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Imprecare by JeniNeji


Inuyasha©Rumiko Takahashi

Beta: MissKatt


A curse meant to separate mates, to weaken them. No one really thought it could backfire, much less that it could make them all face their demons and become stronger. [Dokuga exclusive] [Written for the Summer Smut Madness Tournament]


“Touch yourself. For me.”

Inside of the freezing cave, the small form bundled in silver curled further into her body. A small, stubborn whine escaped her tightly pressed lips and she turned away; trying to hide. But try as she might, she couldn’t run away from the voice. The voice was inside her head.

“You want to. I want you to. Hell…I want to do more than that. And you know you must.”

Another whine escaped her, this one a sorrowful cry of desperation. “No,” the small female whispered angrily, “I won’t do it.” Then she hid her naked body under the furs again. She hoped to get out of the nightmare that had been the last seven days; seven torturous nights. Because…she had known what being shunned felt like. Had felt the sharp steel of a knife dig into her body, had felt the burns of a monk’s power and even felt the violence of her own kind many times in life. However, she had never felt a pain such as this one; a crippling of her blood pumping organ accompanied by the burning streak of insanity in her mind. She was losing this battle. She just wasn’t strong enough. And…it wasn’t even she who was in pain.

Her lover, her mate, her alpha…he was no longer at her side. He had been attacked, enslaved and cursed thanks to the betrayal of his own inupack. As expected, without his protection it had been an easy feat for the rest of the males in the pack to cage her inside her own den until they decided what to do with her. Until they decided who will rise to power as the new alpha and would claim her as his mate.

She was, sadly, a prized mate. Death would have been more welcome at this moment.

“Will you let them win? Those who murdered your mate? Will you let them claim you, rule you and our pack?”

The voice was now a growl. There was anger and a helpless which was totally unheard of in the Taiyoukai’s voice. The Inu no Taisho’s legends, and reign, were immortal. Youkai and human alike knew about him; feared him. He had ruled over the Western Lands for a millennium now, and had control over the remaining Lords, and packs, since they were born…literally. So strong was his power; that far reached his dominance.

No other land, no other youkai, would ever surpass him. He was unrivaled, would always be. That was why he was being taken out of the picture. No youkai could defeat him and they had finally realized it. But the impossible was happening. The Inu no Taisho had been hit by an incredibly strong miko curse, had been caught and was now at the brink of death. Fighting it still…but losing. His will was weak now; his body taking longer to recover. She could feel it…through their bond; in her soul.

She could not allow that.

But could she…save him?

“Tell me where you are,” she pleaded softly, eyes watering. “I will save you.” She promised; but as always her words fell on deaf ears. He would not pay them any heed. Would never believe them. Not that she believed them herself.

She was weak.

She was a fountain of energy, of youki, but as fate would have it she was unable to use any of it. Not even to save her life. She was a female meant to be the counterpart of a great youkai, meant to make him undefeatable, but nothing else. She was an addition, a charm. Oh, how long had she been chased? Abused? Centuries. Until the Inu no Taisho found her and nurtured her back to a semblance of a coherent being; until he brought her broken petals together and made her a whole, blooming flower again. He didn’t have to, he was strong enough to bind her without opportunity to escape, but he did. He took the time to heal her, to like her. She loved him because of that. That had been decades ago, though sometimes it felt like a long time. Sometimes, like this one, it felt too short.

“No. You will touch yourself for me. You will pour your honey for me. Then you will go out of the cave and hunt down the youkai who will save me. He is the only one who can save me.”

The inufemale once again hugged herself and whined her disagreement. She knew the risks. She knew she would never come unscarred from an encounter with a stranger in such compromising circumstances. Smelling of sex and arousal and frustration? The youkai will most probably mark, and claim her, and then take her away and never help her mate. More so…if this youkai was as strong as her mate suggested, his mark would override her mate’s and she would be left disconnected from him with no way to know of his fate.

She couldn’t.

She loved him too much.

…didn’t she?

Another cry passed her lips. She was torturing him. Because she was mated to him, and her youki was unlimited, she was keeping him alive. Her youki was restoring his body and his youki constantly. He was alive and conscious while the curse spread through his body, through his mind and his captors tortured his body relentlessly. She was a monster. She was so selfish…but she couldn’t let him die. No. She could find a way to save him…if only he cooperated. Why?! Why was he so stubborn?

Drawing her courage and strength from her anger she sat and dug her claws into her arms angrily, “Tell me where you are!” she demanded, black hair floating around her because of her youki. It always did; it marked her as a Counterpart. Feeling her anger her youki began to flare around her more violently, making the ends of her hair snap through the air. It was all it ever did. Useless power.

“I love you.”

Those words, spoken with such warm broke her. She bent over and screamed her frustration. It was so unfair. It had been his mistake to love her. He shouldn’t! Now she could understand why all those who had tried to force her did what they did. No one should love her. Not like this. What sense did it make to make a male so strong if it would end up dead because she lacked the strength to save him? She was useless!

“Lay down.”

This time his voice was authoritarian and her spine stiffened at the order. An order she had obeyed all too happily for years. Lay down. Spread your legs. Raise your ass. But this was not like before. He was not here…physically. After a few deep breaths, the black-haired inu obeyed the soft command. Defeated. Resigned. Heart broken.

“Run you dainty, pointed claws from your neck down your chest, down your stomach and then down your right hip. Let me feel you. Think it is me doing this to you. My venomous claws. My eyes watching you. Let me see it. Let me feel it through the bond. I need it. Need to feel something other than this pain. I want to get hard…it want to feel your release, imagine you are screaming for me.”

His groan was pained, his voice shaky. He was not doing fine at all. He never showed any weakness…not even to her.

Trembling claws moved into the ordered caresses slowly, the way she knew he liked it. They tickled her, but it wasn’t the same. Her claws would never do his justice. His were warm, always dangerous because of their poison, and the way he pressed them to her body…not enough to draw blood but enough to make her toes curls…it was entirely him.

The memories helped. It made her body relax and her heart ease its ache, if only a little. Her soul exploded outwards and opened the channel that allowed them to communicate telepathically. She let the feelings flow, the sensations, and gave him the connection he deeply craved.

Her claws reached her right hip and when she only felt him breathe in the sensations, lost in his own feelings, she decided to make her own choices. Her claws moved to her thigh and circled, and circled. Each time closer to her core, but never there. She made herself get frustrated, get needy. She knew he loved to feel it. Loved to torture her to beg.

She then remembered his eyes; and her lower half heated in response. His eyes…those golden stars, those burning suns…always her focus. Always her salvation. Her perdition. Her weakest point. Her anchor while they fucked, they loved each other. Always the eyes. They shone demonic, dangerous; and it made her want him all the more. To sink her fangs in, to bite, to pull out the blood and drink. And drink more. And hear him moan in pleasure. In rapture. Like an animal. Like a beast. Like the beast he was.

He was all beast. Has always been.

Tight chest, strong arms, deadly claws, steel body. And the heat. The heat when his skin touched hers was unbearable. His breath… like the finest sake and the most sinful orgasm.  His breath reminded her of his taste. Always, and of the seed he constantly poured on her. Oh! How good did that feel! She craved. Wanted. Needed. Always. Always. More. Now.

