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Golden Veil by BelovedStranger

Chapter 1

AUTHORS NOTE: Hey everyone ^^ I've decided to try my hand at a lengthy 100 word drabble series.

Word Count: 100

Prompt from Stella Mira's Soundtrack Challenge #2: The Day When You and the Sun Perished

The proud lord of the West knelt upon the wet, muddied ground, ignoring the rain that beat down on his bent head, having soaked through his garments long ago. He noticed not how the mud stained his pristine hakama, nor the chill of the afternoon wind as it swept across his unmoving form. His entire focus was on the grave marker before him, the cold stone that bore testament to the one he loved most—now gone—buried beneath him. His mind recalled every callous word, every untrue thought of his true feelings for one small, human child, his Rin. 


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