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Watched by UnknownRandomness


A/N: Since it's October, I decided to give the Think Pink Challenge a try! It was lots of fun, and it is for a good cause- raising Breast Cancer Awareness. I hope you enjoy this short oneshot, and please review.

Word Count: 710

Kagome shivered, despite the hot sun beating down and the sweltering heat that dogged the group tirelessly, its sweaty fingers touching clammy skin, ensuring that their clothes stuck to them like a second skin.
The miko shivered again, more violently, and the movement caught the attention of one of her companions.

"Are you ill, Kagome?"

"No, I'm fine Sango, thanks." Kagome replied with a wan smile. Glancing around, the woman looked at her friends; Miroku walked behind her, clearly daydreaming, with Shippo perched on his robed shoulder, asleep. Sango walked beside her, lost in thought, absent-mindedly wiping sweat from her brow before it could trickle into her eyes. Kirara trotted at the demon-slayers' feet, and further down the trail, a red-clad figure strode forward, marching determinedly to nowhere.

Viewing completed, Kagome was positive that everything was in order and everyone was safe. So why couldn't she shake the feeling that someone was watching her? It was incredibly disconcerting; the sensation of being watched when there weren't any eyes watching. Perhaps the humid air was causing her to imagine things? There was no way it could be Naraku, or Inuyasha would've raised the alarm by now. 

As if on cue, the hanyou stopped dead in his tracks and drew Tetsaiga, the blade transforming into the giant fang as its owner yelled at the threat. By the time she and the others had reached his side, the "threat" became apparent- Sesshoumaru was walking towards them, golden gaze rooted on Kagome. She shuddered involuntarily as his piercing eyes seemed to cut through the lethargic atmosphere and sent chills down her spine.  

"What do you want, bastard?"

Kagome resisted the urge to facepalm. Why couldn't Inuyasha ask politely, or at the very least, not shout? 
"It's too hot for a fight baka, so calm down and put that thing away! How about we all relax in the shade, and listen to what Lord Sesshoumaru has to say."

Miroku and Sango quietly made their way over to the trees at the side of the path, eager to have a respite from the stifling sun. Inuyasha followed reluctantly, grumbling about bossy mikos andlazy traitors. Although he sheathed his sword, the hanyou kept his hand on the hilt, prepared to draw it in an instant. 

Kagome, satisfied that her friends were comfortable, turned back to the pristine demon lord and bowed, ignoring the disgusting feeling of her hair moving against the damp flesh of her neck.
"I'm sorry for Inuyasha's brash behaviour, Lord Sesshoumaru. What did you wish to speak to us about?"

"It is fine miko, you should not be sorry for his lack of manners."

Inuyasha bristled but remained silent as Kagome shot him a glare.

"This Sesshoumaru has information on Naraku's whereabouts- if we work together, the filthy hanyou will not escape."


There followed a productive hour with little resistance- Inuyasha tried, but a few dozen 'sits' swiftly changed his mind- and the travellers were feeling significantly better, in spite of the weather.
Yet Kagome was a little nervous; during their conversation, Sesshoumaru had kept stealing glances at her, she was sure of it.

The miko surreptitiously sniffed a strand of her hair before re-fixing her ponytail. Her hair wasn't a mess and it didn't stink, so that wasn't what kept grabbing his attention. The young woman was just about to retrieve her pocket mirror to see if anything was on her face when the Western Lord stood.

"Naraku shall be dead within a fortnight. I must attend to other matters and shall take my leave." The inuyoukai turned to leave, but then swiveled back around and looked directly into Kagome's eyes.

"As alluring as you appear miko, this Sesshoumaru advises you change your attire."

Blinking confusedly, Kagome looked down at her body and felt her jaw fall open as the reason for Sesshoumaru's glances and comment became apparent. Her sweat had soaked her white shirt to the level that her fuschia pink bra showed through with a vengeance.

The mortified woman felt her cheeks redden to match her underwear, and raised her head to see Sesshoumaru sedately walking away. As her shocked companions broke out into a noisy babble, Kagome Higurashi could only focus on one thing:

'Sesshoumaru said I was hot!'


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