It was unavoidable. Heat began to pool down her belly, warmness began to spread and her toes began to chill. She hated this, but loved it all the same. She hated getting flustered, frustrated. More now that she knew he will not sink into her. There was no way for him to turn her over and spank her, push her into the furs and made her cry out in ecstasy.

She turned and snarled, the cave echoing her misery and bouncing it back to her. Mockingly. “I don’t want this,” she breathed out angrily, but her finger drew closer to her aching heat, and not away. She didn’t know what she wanted. She was never away from Touga, he didn’t let her. She didn’t want to be anyways. And every time her need grew, her frustration increased, he would pound it and beat it away leaving her satiated and loving him all the more. There was no day where her needs passed unnoticed. No day where his presence was unable to calm her. No, he was there every day and every time.

But…even when he was away…she wanted this. Wanted to rise to the skies. Wanted to come, to feel the adrenaline pumping through her blood. The peacefulness it came afterwards. A distraction from this misery.

“That’s it, Kagome. Pleasure yourself. You know I would do it if I were there. You know how. Kami…I can feel you, here, even here. I feel how hot you are, how frustrated. Kami! It hurts so much. Don’t suffer like that, my love, do it. Sink your claws in, slowly, in and out. But slowly.”

She whimpered slowly, but she couldn’t refuse him, or herself. Didn’t want to. She was losing it because of the stress. She needed this outlet. Craved it. So she sank two fingers inside her slowly and whined in response. It was not enough. Not enough to be similar to him, to the feel of him. Damn it! She wanted him inside her! She would have been begging by now and crying out of frustration. Angered, she drew her two fingers and tried with three.

Why were they so damned short?! So slim?! She tossed around the furs angrily, growling.

“Calm down, my love” He chuckled. “Always so impatient. Lay on your side, press your legs together and try again…it feels better, doesn’t? Ah, yes…I can feel it does. Again, slowly dearest. In and out.”

She breathed hard. It felt better…but it was harder to achieve. Her limbs appeared to be too short, her legs were in the way. But…oh, she wouldn’t stop. No. She liked it. She set about to enjoying the sensation as much as she could and make it resonate through the bond. His groan told her she succeeded.

“That’s it, girl. I feel it. So good. Now…roll your fingers around just for the fun of it. And…why don’t you try to insert the fourth one? I bet it will drive you wild.”

She gasped silently, feeling naughtier than she had in a long time. She was naughty in many ways with her mate, but seeing how he loved every bit of it made her feel powerful instead of ashamed. It was their secret and their pleasure. There was no wrongness there. But this? This was different…she was alone and though it feel too good for her to be totally ashamed…she didn’t feel as free. It was her being stupid, and she hated it. She didn’t want to be worried or think about the morality of this…she wanted to feel!

She growled and shook her head, to push the thoughts away. Then when she was sure she had succeeded, she followed through with his suggestion. Her whole body tensed in pleasure. The sensations strange on her mind, but so pleasant. She purred. He chuckled.

“That’s my fucking girl. So strong. So passionate. Go on. Move faster. Push harder. Come. Come.”

The order was not whispered on her ears as most night, or days. But the command was clear and the response of her body was the same. As in a frenzy she did as he told. Plundered in faster and harder, crossed her ankles to increase the sensation. Her mouth opened in a silent scream until finally the grand finale came.

She cried out, and cried. Her body shuddering after her release and her hot molten honey poured out of her, making her dizzy with want. She was dumfounded, but there was something very clear in all this. She was not satisfied and she wanted more. Much more. More friction, more size. More pain. And, if possible, a fanged mouth to clean her real neat down there. Now.

Toga chuckled.

“Go find that youkai, love. He will know you. We will meet again and I will fuck you senseless. Promise.”

She stretched for a long moment. Blue eyes blinked, “Pinky promise?” She demanded.

“Pinky promise.” He chuckled.


Kagome ran out of the cave by a small opening they always kept closed. It had been easy to find, though she had never used it before. Thankfully since she had been practically a zombie since Inu no Taisho had been taken away, the vigilance had been poor and she had the chance to run away. She even wondered if they would realize she had left. They came to check in on her and bring her food once every two days and they came yesterday. Unless one of them picked up her scent while she escaped. She hoped not.

Nature was truly mean when he created her and her kind. She couldn’t even feel youki users around her or hide her scent. It was a blessing she had her canine senses and her youkai strength, if not, she would be practically a human. Not that she particularly hated them before now…but it would have been truly disconcerting.

She needed to get as far away from the pack as possible.

Who was this youkai she was supposed to meet? The thought passed through her head as she ran past the bushes of the frozen forest of the West. She knew the landscape a little for Touga always took her around when he made his rounds. But even when the knowledge was there, it was but a fleeting image. She knew where the cliffs sat, where the rivers crossed, but as she ran towards the forest she really had no idea where to go to hide or where to find a good place to meet this youkai. Touga never had a reason to hide or find shelter. They simply cuddled together under his fur and that was that. She was a fool to not learn the area. Her mate had always been so strong.  She never saw a need. How could she have guessed something like this would happen?

A sound to her left made her ears ring nervously. Blue eyes darted in said direction, but there was nothing she could see. She knew there was someone near though. Was it the pack? Was it the youkai she had been sent to meet? Was it…a rogue youkai?

Blood flew to her brain making her head ache and her heart speed up painfully. She was being followed. She was in danger. Any being who followed her was cause of danger…it was the way of her life. Panic made her legs drive harder, but she was still at a disadvantage. She could hardly think past the fear. She could never outrun her memories and her pains.

Followed, followed, followed! It was all she could think about. How to escape, escape, she needed to escape. It was a good plan, if it had worked, but no. As fate would have it…a hand snaked around her neck and pushed her hard against the forest ground…and then there was a sharp pain…after that, everything went black.


It had been easy to find the female. His father had told him she would have his scent, but she…she was completely covered in it. She was his mate, he immediately realized. He should have known. How had it slipped him? His father asking for help? Sending a female?

Of course, it was his father’s doing. The dog always managed to mislead him, one way or another. It was one of his many abilities.

His father had contacted him, asked him to help him. It had been a surprise, he had to admit. His father was the strongest youkai he had ever met…and they weren’t much of friends. They were related by blood, yes, but these last centuries they had only spoken about business matters. Touga was never inattentive…simply not the fatherly type. But, he guessed it was all right. He was never the warm son either. He was too powerful, and proud, to be such a pup. He didn’t regret how things went. He had grown to accept them. It was all right.

But…this situation…there was more than what met the eye. This female…his father’s mate; she was too young. The inufemale was a pretty little thing with flashy ebony hair, pale skin and his father’s silver mokomoko around her. This was surprising because his father…well, it was enough to say that he had a very specific taste in females…and she didn’t fit in the category. His mother fit into that category. This new mate was too little. His father was fonder of light colored hair. Perhaps…it had to do with the smell of her arousal…of her obvious magician abilities.

