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A Brave New World by zodiak023

Mission Complete

Okay this has been edited for better descriptions of things and certain people. i hope its better than before!

Somewhere in Russia

It was the hottest private club in Russia. There was a large stage in the back of the club where a fan dance was being performed. The stage was surrounded on either side the with tied back crimson thick curtains tied back with fancy black ties. Two bars on either side of the club. The bars were made of black marble with tiny silver flakes in the black marble with stainless steel stools surrounding both bars. Glass shelves behind the bars held the purest Russian liquor with a mirrored back.

Crimson and black marble columns here and there on either side of the club that held lit candlesticks to light the room. The columns supported the balcony above that was littered with rooms for more privacy for couples. Black soft leather booths littering the large room surrounding small to large mahogany and stainless steel drink tables.

The ceiling was done in deep red mahogany wood that was carved into an elegant gorgeous design by a famous Russian artist. It held a chandelier that had real diamonds hanging in an elegant design from the limbs and real candles instead of just a regular light bulb. A long hallway going down the right side of the stage, which held the bathrooms and the stairs to the underground parking. And last but not least a large dance floor to the left and half in front of the stage was made of the same deep red and polished mahogany wood. It was crowded tonight.

All the Russian Mafia members were here along with the gang that was tied to them. They were having a business meeting, a very important one and they were planning on having some fun as well. Both bartenders, two of the waitresses, the piano man, and one of the Russian bad guy’s girlfriends were all undercover agents. They anxiously waited for their point man to walk through those glass frosted doors with gold framing and silver beautiful swiveled door handles. Then it happened, the door guards from outside held open the doors as she walked in.

No matter how many times

You told me you wanted to leave

Every male in the room stared at this gorgeous creature who walked through those doors. She stood there pretending to look around for her man, the boss man of the gang that was tied to the Russian mafia. What she was really doing was making sure all her other team members were in their assigned place.

She hadn’t seen her boyfriend yet who had been ogling her from afar. Starting from her petite feet since he had a foot fetish, two black back straps going around the back of her ankle and sandal-like straps wrapping the rest of her foot with a thin heel and her toenails painted crimson. Delectable.

He licked his lips as his lust filled brown eyes rose up her body, drinking her in. White with shiny sequences all over and long in length dress that had a slit on her right side, showing a nice long creamy leg. As his eyes rose to her 36 c cup bust, his pinstriped pants got a little tighter, her dress had the perfect low cut view of her perky breast.

She was wearing the simple teardrop diamond necklace and the earrings he had sent to her hotel. Her long blonde hair was done up in sort of a bee hive like style with curls falling around her face. Those piercing blue eyes of hers could see anyone straight into their soul. She was all the appearance of a 25 year old goddess, no one but her fellow team members knew that she was only a 15 year girl.

Finally their eyes met across the crowd, he quickly adjusted his belt and made his way over to stand in front of her. She was holding her clutched purse in her hand, he took her hand and kissed the back of it.

“Darling Lidiya, you are a goddess tonight. I am a lucky man. I will have to beat the men off you tonight.” an ugly looking older man coming to her and speaking Russian. She smiled,

“My handsome Nikolay, you don’t know how lucky you are.” the woman kissing him back. He wrapped his arm around her back, leading her to their table, she glanced over at the bar making eye contact with the bar tender.

No matter how many breaths

That you took you still

Couldn’t breathe

“So my darling Lidiya, why don’t you tell me how lucky I am tonight.” Nikolay kissing her neck sensually. Lidiya grabbed his chin rather roughly, kissing him deeply and aggressively, slowly they pulled away,

“There will be plenty of that later on.” Lidiya seductively. Nikolay groaned, he slipped her hand into his crotch,

“You feel that baby, that is all for you. Perhaps I can get you to perform a fan dance later on tonight.” Nikolay whispered in her ear, Lidiya giggled, she grabbed his chin rather rough, knowing he liked it that way since she had spent a whole year with him already.

“You don’t want your sexy girl to be drooled over by your boys now do you? If you’re a good boy maybe a private one can be arranged.” Lidiya seductively as she pressed her lips against his in a rough and aggressive kiss. Nikolay seemed to be melting with every seductive word that came from the goddess’ lips, he finally turning back around to drink his drink.

No matter how many nights

That you’d lie wide awake

To the sound of the poison rain

Where did you go

Where did you go

Where did you go

As days go by

The night’s on fire

As the night wore on Lidiya slid a bug under the table to capture more of the conversation.

“Hey Nikolay honey, dance with me.” Lidiya spoke in Russian, seductively in his ear, he bit his lip,

“Baby, I am in the middle of talking, can you wait a minute?” Nikolay asked.

“But this is my favorite song.” Lidiya whined,

“Fine Alex, take Lidiya to the dance floor.” Nikolay explained to his brother. His brother took her hand,

“Next song, just you and me baby.” Lidiya kissing his lips, making him want her more as she slowly slid away from him.

“Of course darling.” Nikolay being turned on as his eyes filled with lust. Lidiya walked away with the cuter brother of two, they reached the dance floor and started dancing slowly.

“You look very beautiful tonight.” Alex softly letting his eyes wander down.

“I wouldn’t let your brother hear you say that, but thank you for the compliment.” Lidiya smiling. After a few minutes of picking up the chatter at the table on the bug a voice quietly popped in Lidiya’s ear.

“Go for it.”

Tell me would you kill

To save a life

Lidiya looked up at the ceiling,

“Oh no, its raining.” Lidiya catching Alex looking up, she quickly shot her palm up underneath his chin and hard. In a flash she had a gun out and fired off a shot, he dropped to the dance floor with a smoking bullet hole in between his eyes. Now it was show time.

