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Inu Tachi Club by Duchess Of Darkness

Chapter 1: Apologize

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This is a series of related short drabbles. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Apologize

“I’m telling you, he hates me and has it out for me Sango.” Kagome hissed while bracing against the wall.

Sango sipped from her juice box as she watched the tall aloof boy stalk across the walkway into the building. It didn’t escape her notice that everyone practically threw themselves out of his way as he walked. He even had the hardcore delinquents cowering from him.

She shook her head and glared down at her friend ducking beneath the windowsill out of view. “That’s Tashio-sempai. He looks at everyone that way.”

Huffing, Kagome then argued, “Yeah but he looks particularly annoyed when he sets those frigid gold eyes on me. I feel like he wants to snap my neck off every time he looks my way.”

“So, what did you do?”

Kagome gapped up at her friend. “Nothing. Why does it have to be something I did?”

“Because it usually is.” Sango muttered lightly before throwing away her juice box. “I can’t imagine anyone hating you that much Kagome. The only thing I can imagine you guilty of is smiling too much. Not something a body can condemn you for.”

Kagome worried her bottom lip with her teeth then gasped. “Maybe I cut in front of him in line or ran into him on the street without apologizing. Or…or maybe…” she tapped her chin thoughtfully. “…maybe I took his umbrella by mistake at the end of the day. I do it all the time. Of course, no one got mad at me for it since we always trade them back. I never found out who that white umbrella belongs too. Maybe it’s his!”

“I hardly think he would resent you for something that small Kagome. You’re pretty harmless… sometimes.”

Ignoring her friend’s comment, Kagome continued pondering as she finally stood to her full height. She crossed her arms and cocked her head.

Maybe she was taking his glares too personal. She has been known to always take things completely out of context, sometimes missing the point all together if you weren’t straight forward enough with her. But still, she was positive he had this ‘look’ meant specifically for her.

Ever since she transferred into this school a few weeks ago she felt like he was watching her, stalking her, hating her.

“He probably forgotten ever laying eyes on you and yet you’re sitting there worrying an ulcer in your stomach lining.” Sango suggested airily as she turned to walk and drew up short.

“Yeah but you never been on the receiving end of his frosty glares. It’s enough to freeze you on the spo...mph” Kagome collided into a suddenly immobile Sango.” What’s wrong?” she peeked around to look into the eyes that gave her nightmares.

Standing there, Tashio-sempai regarded the girls silently. His gaze zeroed on Kagome’s owlish eyes and narrowed ominously making the girl shrink away.

Sango took that moment to lean back and whisper as softly as possible. “I don’t know what the hell you did, but you better apologize and apologize now.”

Trembling, Kagome gulped loudly.


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