He never met a magician youkai, a Counterpart, before. Of course he had heard of them and of the power they could add to any youkai they mate, everyone had. They could enhance power, serve as reserve, but it was up to the youkai they mated with to control it all. A weak youkai, untrained about the various ways of youki, wouldn’t  be able to make full use of a Counterpart. So, while they were well-known, much of their power was still unknown. Tricky. So…perhaps this was the reason which drove his father to mate her. A reason based solely on business and logic. That sounded like his father. He had always been the curious type.

Sesshomaru frowned uncertainly when his golden eyes fell on the female’s form again. It had been most interesting to see her running around the forest. Sadly her panic polluted the air, but it was her hair, the way her youki coiled around her that had made him see her. Her hair was flowing around her with no natural order. It was not trailing behind her as she ran, instead it was waving in an upward spiral, softly…it was most charming. No, he never met one with her abilities. Nor…a female who smelt so damned well. Kami! Save him from that scent! It was driving him wild.

He growled low. There was a growing restlessness in his chest; a very unfamiliar and uncomfortable one. He hated when his instincts reacted by themselves. He valued control above all things. But…he had to admit they were reacting now and were very demanding. He debated a moment: should he follow his instincts…or not? It was the ferocity of them that made him even think about it. In a normal situation, he would have ignored his instincts…but this time, he wasn’t sure he wanted to. Damn. He didn’t want to ignore them. He shivered in indecision.

He gave his surroundings a thorough glance, but there was no one nearby. No one who could bother him, stop him, confront him. Judge him. He was alone, all alone…with her. With good-smelling her.

With a huff he knelt down next to the female and sniffed the air again. Pushing his instincts into havoc and loving it. He took in her feminine scent and the scent of her desire deep into his lungs. Tasted it by smell; once and again and marveled in it. The scent of her was insanely arousing…it was like a sin. And he, like the youkai he was…decided to taste it to hell. Why not? He cared not for salvation.

He pulled her legs to him and placed her in front of him at the perfect distance. Then he bent a little and, slowly oh so slowly, pressed his nose to the center of her existence; where her scent was the strongest. It made him shiver again. His heart jumped in excitement. Never before had he felt like this. Needing no more prompting, he opened his mouth and passed his wet tongue through her folds, taking in the taste of her. He groaned and whined and whimpered and did it again. The taste exploded into his mouth and flew upwards to his mind and made him blink in utter bliss.

He needed more.

He licked her opening carefully, the rough texture of his tongue delighting on the softness of her insides. He made sure to clean thoroughly, on the outside, the inside, even the short curls which tried to hide her from him. He left not a single drop of her liquid for the air to dry. It would be a shame. To waste such a precious gift…he wanted more. More, much more. He took a deep, calming breath.

Golden eyes looked up again. A trail of blood was running down her cheeks from her forehead where her head had connected to the floor when he had pushed her earlier. He tilted his head to the side. The blood smelled delightful, but it was not the same. Not even close. Still, it would have to be enough. He had to regain his sense or who knows what would he do.


He knew what he would do, but wouldn’t. Control above all else. This was his father’s mate. This was his way of taunting him. He was offering this female to him in exchange for help. He was playing him. He wanted him to take her, wanted to see him get wild by a female. To see him lose his iron control. To see his mask fall. But he wouldn’t just fall like that. Not that easily.

And so, he gingerly moved her legs away from him and climbed up and licked the blood running down her face. He groaned, and purred. So…so tasty. How could someone be so tasty? It was something for him to wonder about later when the memories of her taste kept him awake at night.


Small, naked feet followed the steps of the boots left by the male walking in front of her. Blue eyes blinked slowly and a small worry about how cold the snow was passed through her. It was but a minor discomfort. Youkai were built strongly and she was able to shove this small bother aside, sure it wouldn’t be much of a problem. She was not accustomed to it, but logically, her body could survive it.

With a soft sigh Kagome stretched her neck from one side to the other and then her eyes looked down at the white haori she was wearing. It was white with red flowers on the awfully long sleeves and the left shoulder. It was a nice wake-up surprise, she guessed, considering that she could have woken up to a new mating mark instead. She was very grateful for her luck, and the chivalry of the youkai who had found her. There were so few of them anymore. The Kami had helped her, she was sure. Her small hands fixed the mass of silver fur over her shoulders a little and pulled it close to her for warmth…and reassurance. She missed her mate.

Then her eyes locked on the youkai walking in front of her. His gait was royal, his silver hair beautiful and he looked young. Definitely older than her, but not as old as Touga, which meant he was not a childhood friend of her mate. Then again, how many youkai managed to survive for so long? Not many. This youkai, who somehow was friends with Touga, was very quiet and had not spoken much to her. Just an ‘Are you alright?’ followed by a soft ‘Follow.’

It could be a lot worse, she knew, and so she had obeyed quietly. She had yet to speak to him herself, was afraid to. She didn’t know him, didn’t dare ask him things because she didn’t know how he would react and…she didn’t want to get his attention in any way. Well, more than she already had. She knew she will have to…she knew it was meant to happen, Touga had meant it that way, but a small part of her refused to accept the whole agreement. If she could get out of this without mating this new youkai…she would.

She followed her plan of silence for a few hours, but then she couldn’t anymore. Silence made her nervous, always had. “Do you know where Touga is?” she asked softly. She felt as if the forest ate her words. She didn’t mean them to be so soft…and now she would have to repeat herself…if she dared.

“I am following our pack link,” the stranger told her after a moment, making her start. He had heard her. She was surprised. “I am beta of one of his packs.”

Kagome blinked in understanding and felt a little better now, “Which one? What’s your name?” she asked curiously. She knew Touga was alpha of many packs along the Western Lands and some others, but she had never met any of them. Never cared enough to even ask, if she was honest. She had been so happily ignorant in her small bubble.

“It’s not important,” the silver-haired stranger told her after a moment. Just like that the small bridge that had been forming between them broke. He noticed and winced internally. He usually didn’t care for anyone’s feelings but this time, it was different. He was unsure about how things were going to go between he, this female, and his father and he had to be prepared for anything. “How long has Touga been away?” he asked then. He needed to know to have a general idea of what was happening to his father, and to keep her calm.

“Well,” the female spoke and then stopped, perhaps to think about it, “Seven days. He told me he was attacked. Our pack betrayed him, bought the service of monk and miko to make a curse.” A low growl made her flinch. She stopped walking and eyed her companion warily.

“Unforgivable,” said her inuyoukai companion.

She had expected anger, but there was none. It made her frown. She felt he was angry, but she couldn’t sense it or smell it. It was strange. Touga was quick to show his anger. This new development made her more wary of her companion.

“Is he alive?” he asked suddenly, monotonously.

Kagome nodded, then shook her head. “Yes,” she said and then her mood fell, “He’s weakening. It was what made me come find you.”

Slowly Sesshomaru began to understand a little better about what was happening. “You are a Counterpart,” he said monotonously and ignored the way she tensed, “I have known since I saw you for the first time. Do not concern yourself about it now. How long have you been Touga’s mate?”

Kagome tilted her head to the side, “A century or so?” Then she frowned when he began to move deeper into the forest, “Why is that important?”

Sesshomaru ignored her question, “I can assume your mating bond is strong?” he waited a moment and then glanced back to her and received a weak nod, “Enough to keep him alive when he should be dead?”

