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Under a hart made of ice by LadyCuckoo

Under a hart made of ice

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha

(but I do own a Sesshoumaru plushie!)


Under a hart made of ice

~Sesshoumaru P.O.V~

I want to be beside you,
But I still smell,
The way you smell,
I wish for the way,
Your lips would feel,
Up against mine,
And your fingers tips,
Would be run,
Up and down my spine.

I've carried the weight of the world,
But the feeling for you,
Deep inside me for eternity,
But I can't stop and ponder,
For I can't ignore,
What happens,
If my world falls apart.

You come closer,
Every day,
But pull away,
It's starting to kill me,
A little more,
Each day,
I wait for the day,
Your body will tremble,
When it's next to mine.

I dream of the day,
I'll tell you,
What's hidden deep inside me,
Hoping to release the weight of the world,
But still be strong enough,
To have you lean on me,
Each and everyday.


I want to tell you, How much you make me feel,

What you mean to me But I can’t, so I will continue

To watch over you from afar.

Because I only have eyes for you, My dear sweet angel, My one and only

My Kagome.

Lady Cuckoo: There you have it! Tell me what you think R&R! iv got I few more story’s going on in my head so keep a eye out!


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