretly just so no one would know. What if I got pregnant?” 

“Your planning to go to the future for good in a few weeks. I can just wait for you here and when you get back I will be waiting by the well for you. Tell me the date, time, and place and I will be there.” She smiled and whispered in his ear when she would be going through the well before having the most wonderful night of her existence. 

She could remember locking the well to never go through it again and then going to the other side. When she climbed the ladder to her family shrine Sesshoumaru wasn’t there. She waited for several hours until her mother forced her to come into the house. When she found out she was pregnant she cried knowing they would be fatherless. When she went through labor she cried in pain and betrayal. He had broken their promise to meet her and she hated him for it. She had two reminders of him everyday. Their twin daughters who were born from their secret marriage and union. 

Kanna came into the room holding a small watery ball. Kagome looked at it. 

“Kanna, where did you get that?” 

“FiFi just pooped it out.” 

“Oh my, that’s a puppy.” She took the puppy and ran to the Shiba Inu. The female panted with the next contraction. Kagome bent next to her and gave the puppy to her so she could take care of her. The white male whined and let out a cry before cuddling with mom. “Well, I think I need to reschedule getting her fixed.” 

Chapter End

Writer's note: I started writting this to unblock my mind on my other story "When Does Love Bloom." I have had this idea in my head for some time so I thought I would see what other people thought about this. I promise I will try my best to make it a good story. Don't forget to let me know what you think of this story by comment or private message. 


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