The inufemale stopped and looked at him with regretful eyes. They measured each other up, not physically, but in the soul. Then she nodded her head again, “He’s suffering.”

Sesshomaru looked down at the white snow for a moment, thoughtful, then locked eyes with her. “There is a cave nearby,” he said suddenly, “We will rest.”

She knew she shouldn’t, but she couldn’t help herself. “I don’t need rest.” Then she fisted her hands. Her mate was dying and she finally found the youkai who could save him. She didn’t want to wait any longer. To her surprise, her companion didn’t get angry. Instead, he eyed her thoughtfully.

“A storm is coming,” the stranger told her, “My senses are being hindered. I traveled non-stop for a week and though I am not my weakest, I will need all my strength.”

Her shoulders slumped, but she accepted it. After all, if he failed to save her mate… then everything would be over. She followed the inumale silently and crawled inside the small cave he found. It was cold, but at least the air didn’t hit her directly. “How did you know where the cave was?” she asked, just to make conversation.

The male finally reached a wider space at the cave and stood. Then glanced at the other side where the cave continued but ignored it. “I have taken refuge here before. This is not the first time I visited these parts of the West.”

“I see,” she said evenly and then found a corner she liked and settled there, hidden by Touga’s fur. “My name is Kagome.” They had yet to introduce themselves and she was finding it odd. Never had she spent to so long with someone without knowing his name. He merely looked at her and nodded, but didn’t offer his name in return. What bad manners. He set to ignore her then. He took his corner, took off his armor, and reclined against the rock and closed his eyes.

Kagome studied him further, knowing sleep would not come for her. Besides, she had been unconscious just that morning. She had her rest. This stranger was too strange to her comfort and she was unable to simply relax at his side. His strength was a relief, yes, but his motivations and secrets were making her skin crawl. Why was he helping Touga? Why didn’t he mate her forcefully when he had the chance and the right? She knew Touga had offered her as a trade…the bastard. Unless…unless he planned on killing him afterwards and claiming her again…or simply claiming her again. Could that be so? Or, did he tire of her? Was she too weak from his point of view now? After all, she had been unable to save him.

So…why did this stranger act so differently than expected? What was his plan?

“You are panicking,” the strange inu whispered from his corner, eyes closed. “What has you worried?”

“Does it matter?” she asked disrespectfully. She didn’t understand, never had, why she behaved like this when she was afraid…she should avoid confrontation, but no. Her fear made her mouthy and mouthy always managed to get her in trouble. Or angered, which helped.

“Your scent,” he told her simply, “It doesn’t let me rest.”

Kagome snorted, “Sorry.” Then she kept quiet for a moment. Debating whether to share her worries or not, and if yes, how? He, so far, had managed to keep calm and collected. She felt like he was a sensible being who was stronger than his instincts. She knew what his instincts had demanded the moment he had seen her. She knew what he had done when he had her. She had his smell and she could feel, and smell herself on him. He had licked her clean…but had done nothing more. It had utterly surprised her…and at the same time, made her fear him a little. He was something else. Something different, unknown…and possibly dangerous.

“Well?” prompted Sesshomaru after a few minutes. Eyes still closed, mokomoko lying at his side.

“You licked me,” blurted Kagome with narrowed eyes. She guessed it would be the question to bring the most answers.

A smirk grew into the inuyoukai’s lips, “It was delicious,” he purred and finally opened his eyes. His eyes were gold, but there was a ring of red around them, “I would do it again, if you are offering.”

Warning bells, hot and cold hit Kagome hard. She was appealed at his forwardness, she was a mated female and her instincts reacted aggressively to such behavior, but mixed in all that was something else too. His words, his voice and his eyes made her blood run high to her cheeks and down to her core. It was so strong that she felt cold inside, something of a warning she knew from long ago. Her instincts always exploded out, not wondering of reasons or consequences and she had to reel them in. Force them back. She knew she must…but her being was overwhelming her.

Then he stood from his corner and made his way to her. The confidence as he walked was enough to intimidate and prick her curiosity. There was no fear, no second thought…and why should they be? She was who she was, and he a strong youkai. He was handsome too, in a very pretty way unlike Touga who was more brutish.


She whined when he was upon her and curled into the furs, hiding her face between them. He watched her, felt her by scent and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath. Mixed feelings, signals, he found and it made his life hell. “You are aroused,” he said and he took hold of her waist and pushed her a little to the side. He settled next to her and added his mokomoko to the collection of furs. “You are also in pain,” he voiced and dug his nose into her neck. He inhaled deeply, then pulled a little away and blew off the waving strands of her hair tickling him, but they came back with vengeance. “Let me take the pain away. I am in control.”

He watched with baited breath as she peeked at him from the corner of her eye. Assessing him, checking the veracity of his words. His eyes were red and were getting redder. He knew and was bothered by it, but he held still. Showing her his instincts did not control him, but him them. It was all a lie. He was dying inside. Only his need to taste her kept him calm. He knew that if he didn’t show her this, she wouldn’t let him idolatrize her body. It was not control, or logic, it was need that had him still.

He exhaled when she did nothing but look at him. He took that as a yes. He moved a little, pressing one side of his body over hers. She flinched a little and glanced at his face, but she did not complain. So, he went on. His clawed hand found her leg and the pointy tips ghosted over her skin playfully. She shifted and whined under his hand. His heart jumped. His fangs ached. He stopped, suddenly afraid.

Kagome looked up at the inuyoukai. She was on her side, partially under him, but free to move as she pleased. His eyes were red, so red. It was a new experience…never had her mate’s eyes turned such a meaningful color. She affected this being so. Yet, he tried to keep his control. Did she affect him the same way the last time? Did he fight this off alone last time? Must have. There was honor in him. It pleased her. Until she realized he was going to pull away. She held his arm, but said nothing.

He eyed her cautiously.

She eyed him pleadingly.

His eyes grew even darker, if that was even possible. Then he turned her abruptly, gentleness forgotten and settled between her legs. He was about to reach his prize but her gasp startled him. He eyed her face and she watched him sharply. He hesitated. She nodded. He almost laughed, but there was no need to waste time in that. He pushed the end of the haori he lent her upwards and slowly approached her. He stopped again. “I want to eat you,” he said solemnly, as if that was something very important.

Kagome shuddered. There were so many factors affecting her. The cold in the cave. The warmth of the furs. The heat of him. The need inside her. The desire eating at her. Her frustration from before, but her mate…her mate.

A growl interrupted her a second before his tongue touched her tentatively. She gasped again, in surprise, and her clawed hands found his hair. He hissed, making her shiver, and then grabber her leg more firmly. As if seeking an anchor. Seeking reassurances. Then he delved deeper and unconsciously, Kagome’s ankles crossed behind his back and pulled him closer to her. He responded to her by sucking and nipping at her folds. She cried out and moaned.

He groaned, “You taste so good,” he whispered in a frenzy as he pushed himself to sit. He positioned her in front of him and pulled her legs over his shoulders and attacked her center again. This time, there was no censure to her screams, or cries. He dug deep into her, sucked around her clitoris and even used his fingers to drive her into insanity. He was loving every thrash and buckle she made. Every beg, every time she supplicated for more. His mind was splitting. He was losing himself. His instincts and his rationale were not even fighting; instead, they had separated into a companionable friendship. Both set on enjoying themselves. He growled in pleasure.

