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Against School Policy by Azure

Holy Butter Brickle

Kagome stared down at her schedule, willing it to disintegrate on the spot. It didn’t.

Damnit! They know I’m not a morning person! How could the schedule me for three hours of lecture at 9am! That’s just cruel! She lamented as she slumped against the window sill, staring out on the pristine front lawn of the graduate school.

A figure caught her eye and she recognized him immediately. Professor Saiga, head of the history department and co-founder of the school. A taiyoukai of unimaginable age and power. She only knew this from reputation, she’d never actually met the man, but she’d heard he was chillier than liquid nitrogen in the arctic circle and the most demanding professor at the school.

She also heard that he was more attractive than Johnny Depp, Jensen Ackles and Rain put together. From what she could see, that at least was true. He was tall with broad shoulders and a long stride. His long silver hair was loosely restrained in a braid and his demonic markings were eye-catching to say the least. She couldn’t tell from where she was but she’d seen pictures and knew that his eyes were golden too.

As she watched a little girl catapulted herself at the seemingly impassive taiyoukai. He caught her and set her down, looking stern. But before the little girl left she kissed him on the cheek and he watched as she ran across the lawn.

Holy butter brickle that’s the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen. Kagome giggled and leapt back from the mirror when Professor Saiga looked up sharply at the sound, blushing furiously.

“Kagome!” Her best friend, Miroku, hailed her. “We have the same class!”

“Joy.” She fell into step next to him. “Mornings with Mr. Handsy.”

“You know I don’t grope you before noon!” He exclaimed, looking wounded. “I’m not suicidal!”


“And you shouldn’t complain.” He winked. “Professor Saiga teaches this class.”


“Ah I see, so that wasn’t him you were just ogling?” He grinned at her spluttered protest. “It is only natural to be attracted, taiyoukai are notoriously beautiful.”

Handsome.” Kagome corrected.

“Attractive.” He amended. “Just don’t get your hopes up. At all.”

“Oh please. He’s a professor. And taiyoukai. That’s like, super illegal.”

Restricted not illegal.” He smiled and held the door to the classroom open for her. “You know the rules as well as I do.”

She shrugged. “No bond, no sex.”

“Indeed.” He patted her on the head with a gentle smile. “But you were right about the professor part being illegal, that definitely is.”

They were stopped by a bright-eyed young kisune youkai who looked no more than sixteen. He handed them each a master syllabus when they gave their names.

Kagome looked at hers, when she’d told the kitsune that it was her first time having Saiga as a professor he’d given her the biggest pamphlet she’d ever seen.

“I’m Shippo! I’m Professor Saiga’s teaching assistant.”

“Nice to meet you.” She smiled.

“Wow so you two are the houshi and miko.” He nodded happily. “I can tell. Sit at the front; Professor Saiga’s always been interested in reiki.”

Miroku and Kagome complied, taking seats at the only two desks in the front row that weren’t occupied by excited girls. Miroku didn’t seem to mind but Kagome rolled her eyes.

“So he could tell we have sacred powers.” Miroku murmured, slanting a look at her, his violet eyes sharp despite his relaxed posture. “Could you feel his youki?”

“Yeah. But it’s faint, like he’s masking it.” She smiled abashedly when the kitsune looked over at them from across the room and winked. “He also has excellent hearing.”

“If you think that’s impressive, wait for Professor Saiga. I’ve only felt him once when his youki was partially unmasked and it was like drowning in swords.” Miroku shuddered lightly before shooting her a grin. “But as long as you’re here I’m safe.”

“What do you mean?”

“Professor Saiga is notorious for being colder and more demanding of his female students.”

Kagome groaned. “Oh man this is gonna be a rough semester.”





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