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Golden Veil by BelovedStranger

Chapter 301

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Last update for today! Hope you all are enjoying the story so far. Again, I plan on ending this drabble soon-ish :)

Word Count: 100

Prompt from Stella Mira’s Soundtrack Challenge #31: Last Exit to Paradise

Once they travelled far from this paradise of Akahito’s—his last resting place—Sesshomaru was determined to inform the clueless girl just who her precious Akahito really was. Deceitful. Dishonorable. A murderer. Surely her feelings for Akahito would be severed.

Sesshomaru refused to acknowledge the fact that he wanted to taint her image of the deceased male because he wanted her affections to return upon himself.

Little did he know that Kagome planned on giving him an earful soon as well. She was tired of his misunderstandings. She would have her say, and he was going to listen for once! 


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