“No…no…” Kagome began to cry when the familiar ache began to build, when she felt herself tighten. She tried to pull her legs, but her companion tightened his hold and growled warningly. She gasped and bucked closer to his mouth, seeking more of his, a harder invasion. But, something nagged into the back part of her mind, and when the moment when she knew she was supposed to reach her peek came, it didn’t. Something held it back, “No…”

Sesshomaru stopped for a moment, eyed her, “You want me to stop?” he asked, red eyes blinking hazily, poisonous claws digging into her skin.  

Kagome cried and shook her head. She bucked her center to him again, offering herself. Needing to come, needing that release. She hated that she needed it, but dared not lie to herself. She wanted it just as much.

The male inuyoukai’s nostrils flared when she offered, opened, herself so provocatively to him. He had tried to reign his senses, his instincts for her protection, but who was protecting him? No one. He damned all and pulled her closer to him. Licked her center once, used his fingers to fuck her and bit her inner thigh harshly, drawing blood. The sweet liquid, poured from the wound and he sucked on it frantically. Angry. Needy. Lost. Found. Wanting. He wanted to dig himself inside her. Knew she wouldn’t allow it.  Not yet. He pulled her blood one last time, not once ignoring the mountain of moans flowing from her lips, and moved his attention to her center again. He drew his fingers back, but didn’t even let her complain. He found her small pearl and sucked for all he was worth.

She came crashing down with a loud howl. He smirked and hurriedly licked her as she came, flicking her pearl to get as much of her as she could. She sobbed in relief, in surprise, in pleasure and he loved the sight she made. There, in front of him, exhausted and happy and rosy and sweaty.

He could get used to it, he thought. Now though…he had a little problem he needed to deal with. A hard problem. He took hold of her ankles and slowly began to push her legs away from him, but they tightened around him. His eyes flew to hers. She grinned. Slowly she lowered her legs and snaked them around his ribs, then used them to raise herself until she sat on his laps. He tensed when her moist middle fell exactly where he wanted her, but without his pants in the way. It was a good thing he had them still, or else not even his  control would have been enough and he would have sank his length into her in a harsh, perfect thrust.

“Thank you,” Kagome said softly, one hand on his shoulder and one under his jaw. Her blue eyes bore into his for a moment and then she pulled him towards her and molded her lips to his.

He instantly groaned and his hands squeezed her ass. Firm, small ass. Then he concentrated on her kiss, on her tongue and began to battle her for dominance of the kiss. She smiled into his mouth. He bit her lower lip and she yelped and pulled away. A smile on her eyes.

“Take off your pants,” she commanded softly, making him eye her questioningly. “I want to see you touching yourself…and don’t worry, I’ll help.”

He thought about it for a moment, but as he watched her slide away from him he felt the cold hit him. It was more something of the mind than something physical, but it was still there. “It is not needed,” he told her, not wanting to make her do something she didn’t want, but begging inside she did want to.

“What you did for me wasn’t either,” she barked softly and glared at him, “Off,” she said, pointing to his pants.

He didn’t ask twice and quickly began to undress. She watched him, he noticed, and he felt his heart skip a beat. She was attracted to him, he knew it from the start, but to see it so obvious in her eyes, in the lust clouding him made him feel bigger, wilder. There was something very wrong here, but he didn’t care. He had thought he would have to work on her to get her to mate him, but perhaps…it wouldn’t be so difficult. Maybe…

Her hands were suddenly on him, pulling his pants and boots off with a harsh tug. His golden eyes widened slightly but he lied on the furs, more than a little curious. She wasted no time and climbed after him, crawling towards him. His member twitched in excitement.  She grinned and after studying it for a moment, licked it from base to tip. Sesshomaru groaned and fell back over the furs. When she did it again, his fisted his hands on the furs to stop them from clenching into her hair. When she took half of it inside her mouth, he bucked. “Kagome.”

Kagome hmned and used her fangs to make a little pressure on the head of his cock and then released it. “Now that I remember, I don’t know your name,” she chided softly, “I believe we are in that moment where it is safe to exchange names.” He blinked lustful eyes and bucked against her mouth suggestively. She didn’t take him on her mouth, instead, one eyebrow rose challengingly. “I told you I would help, I want you to touch yourself.” Then she lied in front of him, back arched enough for her to be able to reach his manhood.

He glared at her, but then smirked. He sat again and eyed her knowingly. Then he took his length in his hand and stroked it slowly. Her eyes watched his every move as if in a trance. He moved forward a little and allowed his long hair to cover them. She eyed her surroundings once and eyed him in silent adoration. He made sure to make that next stroke a little bit harder. “Are you sure you just want to watch?” he asked her in a husky voice, “I could be inside you, pounding your worries to oblivion.”

Her eyes darkened and she pushed the last inches between them and took his cock into her mouth. This time Sesshomaru couldn’t help but snaking his fingers in her hair as he growled his pleasure. This time, however, she didn’t tease him. She took him all in and sucked powerfully while her hands stroked his thighs. He groaned and held her by her waist and pulled her closer to him and then pushed her away, using her body to set the rhythm he wanted.

She didn’t protest and he was thankful. But still, he wanted more, more. He looked at her purposely for a moment and when he finally realized what he could do, chuckled. The sound startled the female sucking him, but she had no time to react. He turned her around and quickly untied the small obi holding her haori closed. He ignored her startled gasp and after unwrapping her; attacked one of her breasts. She arched up with a moan and he raked his other hands into her middle and up to her other breast. Then he pushed a little to remind her of his hard friend. She moaned, but quickly resumed her earlier task. He groaned at the sensation but then buried his own face into her cunt as his revenge.

He pushed his tongue in, she sucked his soul out. He groaned. She moaned. They synchronized to a dangerous degree and he was loving it and fearing it all the same. Thoughts tried to warn him off, but the desperate screams around his cock of the woman below him drew his attention and after seeing her furious need, he used his fingers to push her over the cliffs. She fell with a sob and he left her body to attend to his. A few strokes later and a good pull from her finally allowed him the release he seeked and he felt, for the first time of his life, completely spent.

He fell over the furs and instantly his eyelids grew heavy and he had no desire to open them. Not even when Kagome shifted and watched him from his side. “I thought you needed to rest,” she said with a mischievous tone and as her little claws caressed his chest.

The Taiyoukai purred and squeezed her thigh, “That feels good,” he said and then opened one eye, “Rest or keep watch…but stop doing that because if not…I cannot be held accountable for my actions,” he said with a grin and then closed his eye again and burrowed deeper into the furs.

Kagome rolled her eyes and settled at his side, haori tied in place again. “I’ll stand watch,” she said softly and then crossed her arms over her chest, “Thank you again, stranger.”

Sesshomaru’s reply was a soft, “Hn.”


The next day the pair found themselves walking pass the last part of the forest. The temperature wasn’t the best there was, but at least the storm had passed. Normally, they would’ve stayed under the warm embrace of the cave, but there was no time to loose. Touga needed them.

