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Golden Veil by BelovedStranger

Chapter 287

Word Count: 100

Prompt from Stella Mira’s Soundtrack Challenge #10: Mastermind

Why was she self-doubting herself? Akahito had killed hundreds of innocent people, then he’d attacked her. And yet there was something about him, something fragile. She’d seen it often enough. Especially when he spoke about Yuki—the woman he loved so deeply. In a way, she could understand how love could turn into bitterness and hatred, but to go as far as he had…

Akahito was a deceiver, a mastermind of the horrendous sort, but that was only one side of him.

She shook her head sharply. Why did she pity him? Almost… forgave him?

Why couldn’t she condemn him? 

CLIFF NOTE: It had become obvious to Kagome that Akahito had not been in his right mind when he'd done all the bad things he'd done. How can you condemn someone who was not acting himself? Some may think 'easily', while others have a better understanding that mental and emotional trauma or incompetence plays a huge role and would think 'this isn't him'. This is why I love the psychological field of study.  


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