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All Hallows' Eve by Silverfurred

A Call to be Heeded

So this was written without editing and as a way for me to get the smut that's been flowing through my mind out of my head. Haha. It'll probably be a two or three shot depending on how long I wanna extend this smut. :3 The first chapter is moer build up...however there defs shouldn't be anyone under 18 readin this stuff after the first chapter! ....Even tho I just turned 18 two months ago. Oh well, technicalities. 



She walked quietly and slowly…wandering through the woods. She didn’t know where she was going...she had just wanted to leave.

The wind blew through her red cloak and she shivered. She felt a sense of doom overcome her. She tried to shake it off. It was all in her mind…it had to be.

She stops and glances around the darkened woods. Nothing is there...but something is. Leaves blow by her as the wind picks up and she shivers and draws her cloak around her. The woods suddenly grow a little lighter as the clouds move away from the full moon allowing it to illuminate her surroundings.

She was coming to realize All Hallows Eve was not the night for a walk through the woods. The wind died down. But still she shivered, the wind no longer the reason.

Thoughts began to race through her mind. She had only wanted to escape the party and Hojo’s drunken advances. She had just wanted air and the view of the woods palely illuminated by the porch lights and the moon had been enticing.

Something had called to her and she had heeded that call…that demand…that she come.

Her tongue swiped across her suddenly parched lips.

“Is-is someone there?” Her voice shook against her will.

The wind abruptly stopped all together. Not a single breeze stirred the leaves and it left the woods silent. All she could hear was her heart beating loudly in her ears.

She began to tremble and she drew the red cloak around her.

She could feel the presence of…something in front of her and she stood perfectly still. Her breathing and her heartbeat sounding like a hurricane and a freight train in her ears.

Suddenly an aura slammed down on her, nearly buckling her knees. Demonic in nature, it forced her holy power out of her, but it was not enough.

The demonic aura was massive and it sparked a poisonous green around her. It became hard to breathe, hard to move and her own fear became cloying.

She stepped back. But it only made the aura more oppressive, more overwhelming to endure. Her head swam in an effort to stay conscious. She braced a hand against a tree, attempting to stay standing.

But her head snapped to the side as someone – something – stepped out of the undergrowth in front of her.

Pure, blinding metallic white hair hung down in a curtain around his face. More striking than his hair was his face. Two jagged red stripes slashed across each cheek like streaks of blood and a cerulean blue crescent moon rested between his brows.

Her eyes widened as more of him came into view and she was struck breathless by his beauty. His face was nearly feminine and his hair hung to his waist, furthering this idea. But as more of him came into view, any idea of femininity was lost.

Her head tilted back to follow his face as he grew closer and she realized that he was tall…nearly pushing seven feet in height. He moved with an animal’s grace, slowly stalking closer. He was shirtless and she couldn’t help but watch the muscles move sinuously beneath his skin.

After what seemed like an eternity, he flowed to a stop in front of her and looked down at her with cat’s eyes the color of molten gold.

He was only a few inches from her and she felt her heart stutter as he reached a hand towards her. She caught a glimpse of razor sharp talons that flashed in the moonlight before his hand cupped her cheek. She expected him to be cold in all of his pale glory, but his skin seemed even warmer than his gaze.

“Ah, little one.” His voice rumbled through her, reminding her more of an animal’s noise than words. “It was good of you to heed my summons….you will make a fine mate, my little bitch.”

Kagome trembled as the large male stepped even closer. She could feel the heat radiating off of him, warming her chilled skin. She tried to step back, but the tree at her back kept her from moving more than a few inches and he followed her that far.

“Please,” her voice came out a lot meeker than she wanted it to sound. “Please don’t hurt me!” Her voice went up an octave and came out as a squeak.

He paused and cocked his head at her. She felt his aura lessen and then recede enough for her to breathe. He smiled predatorily at her, sharp fangs flashing.

“If you obey me, mate, I will never hurt you.” She struggled to hold onto her thoughts as he spoke again, the sound rumbling through her body.

“But,” she tried again, attempting to make her voice stronger. “I’m not your mate.”

His lips curled in a dangerous smile.

“Ah my naïve little one. You are my mate. You will understand when my teeth break your skin and you will feel it in your body as you clench around me. You will understand everything then within the deepest pits of your soul.”

Kagome’s eyes grew wide and she shook her head. “N-no. I don’t want this.” She berated herself internally as she could barely convince herself that she didn’t. “I don’t want you and I can’t be your mate! I’m human and you’re…” She faltered in her mini tirade as she realized that she didn’t know what he was.

“Inuyoukai,” he supplied, his lips curling again, this time in amusement. “That is how you know that we were meant to be. You are tiny. I am large. You are weak. I am strong. You are kind. I am cruel. You are my opposite in every way.” He leaned down towards her and his breath washed over her face. It was almost spicy and nearly smelled sweet. She tried to look away, but her eyes caught her’s and she found that she couldn’t. “You are the other half of my soul, little one. Just as I am yours. You feel my pull even now, though you try to deny it. We will be joined and we will have many strong pups together.”