“How long?” asked Kagome softly from behind Sesshomaru. Her eyes were fixed on the horizon, her arms hugging as much warmth as she could to her body.

“Not long,” said the inuyoukai in front of her as he scanned the area. They reached a small, snow-covered hill and he stopped again. He sniffed the air carefully before turning to her, “He’s there,” he said, pointing to a formation of a caves a little way away.

Instantly Kagome’s attention peeked and she moved past the inuyoukai to look around the area. This was a little farther than the Western Border and she had never been there before. It looked like a desolate place, but few caves looked any different. “Should we head there?” she inquired as she narrowed her eyes in concentration, “I can’t communicate with him, but I can feel him.”

Sesshomaru stretched a little, “I smell other inuyoukai,” he commented evenly, “Are they from your pack?”

Kagome nodded and hugged herself tighter, “They are.”

Sesshomaru made an annoyed sound and sighed, “I smell humans too. Probably reiki users.”

Kagome’s body tensed at the piece of information and she alternated her gaze from the rocks and him, “What are you going to do? It’s…it will be dangerous.”

Golden eyes slanted her way for a moment appraisingly and then he nodded, “It is why the reward is so high,” he mentioned coolly, “You know what the reward is, do you not?”

Kagome flinched, and her lips parted in surprise, “I…I know,” she said as she lowered her head.

Sesshomaru didn’t look at her, instead he kept studying the surrounding area, “What do you think? Do you think me unfit?” he asked after a moment of tense silence.

Kagome didn’t look at him either, but sighed dejectedly. “I…don’t know you. You seem…nice enough and Touga trusts you.”

“I see,” he said and finally turned to her. Their eyes met, “You trust him,” he stated and then tilted his head to the side, “Will you help me fight them?” he finally asked, face serious.

Kagome’s heart skipped a beat at the question. Surely…he wasn’t asking that. But he was. She could see it in her eyes. It made butterflies flutter in her chest. He was…actually letting her participate in the fight. Unlike Touga who always hid her away from danger. It was exhilarating…and scary at the same time. She was, after all, no warrior. But the anger, and the need for revenge was there and she wanted nothing more than to join the fight and dirty her claws with blood. “I don’t have a weapon,” she told him with determined eyes.

He smirked and took of one of his swords, “This is Bakusaiga,” he told her, “Its true power will not come, for it only obeys me, but it is the sharpest sword in existence.”

Kagome took it and tried it experimentally. It wasn’t as heavy as it looked, “What about you? Will you use the other sword?”

He shook his head slowly, his silver hair flying with the movement, “Tenseiga doesn’t cut,” he said simply and then summoned his poison whip from his claws, “I will deal with the humans. You, survive against your pack.”

Kagome frowned as she thought things over and held the sword in her hands tighter. If she went after this revenge, she could very well lose her life. But…but she wanted too. Touga had done so much for her and she had done nothing. Most often than not she felt useless, unworthy of him, and she needed to change that. If death took her, she would willingly depart. She had to try her best. “I will,” she said firmly and took of Touga’s silver mokomoko and placed it on the floor reverently. She bowed to it for a moment and then began to walk down the hill towards the rocks.

“Kagome,” the inuyoukai called after a moment and only continued when she glanced at him, “I am called Sesshomaru,” he told her with a grin.

She tilted her head, then shrugged, “That’s a fitting name, I suppose. Intimidating…and weird, but oh well. Don’t die!”

Then she went on, never reacting. It was surprising and a little insulting to realize she didn’t know who he was, thought Sesshomaru, but at the end, perhaps…it was better this way. He didn’t need his blood ties to Inu no Taisho to affect her decision in any way; if she survived this day. “No, Kagome. Don’t you die.”


The humans were easy enough to deal with. The curse surrounding the place was strong, he could sense it, but the miko and monk weren’t. As soon as they saw him they fled. He eyed them for a moment, but decided to deal with them later. There were other things he needed to work on before them. Like keeping the small, black inu alive.

“I am not that weak,” muttered Kagome angrily as she walked a few steps behind Sesshomaru, Bakusaiga dragging behind her, “Granted, I can’t use youki, but I am strong and fast.”

Sesshomaru resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He didn’t do that. It was beneath him. Truth be told, he found the situation amusing. “Three male inuyoukai against a female…it would just be dishonorable. It could not be allowed.”

“Huh, liar,” she said, but she was not really mad. She had been scared, really. When she was younger she had the spirit to fight and that spirit was crushed by many defeats. She never recovered after that. It was truly only luck that she had been found by Touga. Her will to fight had been nonexistent back then. It was small now… but the desire to remain by her mate was strong. If anything, she should pursue what she desired.

“Touga is up ahead,” said Sesshomaru after he ducked under a small rock opening, “I can smell the reiki snapping around.”

Kagome tensed and followed, “I smell it too,” she whispered. She had met reiki users in the past and she was dead scared of them.

The pair moved deeper into the rocks quietly until the silence was disturbed by a loud squeal, “Kagome-sama!” The voice was tiny and young, and the pair turned just in time to see a juvenile female inuyoukai running their way.

Sesshomaru watched as Kagome stopped, “Do you know her?” he asked after a small pause.

She nodded mutely and gave him a soft smile, “She’s one of the pups of the pack. She’s a nice girl.” Her posture softened and she straightened.

“Then I will go on ahead. It is only a little further,” he explained evenly and watched as she fidgeted unsurely. When she gave him a tight nod, he went on alone.

He knew it was best this way. He had no idea what lied up ahead or in what condition his father was in. Curses were a nasty affair. His father could be maimed, tortured or partially purified and he had no desire of letting Kagome see him in that condition. He knew she cared about Touga a lot and seeing her hurt was the last thing he wanted.

After a last turn, his senses finally told him he had arrived. He took a deep breath and looked high up, almost to the ceiling, to find his father. The Inu no Taisho wasn’t tied by rope, but he was tied. Trapped inside a barrier of sort. His body was lax, weak, and dangling on the air…he looked terrible. His hair was untied and dark, his arms were ragged and the skin was bright pink as if he was recovering from purified wounds. It could have been… who knew what kind of torture he had suffered. Likewise, his youki felt bad, rotten. Instead of it flowing around the bloodstream, it was a dark tornado coiled in the center of his being. It left his limbs exposed and without protection.

“Father,” called Sesshomaru and narrowed his eyes when his voice echoed around the cave. Golden eyes glanced around in case someone appeared to attack, but no one came. His eyes, though, saw something in the ground. It was not a carved symbol; instead it looked as if a gentle gust of wind had slowly made a path, a kanji in it. He moved a step closer to inspect it, but a voice stopped him.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Sesshomaru,” Touga’s raspy voice warned. He had yet to raise his head, but his voice held the same edge of authority it always had, “I wouldn’t want for my savior to fall on the same spell I am under.”

Sesshomaru eyed the kanji for a few seconds and then raised his head again, “It is good to see you alive, father.” It was the truth. He had never thought of a life without him. Not in the sentimental sense, Kami knows he wasn’t that weak, but in ways of the packs. If his father was not there to put things in order…there would definitely be chaos and most probably a war. “How do I break the spell?” He had no time to lose and he didn’t want to start thinking things through now. He wanted answers and to be done with it. This place was making his skin crawl. There was too much reiki around.

