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A Father for Rin by zodiak023

Chapter 1

The Tashio's had just moved into the city of Tokyo. None of them knew that one of the houses they bought was haunted. Their eldest son Sesshomaru who was heir to the throne was the one who actually lived in the so called haunted house. It all started the third night that Sesshomaru had been staying there. It was cold and storming, Sesshomaru was sitting in the house doing work on his laptop when the power went out,

"God damn it!" Sesshomaru grumbled, there was a shriek in the other room, Sesshomaru ran into Rin's room.

"Rin, it's alright, the power just went out," Sesshomaru finding her sitting up in bed, Rin was a little girl that was in the bad part of town that Sesshomaru took pity on and took into his home.

"Sesshomaru, I'm scared," Rin crying, Sesshomaru stumbled over some boxes, Rin heard him mumble some curses and he opened the door to Rin's room.

"Here, lets get your battery powered lamps out," Sesshomaru getting out the lamps and turning them on.

"There, that's better huh?" Sesshomaru trying to be nice to the child since she had only been with him for about 24 hours, he got in bed with her,

"Can you stay with me till I fall asleep?" Rin shaking,

"Sure, you know there is nothing here to bother you, the doors and windows are locked and if…" Sesshomaru caught a smell of rain and lavender, suddenly he heard someone getting upset.

"Stay in this room," Sesshomaru opening the door of the closet and getting out a sword that he let Rin keep in her room for protection, but the seven year old couldn't even willed the sword. He grabbed it up and cautiously made his way into the living room.

"Who the hell are you, this is my house, where is all my stuff?" a young woman's voice frantic,

"My family just bought this place, who are you?" Sesshomaru stoically.

"I don't have to explain myself to you, get out of my house, or I'll call the cops!" the woman not calming down,

"With what the power is out and I'm sure the cell phones aren't going to work in this storm," Sesshomaru explained, the power came back on, Sesshomaru looked around, he was alone,

"What the hell is going on?" Sesshomaru making sure the frantic crazy woman was gone. Slowly he walked back to Rin's room, Rin was gone, Sesshomaru was concerned,

"Rin, where are you?" Sesshomaru going to the closet and looking, he turned back around,

"Are they gone?" Rin softly.

"Yes, Rin, they are gone now," Sesshomaru still confused how the frantic, crazy woman left so quickly. Slowly Rin crawled out from under the bed, and got settled back in bed,

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" Rin asked softly.

"Um, I guess, but I need to finish up some work first, come on," Sesshomaru leading her out of the room, they went to the couch and sat down, Rin crawled on the couch and huddled into a ball.

"You don't have to be afraid with me around, I'm you're protector now," Sesshomaru explained.

"Thank you for taking me in, its scary out there," Rin shook,

"You don't have to worry about that now," Sesshomaru focusing on his laptop, seeing just how much he had lost.

"Interesting," Sesshomaru noticing that his computer had automatically saved all his work.

"What's in..ter..resting?" Rin sounding the word out,

"Oh, my laptop automatically saved all my work just like the salesman said it would, you want some milk?" Sesshomaru getting up, he walked into the kitchen, he poured himself a strong drink, Rin ran into the kitchen and hugged Sesshomaru's leg.

"What's wrong?" Sesshomaru confused,

"There's a woman in there, she scares me," Rin burying her head into his upper leg.

"God damn it, what is wrong with this woman," Sesshomaru growled, he turned around and saw her,

"I told you to leave, this is my house! That's my daughter! I'm calling the cops," the woman going for the kitchen phone, her hand went right through the phone,

"What is going on?" the woman getting upset by the minute.

"You're a ghost," Sesshomaru huffed,

"No, I can't be, I have a daughter to take care of, come here honey, it's momma, you don't have to be afraid of me," the woman bending down to Rin,

"Make the scary woman go away, please, Sesshomaru," Rin's grip getting tighter on Sesshomaru's leg.

"Wait a minute… you're a demon! Oh my god, honey, you need to come to momma, that man is…" the woman being interrupted,

"Hold your tongue woman, you do not have the right to call me something you know nothing about, and Rin is not your daughter, she is under my protection, you no longer exist, you are a ghost," Sesshomaru growled.

"I'm not a ghost, I can't be, I have a daughter, I have parents," the woman shouted,

"What's your name, when was the last time you ate or drank anything?" Sesshomaru questioned.

"I …I don't know, but I am not dead, I wouldn't die and leave my daughter all alone," the woman explained. Sesshomaru ran his hand through his hair.

"Alright, Rin, you are going to go stay with my father, and you, whoever you are, you're going to calm down and wait for me to return," Sesshomaru explained.

"You tell me that I'm a ghost and you want me to calm down?" the woman laughed,

"Just stay put," Sesshomaru grabbing Rin's coat on the coat rack by the back door and the umbrella and taking Rin to his dad's place, only a few feet from his place.

"Father, I have a problem, I have a ghost in my house," Sesshomaru keeping to a whisper.

"Son, how much have you drank tonight?" the Great Tashio asked, thinking his son had lost it,

"She's real, and she is scary," Rin shaking,

"I need you to keep Rin, just for tonight," Sesshomaru strongly.

"You're serious," his father strongly,

"Have you ever known me to joke?" Sesshomaru a bit harshly.

"Do you know anything about these houses you bought, any information on the family who lived here before?" Sesshomaru questioned his father.

"I think the realty woman said something about the family and a child being killed in some kind of car wreck, I wasn't really paying any attention, we could try and find a priest to come bless the house, I'll check first thing in the morning," his father explained.

