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You Sound Foreign by StormieLikeWeather

You Sound Foreign

AN: More will be added to this collection whenever I get the random urge. ATM it is only rated K (We shall see how long that will last HA!)

A short scene I thought of while arguing with my husband, I always love reading things like this that make them more real for me in my mind. So cheers and enjoy!

“I’ve always thought the way you say that is strange.”

Kagome paused before gulping down a bite of cereal, curiosity spiked, “The way I say what?”

He glanced from the morning paper to his Mate, “Worried.”

“What do you mean the way I say worried?” Her brows furrowed while her cheeks slightly flushed.

He enjoyed teasing her. “The way you say it is odd, you sound like a foreigner.” The sound of a silver spoon dropping through milk and to the bottom of her porcelain bowl met his ears with a plopped chime.

“I… What is that supposed to mean Sesshomaru?”

“It is merely an observation.” He flipped the page of the paper before folding it back down to a fourth of its size.

He could feel her frustration flickering around her form like bat wings. “And how am I supposed to take it?”

He kept his amusement from his tone, “Simply. There is no meaning, this one merely notices the strange way you pronounce the word.”

“Well, it is not strange, it is correct.”



“It is incorrect.”

She growled, face red, “I’ve always said it that way, so it is correct for me.”

“It has always been wrong.”

“….” She frowned, dipping her spoon back out of the bowl of colorful cereal, “Does this really matter?”

“But of course,” A small smile played on his lips, “I find it endearing.”


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