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Ways of Life by Marimay

Chapter 2

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Transportation day could not have come sooner.  At the pre-hours of dawn, Kagome and the other nurses were awoken up by the sound of the cargo planes engines.  They quickly got their uniforms on and started to get the necessary supplies ready for transport.  They all tried to stay quiet for the sake of the injured soldiers still sleeping.  Wisps of white cloth were seen walking quickly back and forth from the building to the planes.  When the sun started to rise, the nurses were almost done with getting everything ready for their patients. 

Kagome was currently getting the last of the medicine into the right cabinet for the patients when Kaede approached her to start patient loading.  She told the other nurses and one by one they got them onto the planes.  Man power was needed and the soldiers who have healed helped them with rolling the mobile beds onto the planes.  Koga was one of the men who volunteered to go on the last plane and helped the others to load the ones who could not help. 

With the extra man power, they loaded both the cargo planes within four hours of hard work.   They were all currently getting the last plane loaded. That process took the nurses and man power about two more hours before the only people to load were the ones able to walk.  The patients were saying their farewells to the women and few men who took care of them in their state of weakness.  Kagome was saying by to a bunny demoness who was struck in the abdomen and was temporarily paralyzed when Koga tapped her on her shoulder and requested he speak with her before he boarded the plane. 

Kagome said her final farewell to the sweet woman before going to Koga to tell him goodbye.  When she made it at arm’s length, he abruptly engulfed her into a hug.  Feeling awkward in his arms, Kagome decided to hug him back so things would not be so awkward.  After a few tense seconds Koga let her go but kept his hands on her shoulders. 

“Kagome…I must say I am ever great full to have met you.  I know that you have declined my offers of taking you out… but it would mean a lot to me if I could keep in touch with you.”  Kagome held his ocean blue gaze before gifting him with one of her smiles.  She agreed to exchange numbers with the wolf demon and promised to call whenever she got settled back home.  Koga was the last to load the plane with the other nurses before the plane took off into the sky. 

Kagome turned and grabbed her duffle bag with all of her belongings and turned to the private that was assigned to drive her to the headquarters.  “Well private Tokua… I guess it’s time to go.  Better not keep father waiting any longer! ” With that said, she made her way toward the jeep and got into the passenger’s seat.  When the private was done putting her bag into the back of the jeep, he got in and took the twenty-five minute drive to the base. 

As they got closer and closer, Kagome’s sensitive nose was able to pick up the smell of smoke, blood, and even death.  The battle grounds that they passed was once a beautiful meadow filled with flowers that was now charred and so disfigured that she knew this place would take years to recover from the destruction this war brought upon it. 

She took a white silk cloth and gently put it over her nose and mouth to try to block out the smell while they drove past the battle grounds.  Looking straight ahead, she saw that they were just a few seconds away from entering the front gates of the base.  As the private entered and stopped to let her out, another soldier came to take her bag to where her father was currently located.  She followed the young human into the biggest tent in the base. 

She could smell her father and Sango and a few other scents she did not recognize.  As she entered, she was hit by her best friend giving her a hug of relief and happiness that they can finally go home.  “Oh Kagome! I am so glad to see you well!”

Kagome giggled while Sango went on about how relived she was that they were finally able to go home.  She gave Sango knowing smirk that that only reason she was so excited to be able to go back to Tokyo was to see her boyfriend of two years, the perverted monk, Miroku.  “I’m sure you are happy to go back home Sango, I’m sure Miroku is just as excited to be able to have you back” Kagome snickered while she watched as Sango’s face turned red with embarrassment.  Just as the girls were about to get at it with each other with a tickle fight, General Hatsu walked out from behind a sheet that was used to make a room. 

Kagome felt the calm aura of her father and turned around to welcome him with one of her crushing hugs. Her father was man that stood at 6’1 with medium length black hair that was tied back.  He had deep violet eyes but a friendly face to compliment them.  “My dear Kagome! I am so glad to have you in my arms safely!” 

“I am happy to finally be able to see you!  I do want to know why you took me from the front lines!  The injured needed me…I was able to protect myself!”  At hearing this come from Kagome, Sango decided it was time to finish her last report on the number of demons her men and women killed.  She slipped out of the entrance of the tent to head to her own. 

Kagome noticed when Sango left but did not give any indication that she knew of her presence disappearing.  She was too focused on her father’s answer.  She had a duty to protect the fallen soldiers and was the best at what she did and did not understand why her father took her away from her duties.  She could see where he was concerned but she knew she could handle herself…well most of the time she could. 

“I heard from Emperor Taisho what he had to do… ” At hearing this, Kagome’s face paled.  She knew the chances of her father finding out that Emperor Taisho saved her life and the fact that he got injured while doing it was very high.  Kagome hung her head in shame and showed the side of her neck to show her submission to her alpha.   

Her father embraced her and stuck his face into the side of her neck to show that she was forgiven. It was just a few weeks ago when he saw a wounded Emperor Taisho enter the base with a frantic Kagome trying to stop the bleeding from his injury.  Panic set in at the sight of blood coming from the wound and the blood that covered Kagome.  He questioned his emperor how he got the serious wound.  Sesshoumaru simply replied that he did not see the oncoming demon. 

When Kagome dressed his wounds, Emperor Taisho dismissed her to return to the battle fields.  When the next day came, General Hatsu gave his daughter orders to go to the medical tent that was located ten miles from the battle ground.  Later on within the week, he found out what happened to his daughter and graciously thanked his emperor for saving his daughter.  Sesshoumaru quickly dismissed it and said it would have been the right thing to do for him to take the hit from the demon instead of her.  Let’s just say that General Hatsu was glad he moved his daughter to a safer location and now had his precious little girl in his arms. 

He let her go and gave her one of his genuine smiles.  “I am sorry father….I should not of been so reckless” Kagome kept her head hung and stared at the tip of her toes.  “All is forgiven my pup.  Now.... I say we eat a healthy lunch and head off back home!  I sure do miss your mother and can’t wait to have her in my arms!”  General Hatsu looked off in the distance thinking about his prescious mate with a perverted smile plastered on his face.  Kagome gave her father a slight smile, knowing that he was thinking about her mother, before going off to wash up for lunch.  She told her father that she would be dining with Sango and hastily excused herself from her father’s presence. 


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