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Aisthesis by Stella Mira


Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha. All credit belongs to Takahashi, Rumiko.

A/N: Ahoy, warnings: sexual abuse, schizophrenia, split personality disorder, Stockholm Syndome. Yeah, it's full of fun stuff, so tread with caution.

"You have corrupted my imagination and inflamed my blood."

Wisps of raven hair billow through his silver tresses – inviting. Bells of light laughter ring in his sensitive ears – tempting. Flecks of sapphire gems shimmer before his captured gaze – luring. Never before has a human being held his interest with such rapture – never. He struggles to unveil the shrouded mystery, give reason to unbecoming curiosity, end the wretched obsession. He cannot understand the potent power of this woman; and so – he observes and stalks and waits.

What are you, onna? Why am I drawn to you? Why does your face cause me unrest? Countless times he ponders on the implications of this unprecedented occurrence. Yet no answers are found each and every time. There is only unwanted want. Festering. Seething. Devouring.

He can understand honor, pride, duty – always has. They are the values which nurture, sustain, and validate his ageless existence. Intrigue is foreign to him – so is attraction and lust. He cannot find words more suiting to name these strange emotions. Yet even as he recognizes them for what they are, he feels as if they do not belong to him. Her velvet lavender scent clings to his skin; but he remembers not when her touch corrupted him. He has never dared taste the forbidden nectar of her hidden gifts before – he is certain. Then, why, why does her essence saturate his blood? Why?

A/N: The quote at the beginning is from Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Mosach.


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