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Mitsubachi by Lyra




"Autumn is no time to lie alone."

Sound of slick flesh.

Sweet moan well provoked.

The thoughtless wandering of hands that know the one they are loving well…very well.


Very well.

Kagome -

Her laughter ripples over his ears like the silk she pulls from his skin, exposing his chest above the loose tie of his robe and the red throbbing of his erection against her body, slipping against wetness but not penetrating – not yet. She wants him – he can pleasure her like no one else – but she will make him work for what he wants because it pleases her to do so.

Not yet, Kouga. Not yet.”

His hands are rough on her skin; his claws rake the soft flesh of her breasts and thighs, sets the heat between her thighs spiraling on an upward climb to a greater heat.

Kagome – you have too much fun with – ah -”

His groan is deep, bestial, the purring of the wolf, as she rises up and slips him deep into her body. Wet ripples of desire convulse around him and he grasps her thighs in powerful hands and presses up into her, thrusts up again and again until she is panting leaning back in a smooth, perfect curve, one hand squeezing a nipple tightly, the other playing with the slick and swollen heat between her thighs.

Kouga – Kouga -”

He knows she is close to her climax when she begins to breathe his name; he can feel the flexing of the muscles inside her, and he reaches with one hand to replace her own fingers with his, to send her crashing over the inevitable edge with the rough brush of his calloused touch.

She thrums against his moving fingers; she presses her breasts toward him, begging in silence for his fingers to pinch the tingling nerves in her nipples again, but his hands are still against her. The only movement now is from her trembling body, held against him by the hand that is not pressed against her softness in rapture and tense sweet torture.

How many times he has done this to her in the months since they first loved one another she no longer remembers, but she has learned patience at his hands - patience and the greatest pleasure flesh can sustain.

His hands are fire, and then they are ice. Trembling follows the flow of them over her skin and taunts sleeping nerves she didn’t know she possessed. Now they are alive, crawling, angry under her skin for his attention.

Kouga looks up at her, beauty bucking her hips. Her clitoris stands out, a pink and swollen bud; the folds of her vulva bloom around it, sticky with entrapping nectar. He strokes the bud with smooth fingertips – fingertips without fingerprints. He plays with the hard points of her nipples, one at a time; he bends close to her mouth and runs his tongue over his lips, but he is sure and certain not to send her tipping over that precious edge.

They fall together when she takes him once more deeply into her body. She feels white heat spooling out within her like an endless uncoiling thread of fire; the muscles within her pulse in the ancient pattern – clench, release of wetness, the surrender of all her nerves to one sensation. Pleasure.

The guttural depth of Kouga's groan is the perfect counterpoint to everything running within her, to all the warmth, the blazing fire and the coals it leaves behind.

Kagome leans down and presses her body against him. His arms wrap around her and he presses his lips to her temple.

What a lovely, unexpected surprise, sweet Kagome. I've missed you -”

She turns into his arms and kisses him.

And I've missed you. I wouldn't have been able to come, except I was summoned today by His Eminent Majesty The Dog.”

She breaks out into a fit of giggles; Kouga encourages her with tickling fingers against her ribs.

Oh? Say he sent you with a surrender, and that he'll give up his throne to me tomorrow!”

Kagome, the lady Mitsubachi, miko-assassin in service to the youkai emperor, sits up and stills his hands on her stomach with her own hands. In that moment he can see why she was able to make and keep the reputation she has, though she has rarely killed and never at all in Sesshomaru's service.

Even to think that name puts a bad taste in Kouga's mouth, and he kisses Kagome again to wash it away.


A/N: Part two; three is still in editing, perhaps an hour or so until it's done. Enjoy the smuts my dears, I hope there've been some surprises for you....:cackles: What happens next? Only I know...but you will soon!

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