"Well something has got to change fast because I'm not going to be able to get any work done," Sesshomaru growled and walked off back to his place. Sesshomaru thought of ways of what he could do to help rid the ghost, back in his house he started looking for things that might be hers. He looked through drawers in the kitchen, he found pictures in a small drawer, he took them to the couch and sat down.

~Is this her, she is pretty for a human, this must be her daughter, no wonder she thought Rin was her daughter, they almost look like twins.~

Sesshomaru study every aspect of the picture, he flipped it over and all it had written on it was: Summer 2011.

"That's me and my daughter," the woman sitting on the back of the couch,

"I assumed as much," Sesshomaru beginning to wear down with exhaustion from this woman.

"You aren't a pleasant person are you?" the woman asked,

"Not when a ghost is interrupting my life," Sesshomaru looking at the next picture, a woman and a man appearing the same age as his ghostly visitor or a year older. Again, he study every detail of the picture, on the back it held some names: Sango and Miroku best friends forever.

"Yeah, that's their names, we were good friends, Sango must have already had her baby," the woman explained.

"Now you remember, what's their address?" Sesshomaru questioned,

"I don't remember," the woman seemed to be in thought,

"Do you know their number? Or what about a last name even?" Sesshomaru frustrated,

"Nothing," the woman shrugged.

"Damn it, can't you go bother someone else instead of me?" Sesshomaru screamed.

"You're in my house remember, besides, did you ever think that if you actually help others that it might bring a bit of happiness to you?" the woman moving away from him,

"How would you know the first thing about helping people or happiness even?" Sesshomaru confused.

"Because I think I actually used to help people," the woman looking around her place.

"I am a demon, I do not know the first thing about helping any humans," Sesshomaru strongly,

"You took that kid, Rin, off the street didn't you? You didn't have to do that but you did," the woman explained.

"Yeah, did you ever think I had pity for the child? How do you know about that anyway?" Sesshomaru drinking his sake,

"Well, you didn't call her your daughter when I was calling her my daughter, so I assumed that you adopted her or found her in the street, she looks a lot like my daughter," the woman sadly. Sesshomaru got up, leaving the pictures on the table,

"This used to be all your furniture," Sesshomaru looking at Rin's room at the décor on the walls and the child's bed.

"This was your kid's room," Sesshomaru leaning against the doorway.

"Yep, I guess so, I hope she is alright," the woman walking in the room and looking around, she slowly sat down on the bed.

"I guess you don't know what you have till all of it is gone. Money, its not happiness, its family and friends that is the key to happiness, helping out the less fortunate and actually seeing their faces light up, like Rin. I'm sure you have brought a smile to her face by taking her into your care and providing for her.

You have given her so much without even realizing it, yeah she may be scared and a bit shy around you and your family, but its probably because she can't trust you guys yet, she can't trust adults because they left her in the street, god only know what else they could have done to her.

She is your pride and joy not how rich you are, not the material things you can give her, but you and your love and friendship you can give her now, don't take her for granite, don't work long hours, spend some time with her, even if she isn't your daughter, she will always see you as a father to her." the woman looking at the window.

"Where is your daughter's father?" Sesshomaru drinking his sake fast since he was about to get a headache from all the mushy shit this woman was talking about.

"I don't know anything, since he wasn't in any of the pictures I assume he was a dead beat, he probably left us because he didn't want the responsibility of a child," the woman seeming not to care.

"You seem as if you do not care that he is not in your life," Sesshomaru coming into the room and pulling the desk chair up to the bed,

"No one stays together anymore because they never seem to be able to work out their differences, or they just stop trying to be a family because they don't want one anymore, if I can't remember anything I do know that I loved my daughter, I took care of her, she was my best friend," the woman holding the picture of herself and her daughter. Sesshomaru drank the rest of his sake,

~Why would I care about this ghost, I am heir to the throne, I am a ruthless killer, I need sleep, that's all, this is all just a hallucination.~ Sesshomaru walking away, he walked into his room and sat on the bed, he rubbed his face and started taking his shoes and socks off and peeled his shirt and jeans off and turned his disguise off and laid down on the bed in his silk black boxers.

He fell asleep without even realizing he hadn't even bothered to cover up with the comforter. The woman who looked like a human being, to those who could see ghosts or spirits, decided to go to her room. Walking through the wall she found that the demon she had been talking with earlier had crashed onto her bed for the night.

~He is on my bed! That's my bed!~ the woman thought to herself as she walked over to the bed. She had noticed the markings that he bore, magenta stripes on his cheeks, the same stripes around his wrist, and on his hips that slanted under his boxers, faintly she saw something on his forehead but his silver hair covered it, she decided to blow his hair to the side since she wouldn't be able to push it to the side with her fingers.

"Leave me be Inuyasha," Sesshomaru growled in his sleep, as he turned to the side, there was a blue crescent moon, the woman gasped, stumbled backwards and to the floor.

"The House of Moon…wait… how do I know that, how do I know things about you when I don't even know my own name? God, he is beautiful, the killing perfection himself!" the woman whispered out loud while eying his almost bare body.

The woman found herself very intrigued by this particular demon as she knelt on the floor and started to trace his stripes on his face. Sesshomaru waved his hand around as if trying to bat a fly away, she heard him growl some more, she smirked. She watched him sleep part of the night and then went to find something else to occupy her boring, well, time, though ghosts knew nothing of time lapse.


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