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Golden Veil by BelovedStranger

Chapter 283

Word Count: 100

Prompt from Stella Mira’s Soundtrack Challenge #10: Meditation

“What..?” Kagome was bewildered as she stared up into Sesshomaru’s expressionless eyes. She saw his gaze travel down her form, the wet fabric of her yukata clinging to her indecently in places. Then she knew.

“You think that Akahito and I were…making out?” Or worse? Anger filled her, thinking back on the attempted rape. “How dare you! Akahito tried to…tried to…” she couldn’t say it.

She knew she should try to calm down but she couldn’t. Not after the accusation she could see in his eyes.

Kagome slapped him—hard. Surprisingly, he let her.

“I hate you. Both of you!” 


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