A dark chuckle escaped the Inu no Taisho. “There’s no way to break it,” said the Taiyoukai resignedly, “I must die. You have Tenseiga with you?”

Sesshomaru frowned at his father’s words and tilted his head to the side a little. “I have it,” the younger taiyoukai said evenly, “but I can’t kill you. You are too far away for my poison whip to reach. An attack with Bakusaiga would destroy your body.”

Finally, Touga’s eyes found his. His eyes no longer glowed inhumanly as they always did. They were dull and full of pain. “Kagome is keeping me alive.” He explained simply, “She’s giving me energy through our bond. The curse will end with my death. My death will come when our bonds snaps. Break our mating bond.”

The sentence circled around his head. To break a bond. There were only two ways. Death. Or having one of them claimed by another. Someone strong. It had to be someone stronger than his father. He was. Right now, considering his weakened state…he was stronger. But that wasn’t the only reason he chose him for. No. He needed him. Needed him there. Needed Tenseiga. “You want me to mate her? To save you?”

The smirk Touga gave him was weak, but it managed to project everything he was still. His strength, alpha tendencies and his selfishness. “It would be a short experience, but one I am sure you will enjoy.”

Anger swept down Sesshomaru’s throat and his eyes reddened. He wanted to help his father, he truly did. But the way his father taunted him angered him to no end. He was a loyal son. He came here to save his dying father. Didn’t even want his mate, even when he had a right to. He hadn’t asked for anything, but when his father taunted him like that, gave and denied him all for the fun of it…it made him snap. He didn’t want to do what Touga asked simply because of the way he asked it. It made every good thing he tried to do feel foul and dark and useless. “You are a bastard,” Sesshomaru growled, conflicted.

Touga chuckled darkly. And then gasped. And then screamed.

His body began to convulse and the barrier he was trapped in began to melt. His skin got redder and his skin began to get purified. The proud Taiyoukai screamed his throat raw and scratched his arms and chest desperately. Alarm bells instantly ran inside Sesshomaru’s head and he ran back towards Kagome. Something had happened to her. He was sure.

“And this!” cried the tiny voice from before, “Is for killing my parents!”

Sesshomaru reached the females just in time to see the juvenile inufemale digging a dagger through Kagome’s heart. Kagome’s eyes were wide in surprise and her body collapsed to the floor a few seconds after the brutal attack. Her hair stopped floating around her and began to fall down the same way the petals of a rose did. Slowly, and sadly. Rage built inside of him again and a growl escaped his tightly pressed lips.

It drew the girl’s attention. She cowered under his red gaze and quickly scurried away down into one of the many tunnels around the cave. He let her go. She wouldn’t get far. He walked towards Kagome and knelt by her side. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted and her heart…was still. He breathed in and out a few times. He needed to collect himself. He was in control, he always had. He had reign over death…and life.

He unsheathed Tenseiga and moved the sentient blade near the black inufemale’s body. After a few seconds the blade gave a healthy beat and an instant later he saw the chains holding her soul and the small demons from the underworld coming to collect her soul. He watched them for a moment. He knew he had a few hours before they could collect her soul. He considered his options…and finally decided she could wait.

He walked back towards his father, blade in hand. Again, the sword showed him the way and with a swipe of Tenseiga he freed his father’s soul. He stayed rooted to the ground for a few long minutes. Until it all started. His father took a deep breath and then his body began to mend itself. The skin began to grow again and cover the naked muscles of his arms and legs. His youki began to flow normally. The process lasted long, torturous minutes, but then his father was standing in front of him; as naked as he was born. Healthy. Strong again.

The two of them met, and Touga inclined his head towards his son. “I knew I could trust you,” he said warmly, the previous sarcastic and cold lord gone from his face. He looked younger somehow, but his face held a heavy seriousness he had never seen before. “Collect Kagome,” ordered the older inuyoukai, “Be with her. Console her. I’ll come back and then we will see what happens.” After saying this Touga moved past Sesshomaru and followed the tunnel that was going to let him out of the cave.

Sesshomaru followed. “What will you do?” he asked. His father’s demeanor was totally different and he wasn’t sure of what was going through his head.

Touga stopped and turned to Sesshomaru. “I will kill my pack, and show the world again why I am feared.”


Kagome awoke to an abrupt coldness and a sharp fear. She gasped in horror and tears began to pour down from her eyes. The pain in her chest was so strong, so vivid that she couldn’t help it. Her cries grew and they turned into awful sobs; much like the sobs of a pup when his parent reprimanded him or her for the first time. It was one of those feelings where the world broke down around you and you were deadly afraid. It was uncontrollable.

Even so, she could feel strong arms wrapped around her tightly, securely, and a strong, burning body rocking her back and forth soothingly. She could smell the guilt, the pain and frustration of the person holding her. The familiar person’s scent soothed her wilder parts a little and she was able to relax some. Coherence was hard to grasp, but she was sure she knew this person…felt safe. Strong. Able.

She was confused; everything was confusing. That was until hot lips caught the back part of her neck. She, and her body, understood that sensation and just like that, warmth spread through her body, tingling pleasantly on every inch of it and made her snap back to reality. She would have been capable of thought, had his fangs not followed immediately after. The feeling of the sharp tips digging into the tender flesh and the desperate way in which he pulled her to him called to something primal inside her. Something that made her snap, growl and cry out in need in an overwhelming need to reciprocate those strong emotions.

She may have been able to escape his hold and join him in this frenzy if his clawed hands hadn’t reached her womanhood, but as fate would have it she was naked, and exposed. His long fingers teased her opening, her pearl…and all fight left her. Her only goal was to press herself against those teasing digits…and so she tried. She pushed her body down, but he didn’t let her.

A warning growl left him and before she could even understand what he was growling to her about he sat, pushed her on all four against the furs and molded his body to hers. Elation pushed all around her and she waited with baited breath for the incursion that was to come, that she so craved, but again, she was disappointed. The male pressed his front to her back, his hard and toned chest molding to her muscled back to perfection. She shivered against the contact and arched her back wantonly, in case he thought she didn’t want him. She wanted him, and very much. When he didn’t respond as she wanted, she did it again and whimpered.

His mouth, and nose, came to her neck and he licked the trails of blood that flew down from the wound at her neck down her chest. The motions were slow and precise. It was nerve wracking, but in a good way. Then his lips stopped by her ear, “Kagome,” he whispered, voice full of need, “It is this Sesshomaru who is with you.”

The voice was familiar and she rejoiced in the sound of it…until the words finally passed through. Awareness spread to her system and the press of her body to his diminished slightly. But not the want. The want didn’t know about names nor cared about social or pack affairs. Her body craved his. His arousal permeated the cave they were at with a delicious scent, musky and earthy, and the male she desired. All she considered male, he had it at this moment. “Sesshomaru,” she said softly as she turned her head to look at him from the corner of a blue eye. He met her gaze and the lust was there, clear and loud. She felt something curling inside of her and she used her hands to propel herself upwards a little and pressed her moist lips to him and then arched her back again, “Sesshomaru.”