Something in her lower belly clenched at his words.

Pups? Children? Her mind reeled and was assaulted with the image of a tiny, silver-haired boy with her eyes. She felt confused as she felt longing float through her. Longing for the small blue eyed boy that would be her son….their son. The son that he would put in her womb.

She focused as she felt unwanted lust spear through her loins at the thought.

He laughed, his voice furthering these unwanted feelings. “You see little one? Your body lusts for mine even as you try to deny me.”

She shook her head but froze as his thumb began to stroke her cheek softly. His hand slipped further back into her hair to cup her neck and tilt it up towards his face. He leaned down further and a shaky gasp escaped her as his lips brushed hers. His smell invaded her mind and her eyes unfocused and slipped to half mast.

“Yes, little one. Succumb to me. Submit and let me teach you the pleasures of the body…”

Her eyelids fluttered as she blinked quickly, trying to keep him in focus, but then his lips were pressing to hers and rational thoughts flew out of her mind.

It was chaste at first, his very warm lips pressing against hers and his arm slipping between her and the tree behind her. But the moment he pulled her to press against the hard lines of his body, the clawed hand at her neck tangled in her hair and pulled harshly. She gasped and she could feel him chuckle as he invaded her mouth.

His tongue was warm and it carried the same taste as the smell of his breath. It sparked across her tongue and the taste made her want more.


She hadn’t meant to moan…she had shouted in surprise…and it had come out muffled since her mouth was occupied. Or that’s what she kept telling herself.

Her hands slipped up against his chest and rested there for a moment, feeling the shift of hard muscles beneath his over-warm bare skin. She didn’t remember that she had originally wanted to push him away. She had been going to…hadn’t she?

She gasped as she felt fangs tease her lip and she could feel a fang run over her lower lip. He moved away as she began to feel light headed and she shuddered as she felt his warm breath on her neck….followed by his tongue. She shuddered and nearly collapsed as he added fangs and dragged the sharp points along her throat.

Her hands clenched against his chest and she fought to stay standing.

Stop! Her mind screamed at her. She could hear the rational voice screaming at her in the back of her mind…but she couldn’t do anything about it. She couldn’t move. And she knew she was unable to break the spell he somehow had her under.

He nipped and her voice of reason faded more. She gasped lightly and released a tiny involuntary mewl of pleasure as he caught the skin of her throat between his teeth and worried it before sucking on it harshly. She moaned lightly when he released her with a pop.

“Little one, I can taste your blood without even breaking your skin.” His voice rumbled through her and she felt herself clench in her lower regions and she realized that she was very wet down there. “I wonder if your blood will taste as good as it smells…”

He trailed off and raised his head to look into her eyes again, his golden slit-pupiled gaze forcing her to freeze.

“If I let you go, mate, you’re not going to run from me….are you?” His voice carried menace. The promise of something if disobeyed…but Kagome couldn’t promise.

She had to leave. As aroused as she was and as much as her body desperately seemed to want him…her mind was still partially present. She had to get away. There was no doubt that he was a demon –and a powerful one at that—…but she had to figure out a way to escape him and find a way back to the party and from there, home.

She nodded her assent, however, unknowing that he could smell the lie on her.

He smiled his menacing, fanged predators grin again, and she knew he knew something. Her nervousness resurfaced strongly as she tried to consider a course of action.

He released her and placed his large hands on her shoulders to lean down and run his nose up and down the column of her throat again, forcing her to freeze. This time he simply inhaled several times and he rumbled deep in his chest in satisfaction.

“You smell delicious, mate. Your blood calls to me…but so do other places, little one. And I can smell how much your body wants me.”

Her eyes were wide as she realized that he wasn’t lying. He released her shoulders and brought a clawed hand up to her hair to capture a stray strand that floated in the breeze. His eyes rose to her’s and she could feel the lust in them as he inhaled slowly.

She felt a new rush of heat in her nether regions. Her eyes were wide and her breath came faster. Her throat convulsed in a dry swallow and she saw his eyes flick to her throat to watch the movement. They flicked back to her and held her gaze steadily.

His long clawed fingers released her hair as he reached for her face…

“Kagomeeee!” The faint call of her name made her jump and snap her head to the side to break his gaze. She couldn’t help but feel grateful. “Kagome! Goddamit, wench! I ain’t got all night to wander around the damn woods lookin’ for your ass!”

God’s bless Inuyasha. Her anger at his disrespectful nickname for her gave her just enough presence of mind to move away. She stepped back around the tree to put a few feet of space between them.

She felt a nearly subsonic growl from the demon in front of her. She glanced at him but made sure not to make eye contact. She knew that she wouldn’t break free again in the face of his anger.

“Mate.” She shuddered at feel of his voice. “If you try to run to Inuyasha…you will regret it.”

