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Luxuria by Stella Mira


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A/N: The summary is a quote from Bram Stoker's Dracula. All quotes used at the beginning of each chapter are from The Tale of Genji.

No penance can your hard heart find

save such as you long since have taught me to endure

He is ebony torture, wrapped in leathery wings and pale skin – consuming, devouring, draining; until no sliver of light can shine, no feather of purity can survive. She knows this well, she knows since the first time he took her. How long has it been? She remembers not the how, the why, or the when; she only feels. He must never leave her for she will not survive without him – yet she knows he will. Once more, the time has come for her to let go. She can feel it in his treacherous kiss, in his insidious touch, in his desirous voice. She cannot keep him prisoner to her lust for long.

A sleek tail slithers against wet folds. Teasing. Delving. Invading. "Please…please…I-I cannot…"

His cruel chuckle becomes velvet silk upon stained skin. "Yes, you can…yes, you will…"

Long, dark tresses caress the writhing body, hiding crimson marks of passion – of fangs and nails. "Please…let me…I-I need…"

The sultry tongue drags across palpitating flesh, igniting the aching pleasure that spills forth from the merest lick. "Dance and sing and shatter for me…"

Words of leisure, bonds of pleasure – they are all he knows. And he offers them freely as is in his tainted nature. More. She only ever asks for more. But this is the last time; at least until he returns to her enduring clutches again.


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