Tell me would you kill

To prove you’re right

The piano man got his gun from underneath the piano and shot at the Russians, the bar tender already had poisoned those sitting at the bar through their drinks, he grabbed his guns from underneath the bar and started firing, every agent knowing how to shoot and making it count the first time. It was a mess every Russian had a gun more powerful than the agents.




Let it all burn.

This hurricane’s chasing

Us all underground

Lidiya had just made it past the piano when it blew up, thankfully she was out of the worst of it, though her shoulder was burnt a little.

“K, you okay?” a female voice in her ear,

“I’m good S.” Lidiya hissing, she saw another Russian and took a shot. She grabbed the other gun from underneath her dress, strapped to the inside of her thighs, she made the slit in her dress higher. She leaned back against the table she had made a fake wall out of, she glanced out from behind it to assess the situation of where everyone was, then she leaned back against the overturned table again. She closed her eyes and clicked the volume up on her other ear so she could get lost in her music.

No matter how many deaths

That I die I will never forget

No matter how many lives

that I live I will never regret

She took a deep breathe and got up, both handguns aimed and firing.

There is a fire inside of this heart

And a riot about to explode

Into flames

Where is your god

Where is your god

Where is your god

Everything played in the same slow motion as her music, as if the music was giving her the fire and the confidence, she walked out in the open, she knew her surroundings, and knew she wasn't going to be stealthy as everyone else was. She was the best of the best and she knew it.  It had taken a second to assess her surroundings and she knew the layout of the room, she had photographic memory. Her guns popped out a bullet here and there finding their mark. It was as if she didn’t care to get shot up, but she knew her training inside and out.

She was getting angry, her mother had been killed because she and her dad let one man get away from them on their last job and he came and found them and killed her mother. Now it was coming up on the anniversary of her mother’s death.

Do you really want

Do you really want me

Do you really want me

Dead or alive

To torture for my sins

Do you really want me

Do you really want me

Dead or alive

To live a lie

She dodged behind a column, checked her guns, then looked around to her right and then to her left, again assessing the situation. She looked up at the ceiling.

“I’m so sorry mom.” Lidiya closing her eyes, she heard a bullet, she quickly moved her head to miss it, she turned and shot the Russian that had fired the bullet, he fell back in the floor with a bullet in between the eyes.

“Oh Lidiya, call your men off or this woman will have an extra hole in her head.” Nikolay called out, Lidiya glanced around, all the agents were still alive, but all were surrounded by a Russian, standing next to a Russian, she noticed he had Sango, her best friend and partner. Sango knew what a good shot her partner was, and she trusted her with her life. Lidiya turned back around and leaned against the column taking a deep breath.

“I said drop it.” Nikolay shouted,

“Wait for my signal.” Lidiya whispered, Lidiya turned around and popped Nikolay right in middle of the eyes, him thinking she wouldn’t take the chance. Sango rolled, having Nikolay’s Dessert Eagle and her own gun and hiding against a column, Lidiya was walking at a quick pace as the other agents fought the Russians, she popped a bullet in each of the Russians that saw her coming.

“This chick is crazy!” one of the Russians hiding behind a column. Lidiya came over and popped him and his buddy on the other side of the bar in the head,

“I’d call it a little eccentric.” Lidiya’s lips turning into a tiny smile. She dodged more bullets by flipping across the club and breaking the Russian’s neck with her strong legs. The fire that had broke out from the explosion was eating the club up quick.

“There’s a chopper coming for us, K, its our only way out.” Sango’s voice breaking into her ear,

“Gotta get a hole through that roof first, I’d stay out of the way of the center of the room if I were you guys.” Lidiya’s voice warning her other fellow agents as they continued to kill the Russians. Lidiya grabbed her a shot from a bottle from the bar as a Russian ran toward her shooting. She raised her arm and fired one shot, he fell back with a bullet hole smoking right between his eyes, she moved to help her other fellow agents.

Tell me would you kill

To save a life

She shot two more bullets off, killing two other Russians.

Tell me would you kill

To prove you’re right

The curtains to the stage area fell with a burning crash to the floor.




Let it all burn

This hurricane’s chasing us

All underground

Suddenly a strong rain of bullets rained through the roof, right in the middle, shortly after a ladder fell through, hanging there and waiting until they were done with their mission.

“You got to get out of here K, there’s more bombs about to blow.” Sango shouted. Lidiya looked around making sure they had gotten everyone,

“Get out of here, I got my own way out.” Lidiya strongly, she then ran back through to the back and down to the basement to the underground parking. She grabbed her fake boyfriend’s Ferrari and jerked the door open, she had lost her heels during the gun fight already and now she was sticking the key in the car and driving like a bat out of hell to get out of the club.

The promises we made

Were not enough

The prayers that we had prayed

Were like a drug

Lidiya’s blue eyes watered and stung, a tear rolled down her fake face.

“I love you mom.” Lidiya switching gears, going even more faster as the underground parking blew up behind her. Then a closer explosion blew, they were going off in sequence. She switched gears again maxing out the speedometer on the car. As she flew out and over into the highway the last explosion blew the club to hell and back she was already halfway down the highway the chopper on her tail.

“She likes to make a grand exit doesn’t she?” one of the agents sitting comfortably in the chopper.

“You just now noticing that Miroku?” Sango asked as she watched her best friend and partner speed down the highway to the safe point. Miroku saw Sango leaning over so he took the chance to grab her ass. Just as he was about to grab, he heard a gun click back,

“Do it and die Roku.” Sango growled. Miroku put his hands up and slowly leaned back in his seat.

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