His golden eyes darkened and he purred at her ear in relief. His right hand came to her lower abdomen and he lifted her, making her knees float as her feet stretch outwards for some measure of support, then settled her in place. His thick manhood brushed her entrance and her heart skipped a beat. “Are you sure?” he growled, but even when he asked, he was pressing himself in, little by little.

If she had thought to refuse, there was no way to do so now. Not with the feeling of him stretching her. Who could deny such primitive pleasure? She couldn’t. “Yes,” she said breathlessly, completely focused into him, into their union. It felt so right.

He pressed a kiss to her shoulder, in what she could only consider gratitude, before sinking to the hilt inside of her. She gasped and twitched at the intrusion, while he moaned his delight and pressed his head to her back in search of an anchor to reality. Something that could keep him in place. “So good,” he whispered to himself, letting his weight push her upper part to the furs. Then he slowly withdrew and pushed himself inside again, torturously slowly this time. “Nothing compares to this….nothing.”

Kagome felt herself tremble at his words, at the gentle tone of his voice and found she wanted him to find the most comfort he could. The balm to his worries, to his ache…which ever it was. She laid her head down and began to set a rhythm to match his, but not a strong, hard and wild one as she was so used to. No. It was slow, gentle…loving. It was an all-new experience to her. It was a new portal that opened pathways she never knew existed inside her. It stirred wants, needs, and dreams she never had and she was joyful and scared of it all. She felt as if she was entering a whole new world.

“Do you like it?” Sesshomaru’s voice inquired softly. His voice sounded far away, as if it was an old echo.

“Yes,” she breathed, “Don’t stop,” she begged quickly after. Her fingers were curled into tight fist and her center pulsated, full of need…so much it ached. It ached in the best way possible.

“I wasn’t planning to,” he said suddenly, a smile into his voice, before taking her hips hostage and pushing into her for all he was worth. Not two minutes had passed when they were both crying out their release…and one more before they were building it all again.


Morning greeted her with a new, but old scent.


Blue eyes snapped open. He was there, sitting but a few steps away, cocooned by his silken, silver furs. Her eyes widened and panic burst inside of her. He was there. Looking at her, at them. If their state of undress didn’t tell him what they had been doing, the smell of sex was still heavy in the air. Guilty. She opened her mouth to say something, anything, but he raised his hand and shook his head. His eyes were soft. Somehow, she expected them to be angry and was confused by what she saw.

“Dying is not easy,” he said softly, so soft Sesshomaru didn’t hear him. “We are no longer mated. You haven’t done anything wrong,” he went on as softly, “Sesshomaru is a good boy. Your death affected him. I wouldn’t deny him the reassurance he needed, if you didn’t.”

She furrowed her brows, but her heart slowed down a little, now that she knew she hadn’t offended him. Still, it was strange, Touga was a very possessive male, always had been. It was strange to have him act so cool about this…or was it all the bond? Was it always the bond making him react like that and not him? “We are not mated? I died…?”

Touga’s smile was forced, “The bond was broken by death. We both died. Sesshomaru revived us…that is why I needed him to come. I needed you to fetch him.”

Understanding quickly settled and she blinked her eyes as she saw everything from a new perspective, “You trusted him that much,” she breathed out in surprise, then frowned, “He didn’t even…mark me last night.”

“My son is an honorable youkai,” he said simply, golden eyes boring into her blue ones.

As expected, she tensed, “Your…your son?” she asked, eyes going to Sesshomaru for a useless verification. The resemblances were obvious…his loyalty now made more sense, “I should have known…”

Touga chuckled and his eyes darkened, “He’s quite reserved. Don’t be hard on yourself,” then he expelled some of his youki, enough to bring Sesshomaru awake. The Taiyoukai tensed a moment, but then relaxed where he was curled on top of Kagome, “I believe I have a promise to keep,” he then said and eyed Sesshomaru, “I want Kagome,” he told him. The pair eyed each other for a moment, a silent challenge brewing between them, but at the end, Sesshomaru relented. He gave Kagome a last nip on her pointy ear before taking his clothes and walking out of the cave.

Touga moved closer.

Kagome fidgeted unsurely. The exchange had been so…strange and the thought they were sharing her, and her body, was more than a little disturbing. It just didn’t go with their domineering personality…unless the ties of their blood helped curl those instincts some.

“Your hair is so long,” Touga said as he settled beside her on the furs. His finger took a long curl and ran down its length curiously, “I never realized…since it was always floating.”

Kagome blinked and eyed the black curl for a moment before gasping. Her hands came to her hair and she fuzzed over it for long moments in confusion, “It’s not floating,” she said after a long moment, worried eyes on Touga, “I—“

“I don’t know,” said Touga. He didn’t know if she was still a Counterpart or if she could now use her youki. He didn’t care much either. “I have other plans for our time, Kagome,” he told her heatedly and pulled her to him by her hair, molding their mouths together. His tongue delved deep, his kiss was demanding, “Dying makes things different for all. For you,” he said with a soft pull of her hair, “and for me too,” then cupped her rear, raised her and placed her on his lap were his member waited, “I told you I would live and would fuck you senseless once this was all over.” He took her neck in his hand with ease and pressed her face to his shoulder, “I meant every word,” then he made a small motion and before she knew it, he was inside of her.

She gasped in alarm, surprise and in pleasure, but she could do little more than to dig her claws into his back as he pounded into her in wild abandon. All previous doubt fled from her mind at the familiarity of the union, at the hardness of him and his poisonous claws. She let herself feel free and abandoned herself to the sensation. And only Kami knew…he invoked them all.


It was hours later when the older Taiyoukai finally came out of the cave. He was dressed in his combat clothes and armor. He meant business.

Sesshomaru had arrived from his walk but a few minutes ago and thankfully hadn’t been an indirect participant of what had transpired in the cave. Kagome was already asleep when he arrived and so he stood guard on the entrance of their den.

“I am leaving,” announced Touga as he placed Tetsusaiga where it belonged, “I am going around the West to visit the packs under my command. Remind them of a few things.” He watched as his son eyed the horizon monotonously. After a moment, he simply nodded his head, “You will take care of Kagome.”

At this, the younger Taiyoukai turned to his father, eyebrow raised in disbelief.

Touga gave him a sad smile, “She can’t come. She became my weakness, she’s like a newborn now…we don’t know what happened to her abilities…and I fear she may need to re-learn herself again. You are a good teacher. You are capable.”

Sesshomaru’s face loosened all mirth and took on an emotionless face, “You ask too much. She cares for you. I want her.”

Silence followed the admission, and admission which had surprised Touga. He had known his son for a long time and he knew he spoke little about himself and only spoke what was needed. If he felt the need to share this…it was important. “You two are free to do as you want,” he said after a moment, “Kagome is free to choose. I’ll come back in a while, to see how things are,” then he began to walk away from the cave. He stopped at the edge of the forest and the sun fell into him, making him glow a little, “Take care of her and I wish you the best.”

Then Sesshomaru watched as his father disappeared into the thick forest, his youki moving farther and farther away with each minute. He eyed the forest, then the cave. After a small, internal debate, he moved into the den and into the warmth of the furs, and the female he intended to make his. As soon as possible.




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