The menace in his voice pumped her heart into overdrive and she stumbled backwards more.

“Kagome!” Inuyasha’s voice was closer.

It was now or never. She turned to sprint, ignoring the feral growl that sounded behind her.

She pushed herself faster and she suddenly felt an explosion of youki behind her – the same youki that had threatened to cripple her with its power earlier. The only reason that she was able to even continue to run was because of the adrenaline giving her a momentary energy boost. Just enough to flare her reiki to push his oppressive power off of her and allow her to keep running.

She went flying by Inuyasha and she could hear him calling after her…but there was no way she was stopping. She could see the lights of the porch in front of her and she crossed the lit backyard in a second. The cloying fear had returned and every shadow was an enemy. She leapt up the steps and her hand reached for the door…only for it to be locked!

“No…godDAMMIT!” She couldn’t help the expletives that escaped her mouth. She didn’t dare glance behind her as she started to pound on the door….but she could tell the sound of the music from the raging party inside was drowning out the sound of her banging.

“Hojo!” Her voice raised as fear made her frantic. “Somebody!!!”

Now she was really scared. He could have caught her by now had he wanted to. He could have caught her back in the woods but instead he had chosen to try to immobilize her with his youki first. So what was happening? Where was Inuyasha? What if—

She shrieked and jumped as a hand landed on her shoulder. She calmed instantly at the voice of Inuyasha.

“Shit, wench. What the hell has gotten into you?”

She was too out of breath to talk and her eyes kept flicking from his face to the woods behind him.

Then Inuyasha took an experimental sniff in her direction and froze. “Wench, why do you smell like my dickhead of a half brother?”

Half brother?

She repeated her thought aloud and added, “But…I’ve never met your half brother….” And then she realized the similarities. The golden eyes and the silver-white hair…but he had been beautiful…

She shook herself. “That was Sesshoumaru?”

Inuyasha growled and it made her shudder involuntarily. It made her think of…something else.

She turned to see Inuyasha staring at her in horror and flinched. “What?! Is there something on my face?” She snapped. Suddenly afraid of his reaction.

His ears were pinned flat back against his head and he looked horrified.

“What did he say to you? What did he do?”

“He….he um…” Kagome was suddenly shy. She had always been awkward about these things. “He kissed me…um…and he licked my throat. And –” She swallowed and mumbled the last part under her breath. “He called me his mate.”

“Fuck. Shit. Damn.” Inuyasha’s cursing was not new to her…but he usually shouted them. But he had quietly said it as he ran a hand through his hair. “Shit, bitch. We gotta go.” He turned and offered his back to her. “Hop on.”

She hesitated…but did what he asked. She was going to ask him some questions as he obviously seemed to know what was up, but the wind suddenly whipping by at the at the speeds he was suddenly going made her pause.

Then they were at the car. He unlocked it, almost literally stuffed her in the front seat, and was in the car speeding halfway through her protests.

“Inuyasha! What—Gods slow down!” But he wouldn’t listen. “Inuyasha! Listen to me, dammit!” She was scared and he wasn’t responding. And these were definitely not the roads to her house.

“No, wench. You should have listened to me.” His voice was nearly a growl but there was a note of desperation in it.

“What do you mean?” Kagome was confused.

“I mean I told you that going to a party while you’re in heat on Halloween was not a good idea! But did you listen? No! You had to go and do it anyway. And now look what happened!”

“Inuyasha….I—” Her mind was reeling. She remembered him mentioning something about that, but she had put it out of her mind. Humans didn’t have a heat cycle. She repeated her thoughts and Inuyasha glared at her.

“Yes. You. Do. First off, humans do have a heat cycle, but since human males really can’t smell it, it makes no difference. Youkai, on the other hand, we can smell it. And it smells damn good, too. Especially your heat, Kagome. I don’t know why but it does.” Inuyasha was blushing now and Kagome could tell that he was feeling embarrassed. “Second off, Halloween is just a bad night to be human. Coupled with the fact that you have strong heats…” He trailed off shaking his head. “You know what? I’m just going to let dad explain.”

Kagome sat back in her seat and tried to take it all in. She could hear Inuyasha talking on the phone with his father but she drowned it out.

She had a heat? She was currently in heat? She wasn’t sure she believed what Inuyasha was telling her, but she would wait and see what Inuyasha’s father would tell her. 


Hurr durr…so yeah. The last bits of this were written while on pain meds as I just got my wisdom teeth taken out two days ago….and it hurts. It really does. That being said, heavy pain pills tend to impair the grammar/spelling nazi within me. So if you see any mistakes, please don’t be shy in pointing them out. Seriously, I aim to become perfection! ;)

All that said, the next chapter should be up in a few days. I’m still deciding exactly where it’ll go (*coughsuggestionsareREALLYWELCOMEcough*)but it hasn’t derailed me from Blind Faith at all….that is if anyone reading this has read what is posted of my other fic.

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