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Into the Darkness, In Love with the Light by Marimay


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She did now know why she was chosen…. A hanyou was not as worthy as a human sacrifice.  Her village turned against her.  They betrayed her when they said they would not give her up as a sacrifice.  Tears were streaming down her cheeks as black dog ears laid against her head as she was forcefully stripped from her peasant clothing.

Kagome cringed when the women gripped her arms and pushed her into the water.  Soon a burning sensation was all over her body as the women scrubbed her skin raw.  She knew she could have fought off these women.  With just a snap of her fingers, she could have summoned her lightening to destroy this village, but she decided against the idea.  These women used to take care of her as a pup; they took her in because of pity.  Loyalty towards them for saving her life is what kept her form killing them on the spot.

The scrubbing stopped right before a pulling and tugging sensation ignited from her head.  One of the women, Hiko, was roughly scrubbing her hair clean with a concoction that made hair soft and inviting.   Water splashed over her tears of betrayal as the soap was rinsed out of her onyx curls.  Her crystal ble eyes looked up to Mashua, the woman who was like a mother to her.  She silently pleaded with the women until Mashua couldn’t take her look of fear and betrayal and had to leave the hut in order to compose herself.

Before she could react, Kagome was yanked from the tub and quickly dried with a rag before being forced into a silk kimono.  The kimono was a light blue color.  Silver swirl designs were on the sleeves.  Make up was not needed to be applied because of her natural beauty.  Her curls came naturally so the women left her hair alone.

Kagome was then dragged out of the hut and into the center of the village.   All around her, the villagers were in a circle with torches between them.  They were all in their knees with their hands in a diamond shape and had their foreheads resting between their hands.   In the center of the circle sat a large wooden post that rested deep into the earth’s crust.  At seeing the chains beside the wooden post, Kagome started to thrash to try to get out of the women’s grips.

The village men that were near her  grabbed her before she could escape and quickly dragged her to the wooden post before tying her hands  and her feet to the post.  As she thrashed and snapped her fangs at anyone who dared come near her, she saw her mother figure approach her with an apple, her favorite fruit.

Tears were streaming down her face as she approached the daughter she always wanted.  Kagome watched as Mashua clutched the apple in her hands.  “I am so sorry….”

Kagome took notice that the apple smelled differently than the others she had eaten in her life. Those were the last words she heard before the apple was shoved in her mouth.  Having to forcefully chew and swallow the apple sent her into seeing dots.  Realization dawned on her that the apple that was shoved in her mouth was soaked in the medicine they would give to the sick to help them sleep.  Darkness was quickly surrounding her… the only thing on her mind….

I’ve been betrayed……I’ve been poisoned…


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